Use Sticks to Make Realistic Flower Sprays

Use Sticks to Make Realistic Flower Sprays main article image
Posted on May 13, 2022 by Julie Richards

Do you know what you get when you combine twigs from the yard and silk flowers? You get the most elegant, cost-effective way to decorate your home, celebrations, and wedding events. You can use sticks to make realistic flower sprays all year long.

Winter gives me the blues. I hate that everything outside has lost its color and looks dead. I love my gardens and the flowers that grow in it. When I discovered that I could bring some of the spring and summer beauty inside during the winter, I was ecstatic. I could create faux sprigs of gorgeous flower sprays with the things I had in my craft stash. It didn’t take long to create one of these stunning flower sprays either.

What you need

Three things are necessary to use some sticks and silk flowers and make realistic flower sprays. I grab a dead twig from the yard. Next, I gathered up my collection of silk flowers. After I dug up my hot glue gun from under a stack of other craft supplies, I was ready to create. You also need a pair of scissors, which I found when I dug out my glue gun. Who knew?

Preparing the stick

I cut some of the smaller pieces of wood off of the stick. I wanted a delicate look for my flower spray. You may choose to leave all the stems on the stick if you want a more full spray. Once I was satisfied with the look of the stick, I tackled the flowers.

Picking the flowers

I chose three different types of silk flowers. I made sure that they were all of the same color hue. Some were lighter or brighter than the others, but they all matched when used together on the flower spray.

I took the flowers apart and separated all the petals from the stems. I then cut each of the flower petals into smaller pieces because I wanted this flower spray to look simple and delicate, as I said earlier. I folded the petal pieces to see how they would look when they were attached to the stick. That way I knew how I wanted to apply the hot glue to attach the flowers to the stick.

Where to start

I started at the bottom of the stick and worked my way up to the top. I wanted to make realistic flower sprays like they grow in nature. Think of a cherry blossom tree or a crabapple tree when they bloom. That is the look I wanted to duplicate.

Once I made the blossom look the way I wanted, I used hot glue to hold the shape of the petal. I then used a dab of hot glue to attach the blossom to the stick where it looked most natural. I chose not to add leaves because when the trees bloom, you seldom see leaves on the trees in the spring.

Other options

You can duplicate forsythia the same way by using yellow flowers. Another flowering vine you can make with white or yellow flowers is honeysuckle. Use a small stick to make these realistic flowers that grow on the vine. Another one that is beautiful to create is morning glories. I add a few small green leaves when making these because the leaves always come first for the morning glories.

If you feel very crafty, you can even duplicate lilacs using tiny bits of pink, white, or purple flowers. Apple blossoms are another good one to replicate. Those flowers should be a mix of pink and white to create realistic flower sprays.

The other option you have when you use sticks to create realistic flower sprays is to use a larger stick and make a small tree. With a larger branch, I keep most of the smaller twigs on the stick. You can make the flower spray as large as you want. However, to keep it looking realistic, try to duplicate the way a tree branch or a small tree looks in nature.


If you use a small stick to make the realistic flower spray, you can display it on the mantel or shelf in a coordinating vase. I suggest using a piece of floral foam to keep the flower spray in place while it is on display.

When you create a flower spray tree, use a larger flower pot. Use hot glue to add floral foam to the bottom of the pot. Stick the flower spray into the floral foam and check that it is level and will stand without tipping over. Adjust the flower spray as needed to keep it standing tall. Add a few handfuls of river rock over the floral foam to hide it from view. Then you can add sphagnum moss over the river rock to disguise it.

Keeping it clean

During the winter, dust seems to collect more quickly in the house. The best way to keep your realistic flower spray clean is to use a micro-fiber duster. I dust my flower sprays at least once a week. Sometimes, if the furnace runs more than usual, I will dust them more often. You can also use a damp cloth if you need to.

If you need inspiration for this project, just search the plant and seed catalogs that flood the market during the winter months. You will see all kinds of flowering trees and vines that you can use as a guide as to where the flowers go on the stick.

And yes, I did forget to use my silicone fingertip protectors while I did this project. But it was so worth the little bit of pain I suffered to turn that stick into a very realistic flower spray. I also found it very therapeutic because I was creating something beautiful. I was creating a little bit of spring for my home in the dead of winter. Once you try this project, you will be addicted.

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Use Sticks to Make Realistic Flower Sprays

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