Make a Rag Wreath for Any Occasion

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Posted on July 15, 2021 by Jennifer Carroll

I’m not a great wreath maker. The thought of it always intimidated me and I just didn’t want to try. If you’re a terrific wreathmaker – I admire you. If you’re not, keep reading because a rag wreath is one of the simplest wreaths to make and you can whip them up for any occasion. They’re also one of those décor items that can be easily switched for the seasons.

A short list of supplies

You don’t need a lot of supplies to make a rag wreath. I’m using these small wire wreath forms from the Dollar Tree to make the two I made for this project.

This size comes in a two pack, but use what you’ve got on hand. The next thing you’ll need are a few scraps of fabric. I’m making a patriotic wreath so I’ll use scraps that are themed accordingly. I’m also making one to use in my Christmas décor. Whatever occasion you choose I’m sure you’ll find fabric to represent your theme. For my patriotic wreath I used an old chambray shirt I picked up at my favorite thrift store, a few scraps of ticking stripes and a star pattern I picked up at Dollar Tree.  I had some scraps of buffalo check, the same ticking stripe, and a Christmas tree pattern for my festive wreath. Fabric is fabric – you could use old bed sheets, clothes that are headed for the donation pile, or even strips of burlap. My favorite thrift store sells clothes and fabric and material by the pound so if I see something I like, I pick it up and add it to my stash. Each project becomes your own as you add to an idea. That’s the fun of crafting!

Prepare your material

I cut my material into manageable pieces before I start, especially if I’m using old clothes or sheets. I like to iron everything first so my project stays neat. Please don’t try to confirm this with my husband, he thinks I’m a tornado. I cut my fabric strips about four inches long and an inch wide. If you’re making a larger wreath you might want to cut your strips bigger.

If you’re going to tie your pieces in a pattern it will help to sort them out accordingly. If tying them on randomly is the look you want then as soon as you’ve cut your strips, you’re ready to go.

Ready, set, tie!

Tying your strips of fabric to your wreath form can be a little tedious, especially if you’ve chosen to make a bigger one. No worries, put on your favorite crafter or that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to catch up on and pour a cold drink. Crafting can be relaxing at the end of a long day and I like it when my crafts are portable.

You don’t have to start in any particular place. Just start tying those strips to your wreath form. The more you tie, the more you’ll see the wreath come together. As I was tying mine I realized I wanted to hang an ornament from the middle. I looked in my stash and came up with these wood rounds. I decided to use this patriotic graphic American Flag Laser SVG Circle Welcome from Creative Fabrica for my summer wreath. For my Christmas wreath, I used this Christmas Quote Bundle. If you love the addition of beautiful and affordable graphics or fonts to your projects then check out all the creators here! My wood round is 3” so I sized my image appropriately. I decided to stencil it on to my surface, so I cut out the image on removeable vinyl and used transfer paper to adhere my stencil to the wood. I used this method on both of my wood rounds. I like paint markers for these crafts because for a small project it’s just not worth the mess. Do what’s easy and invest in the right tools! Especially if you’re crafting for resale.

I’m working on a fabric wreath for every season. As I was tying all those strips I had a lot of time to think. I decided to use my wreaths as the “O” for a HOME sign. I take a break and run out to Hobby Lobby (it’s 4 minutes from my house!) to find letters for my evolving project. I picked out these pressed board, unfinished letters. They were less than $2 each and the exact size I needed to coordinate with my rag wreath. I just gave them a coat of Waverly Antique Wax. I buy this wax at Walmart and I love the color it gives without the messiness of stain. I add water so it’s about a 50/50 mixture then I add a little olive oil. This makes the texture less sticky and it just goes on a lot smoother. I want to keep my letters a neutral color because my wreaths will vary from season to season.

I’m going to hang my letters right on the wall of my front porch. If that’s not an option for you there’s another way to finish this project.

Grab a board. I always have floor boards on hand and I use them to make plank signs pretty often. You could use scrap wood or recycle something you already have on hand. Clean the surface of your board and sand the edges. Paint or stain your board and after it dries you’re ready to attach your letters. I use wood glue for these projects but e6000 or gel super glue works too. A small finishing nail can be used to hold your wreath so that it can be easily switched out with the seasons.

Now that I’ve completed my first two rag wreaths I’ve decided I need to add to my collection. So excuse me while I run to The Dollar Tree for more wreath forms. I hope you enjoyed creating your very first rag wreath.  If you’re like me and were intimidated by the whole wreath making process – be confident in your new found talent. Happy crafting!

Come visit me here to see my latest creations.

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July 16, 2021

I LOVE this idea- and I love how easy and clear the directions are to follow. For someone like me - who is not a creative craft person- Jennifer’s articles are perfect. Keep them coming!

Julie Richards

July 15, 2021

I love these!!! I want to make one for Christmas!

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