The best Instagram accounts for lettering inspiration

The best Instagram accounts for lettering inspiration main article image
Posted on March 27, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

If you like to create lettering artwork, but you are missing some good ideas, this post is for you! We have made a selection of our favorite calligraphy accounts on Instagram, featuring different kinds of artists and content curators. You will find watercolor tips, digital lettering, and some good traditional calligraphy inspiration.

Taking a look at the work that other people do is a great way to develop your own style. Get inspired, but do not copy. Help yourself with this artwork to develop ideas that can inspire others. We hope you have fun!

Prase Generator for Letterers @wtfshouldiletter



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A post shared by Phrase Generator For Letterers (@wtfshouldiletter) on

The author of this account is Lauren Hom, a lettering artist that wants to inspire others to get started with this discipline. Her secondary account is the social layer of a web project, WTF should I letter. This sentence generator will give you sassy ideas for your next lettering projects. You can also have access to her free library of resources during the quarantine!

Martina Flor @martinaflor



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Martina Flor is an Argentinian artist who lives in Berlin. She is the author of “The Golden Secrets of Lettering,” a best-selling book where she shares her knowledge about this discipline. Her Instagram account is an excellent source of inspiration for those who love to illustrate with letters. Also, it’s the best way to stay up to date with her latest workshops!

Lilas al Viento, @lilasalviento



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A post shared by 🌿LETTERING🌿 Lettering (@lilasalviento) on

This hand-lettering artist lives in Madrid, Spain. She loves to draw beautiful letters with brush pens and watercolor, and she is an absolute master of blending. Even though most of her artwork is in Spanish, everyone can get inspired by the way she plays with shapes, letters, and colors.

Tanisha, @handletteringisfun



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A post shared by Tanisha ( on

This Indian artist can draw the most precious letters in watercolor. Her style is so unique! Tanisha’s profile is full of videos where you can appreciate the details of her working process. She has an exceptional talent for generating compositions with the words and sentences that she draws.

Iván Caíña @ivan_caina



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A post shared by Iván Caíña ⚡️Lettering (@ivan_caina) on

This Galician calligraphy artist lives in Madrid. He likes to draw letters in his unique, personal style. His Instagram account is just an example of his extensive production in the last years. Here you will find letterings both in English and in Spanish that will inspire you to create classic and beautiful compositions.


Lettering League @letteringleague



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This nice collection of lettering artwork has been curated by Jenn Palandro.  It’s the perfect place to find illustrations made by people from all around the world. Jenn has also created a Facebook group that you can join if you want to become part of the community. If you would like to stay in touch with other people with the same hobby, you should join!

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