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Let's Make Candles!

Let's Make Candles! main article image
Posted on September 11, 2021 by Jasmin Bryant

Let’s make candles!  I am a resin artist, but before I started with this medium, I made candles. One of the most popular items in my Etsy shop has been my hidden crystal intention candles.  I’m going to teach you how I make them. I don’t make my candles “the right way” … meaning using a thermometer.  Most amateur candlemakers aren’t going to have a thermometer on hand, but it is best to have one. 

Step 1: Choose your wax 

I prefer soy or coconut wax for health reasons.  I also use beeswax occasionally, but it’s hard to scent without using synthetic fragrances, which I don’t use.  

I purchase my wax usually from Amazon.com from a seller called EricX because I can get 10 pounds at a time.  Other options are online retailers: Bulk Natural Oils, Candle Science, and Bulk Apothecary.  You can also go to your local craft store. 

You should choose your wax based on your wallet, your needs, and how much you plan to make.  I am an advocate of having more wax than you think you need because it’s kind of like spinach … it looks like a ton when it’s in the pot, but when it melts down, you barely have any!  

Step 2: Gather all of your materials 

You need your wax … having a melting pot is great.  That Amazon seller I mentioned, EricX has a kit with the pot, wicks, wick centering pieces, and of course, the wax flakes. 

You will also need a vessel to pour the wax into. 

I also like to have a glass measuring cup, spoons, essential oils, flowers, and crystals handy. A lot of people use fragrance oils, but my candles are for chakra and energy work, so I don’t use anything synthetic. 

Grab some pencils too, to make the wicks pretty.  


Let’s talk about wicks for a moment. 

There are many kinds… wooden, braided cotton, cotton dipped in soy, hemp, and cottonwood.  Choose the wick you like.    

Always trim the wicks before you burn the candle for a less smoky, and cleaner burn. 


You can pretty much use any glass vessel you have on hand.  Just make sure it’s not super thin and candle heat.   

My preferred vessels for gift candles are mason jars.  They can stand up to the heat like champs.  I also love using coffee mugs and teacups.  They can be fun and whimsical.  

For products I sell, I get vessels specifically made for candles. I happened to get a ton – about 300 or so – on sale at a craft store going out of business, but when I sell out of those, I will switch to a company called Dream Vessel.  Don’t forget, the cost of your candle vessel impacts the bottom line of your product if you’re selling. 

Step 3: Melt your wax 

Soy wax flakes melt at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius. As I mentioned, I don’t use a thermometer… use my eyes and touch.  

Put as much wax as you need in the melting pot. For my 4 ounce candles, I use about a cup of soy wax flakes.   

Turn the stove on low heat… you don’t want to burn the wax by melting it too quickly.   

Stir the wax occasionally as it melts. This is not a set it and forget type of activity. 

While your wax is melting, dip the metal part of your wick in it, ever so slightly, so you can use it to adhere the wick to the bottom of your vessel.  

Put the wick through the hole of the centering piece.  If you don’t have that, you can use popsicle sticks, but it isn’t as accurate. It is important to have the wicks as centered as possible because you want the candle to burn evenly. If you’re using a large vessel, like a massive coffee mug, then you will want to use more than 1 wick, and have them evenly spaced. 

Once the wax is melted, I pour some into the glass measuring cup. I usually pour enough to fill each vessel halfway. 

Step 4: Cool and add fragrance 

This is the step where a thermometer is really helpful, but again, I have yet to buy one. Whether you’re adding fragrance oils or essential oils, you want the wax to cool a little bit so it doesn’t burn off your scent quickly. 

I hold my hand over the cup and when the wax isn’t so hot I need to take my hand away, that’s when I add the oils.  You don’t want the wax to be so cool that it starts to harden either. 

I have never used synthetic fragrance oil, so you will have to read and follow the instructions that came with it. I used doTERRA essential oils because they’re pure.  (Full disclosure, I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and sell the oils as part of one of my businesses.) Because the essential oils aren’t as strong as the fragrance oils, I have to use at least 50 drops … typically close to 100. 

I choose the oils that correspond with the intention.  If it’s a candle for sleeping, I add lavender essential oil. Let’s say it’s to balance the root chakra, then I’d drop in Frankincense and Patchouli. 

Drop the oils in and stir. Now you can pour the wax into your vessel. 

Step 5: Inclusions 

I did say my candles are hidden crystal candles with intention, so skip this part if you aren’t making this type of item. 

Once the wax starts to harden a bit, I put my crystal chips on that layer in random order around the wick.  If I am doing a candle for the third eye chakra, I would use some Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz.  The Quartz amplifies the other crystals. 

While that layer is setting, I put the wax still in the melting pot back on low.  It won’t take as long to melt as the first time.  

When it has melted and I pour into the measuring cup and repeat the same steps with the oils.  

Then pour the remainder of the wax into the vessel to cover up the first layer. 

You don’t want the wax so hot it starts to melt the wax already in your jar. 

Step 6: make it pretty! 

This is my favorite step.  Before the candle wax hardens completely, you want to make it pretty.  Again, my candles are intention-based, so everything on them is for that purpose. 

I sprinkle some crystal chips in a pattern that’s pleasing to the eye.  

I also use a metal charm related to the candle’s intention as well as add a larger crystal and usually a quartz shard.   

Another favorite is flowers and pink Himalayan salt.  If you use flowers, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE place them away from the wick or remove them before burning because they can catch fire.  

Use the pencil you put to the side, to roll the wick around, so it can be curly and cute. Just remember, to trim the wick before you light it. 


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1 Comment
WendyB Crafter

September 21, 2021

Oh I love this! With the holiday season coming up these will make for some great gifts! Thank you!

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