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Learn how to draw in Procreate

Creating art on your iPad has never been so easy!

Learn how to draw in Procreate with these YouTube artists

Procreate is one of the most popular drawing apps. It has a very intuitive user experience. You pay an initial fee of $9.99, and that is it! You don’t need to renew your subscription, and you will be able to create infinite drawings.

This app is only available in AppStore, and it supports external hardware like the Apple Pencil. If you already have the tools and you’d like to give it a try, this is a great moment to do it!

For today’s post, we have curated a list of illustrators that share Procreate tutorials on their YouTube channels. Take a look and discover whose method works better for you!

Bardot Brush

This American artist’s name is Lisa Bardot, and she is a real Procreate expert. Her YouTube channel is the perfect place to start learning the basics of this great tool. If you like the way she works, you can also visit her website. There you will find a blog and a shop where you can buy new add-ons, like brushes.

Sara Faber

Sara is a German artist who runs her illustration studio. On her YouTube channel, you will find Procreate tutorials and funny vlogs. On the video we have featured for this post, you can see how does she make her stickers to print and cut with her Cricut maker. Press play to learn how to make yours!

Holly Pixels

This American artist is an expert on iPad creativity. On her YouTube channel, you will learn how to use Procreate for illustration and scrapbooking. She also posts videos about digital planning with GoodNotes. All the content on her YouTube channel is free, but if you’d like to learn more, you should check her website.

Art with Flo

Flo is an expert on creating art with software like Adobe Photoshop CC and Procreate. On her YouTube channel, you will find a wide variety of tutorials to improve your digital drawing skills. If you enjoy her content, you can become a Patron on her Patreon for extra tips and explanations.


Catherine Kay is a Kawaii aesthetics artist and lover. There is a section of her YouTube channel that is exclusively dedicated to Procreate. There you can learn how to modify textures and how to emulate physical techniques like watercolor. If you like her artwork, you should visit her Etsy store!

Jay Art

Jay is a digital artist from South Korea. On his YouTube channel, you will find step-by-step videos that will show you how to create fantastic artwork on your tablet. All his projects have a unique charm, and the music that he includes on his videos makes them very relaxing and pleasant to watch.

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