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Make a Wine Cork Tray

Make a Wine Cork Tray main article image
Posted on February 15, 2022 by WendyB Crafter

Even though we are still in the dead of winter here in Canada, maybe we can warm up a little by thinking ahead to summer! One of my favorite things to do on a warm summer evening is to enjoy a little vino on my patio, so this craft project is the perfect accent for my outdoor furniture.

Creating this tray is not only a great way to recycle your used wine corks, but it can also be made with just a few dollars! Grab a shadowbox (recommended) or a deep-set photo frame from the dollar store and you are on your way!

Wine Cork Serving Tray

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Building the Frame
  • Cricut Design Space
  • Corks!
    • Preparation
    • Glue

Supplies Needed:

  • Recycled wine corks
  • Shadowbox or deep-set photo frame (I used an 8×10 floating frame)
  • Permanent vinyl
  • Digital Products: Milk & Wild Font
  • Hot glue gun or strong bond glue
  • Craft knife or X-acto knife
  • Pliers
  • Cutting mat
  • Weeding tools
  • Light grip mat
  • Cricut cutting machine

Digital Products

Because this project was designed to be a wine serving tray, I personally love the Milk & Wild Font for this purpose. It’s just fancy enough, with the gentle curves of the letters, to pair well with a wine-themed craft. It’s also got an element of playfulness to it that makes it a great font to use for a multitude of other projects!

milk and wild font

Head on over to Creative Fabrica to grab the font, then extract and install it onto your computer.

Building the Frame

Before you jump into designing the decal for the tray, you will first want to get your frame ready so that it has ample time for the glue to dry.

If you are using a shadow box case, then you can skip ahead to designing the decal. However, my craft store was sold out 😥 so I decided to use an 8×10 floating picture frame. 

  • 👉 Note: I do recommend that you use a shadow box. Not only is the finishing a lot cleaner, but it will make your tray stronger as well.

To prepare the frame, first, take out the removable insert that holds the glass in place and put it aside for later. Remove the glass and carefully place it to the side – be careful! Those edges are very sharp!

Next, heat up your hot glue gun and when it’s ready, glue the inside edges of the frame and then lay the glass on top. You will have to move quickly so that the glue doesn’t dry before you get to place the glass! 

Now grab the removable insert that you put aside a few minutes before, and run the glue gun along the top edges of the “unfinished” side, much in the manner you just did with the frame.

gluing frame insertMoving quickly again, place the insert back onto the glass, finished side facing out. Fold the small metal fasteners down and over the insert, using some pliers to bend them if necessary.

Remove the sawtooth hangers (if your frame has them) with your pliers and voila! Your frame is ready!

sawtooth hanger removal

Cricut Design Space

With your new font already extracted and installed, open up Design Space and start a new project.

Creating the decal is quite easy, and making use of the offset and welding tools makes the cutting process seamless!

Start by inserting a text field, then type the phrase you want on your serving tray. I used “Wine is the answer”, but feel free to use your favorite quote!

You will notice that when you change the font to Milk and Wild, some parts of the letters; such as the curves and tails, do look a little thin. The Cricut might struggle with this part of the lettering so to fix this we will use the offset feature. 

Select your text and click on “offset” on the top menu. Move the slider (or use the number adjustment box) to create an offset that is just slightly larger than your text.


offset in design space

I found that an offset of 0.04 was perfect; just a tiny outline around the word. Click on apply, and on the layers panel, select both the offset and the text and click “Weld”. Now your font is a little thicker and your cutting machine will be happy! 😂

welding offset design space

Repeat for as many text fields that you created and then attach everything and send to cut!

wine is the answer decal

Remember to mirror your decal as you will be placing this on the inside of the glass!mirror design space

Cut and weed as per your usual methods, apply the transfer tape, and burnish well.

Place the decal to the inside of your frame – being careful with alignment. Vinyl loves to stick to glass, so once you stick it down…it’s hard to remove! 

burnish decal on glass

Burnish very well and after you remove the transfer tape, burnish again to remove any air bubbles.

decal on glass

Now you’re ready to start building the corks!



I highly recommend lining up your corks BEFORE you start gluing them together. This will allow you to make any adjustments necessary in order to make them fit on your frame.

lining up corks

This will also allow you to determine how you want to stack the corks. Maybe you want to make them all face the same direction? Or maybe you want to stagger them as I did? The choice is yours and placing them on the frame helps you to decide which method you like best.


When you are ready, start gluing them together. I like to first make rows as I find that doing so, allows me to secure the individual corks much more tightly, but you do you! 😉✨

cork rows

After you have finished creating all of the rows, begin gluing the rows together.

gluing cork rows

Allow everything to dry for about an hour, then pull off any of those infamous “hot glue strings” to clean it up.

Grab your glue gun once more and place a few dots on the top corners of the “cork square”, and place the glass frame over top. Lightly press down to ensure it adheres well – just be careful! Don’t press too hard, you don’t want to risk breaking the glass!

If you are using a shadow box, you can glue the “square” to the back panel. Easy peasy!

If you find that you have some gaps and you want to fill them, you can easily just slice off some bits of cork to fill them up, or even cut some strips from a cork roll.

That’s it! You can use this as a unique piece of wall art, or as a mini tray to serve some wine to your dinner guests! You can even purchase some small cupboard handles to accent the tray!

Keep on Crafting! 🥂💖

wine cork serving tray with wine

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