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37 Fonts for T-Shirts Designs

37 Fonts for T-Shirts Designs main article image
Posted on July 10, 2021 by Melika Jeddi

If you want to make a t-shirt that really pops, one of the best ways to do this is by making sure you use the right font. In this list, we’ll be going through some of the best fonts for t-shirt design, including sports fonts, display fonts, hand drawn fonts, and more. All of these are perfect for use with Cricut, and are really easy to download. All the fonts below can be found on the Creative Fabrica website, and are available to use for free with a monthly subscription. This gives you a royalty free commercial license for thousands of fonts, as long as you remain subscribed. Creative Fabrica also has an excellent selection of free fonts that can be used by anyone, even if you don’t have a subscription.

So, let’s find you some good fonts for your t-shirts!

Sporty Fonts

One thing that never goes out of fashion is sports. This will likely always be true, and so choosing a sporty design for your t-shirt is a pretty safe bet. There are loads of fun ways you could use these fonts to make personalised t-shirts, and you could design football jerseys, baseball jerseys, shirts based on team logos, and more. Here are some cool fonts for sporty t-shirts:


This smooth cursive font would be perfect for typing someone’s name on the back of a sports jersey. It’s got thick lines that make the letters stand out, and is both elegant and charming, without losing any masculinity. It would be the perfect unisex font for a baseball t-shirt.

Gingerly font depiction


Aptly named ‘Sports’, this is a bold, font that will really make your design stand out. Containing both uppercase and lowercase letters, Sports is extremely versatile. This is a perfect font for t-shirt printing because it’s so thick and easy to read. This font would work particularly well for football themed shirts.

Sports Champs

This font is somewhat similar to the above font, but has shorter serifs on the letters, and uses diagonal straight lines for round letters instead of curved lines. One of the coolest things about this font is that it’s adaptable to different sports. It contains detail variations to make the letters look like a specific type of ball.

Soccer Dad

This unique font uses soccer balls to build up the shapes of the letters! Perfect for more quirky t-shirt designs, these letters would work better in a larger size so you could easily see the details. Soccer Dad would work well for a soccer themed shirt for a younger child or a parent who takes their kid to practice.


This bold, chunky font is not technically designed to be used for sports, but would work really well with the theme. It contains the familiar stylised lettering, but without the serifs that are common in other sports fonts. If you’re looking for a sans-serif font with the blockiness of a sports font for your t-shirt, then this is the one for you.


This is a bold serif design with a twist. The letters are thick and large, but the coolest thing about this font is the design inside the letters. They are patterned to look like an actual football. This would work well for a football themed t-shirt or jersey.


This gorgeous sans-serif font is perfect for baseball jerseys. Its elegant cursive style lettering is thick and bold, and really works for the baseball theme. The letter strokes are longer than many other cursive fonts, and really make Moraline stand out from the crowd.

Moraline font depiction

Baseball Stitch

This fun and unique font is based on the iconic stitch pattern that you find on a baseball. This is a thin, all-caps font that would work well in conjunction with a bolder font. It would be really good for adding a little visual differentiation to a standard sports t-shirt.


This vintage style font evokes strong baseball connotations, without looking too cliché. The varying thicknesses of the strokes are great for creating variation, and it makes the font really stand out. Dustland would work really well for a baseball themed t-shirt.


This bold, chunky font is excellent for t-shirt design. It has barely noticeable serifs on the letters, making it the perfect middle ground between a serif and sans-serif font. As well as this, the letters have a quirky baseball stitch inside them, to really give that sporty vibe.


This professional looking serif font is bold and chunky, really conveying a masculine sports vibe. The letters are well-designed and elegant, and look as though they could be used by a professional sports team. This font is sure to take your t-shirt designs to the next level.

Empirez font depiction


Debrosee is a cool font that gives off sports vibes without following the familiar style. Many of the other sports fonts have similar features, but this one uses lines and curves to build up a sporty feel without the usual blockiness. This very elegant font would work beautifully on a t-shirt.

Display Fonts

Display fonts are large and bold, and are meant to draw the eye of the person viewing them. As such, they work very well for t-shirt designs with only a few words, as they’ll take up space on the shirt without it looking empty or forced. Display fonts are meant to be decorative, and the font choice is as much a part of the design as the words themselves. Here are some excellent examples of cool fonts for t-shirts:


This professional serif font will bring a level of class to your t-shirt designs. The all-caps nature of the lettering is a bold choice, and really makes the words stand out, whilst the differing stroke thicknesses mean the elegant serifs have a chance to shine as the main attraction.


This quirky graffiti style font is ideal if you’re looking for something that will really pop on a t-shirt. The thick, bubble style letters are fun and eye-catching. This font would look amazing on a design for a child or teenager, and could work in a range of contexts.

Simple Tech

This futuristic display font is excellent for t-shirt designs with a Sci-fi edge to them. The consistent thickness of the letters really allows the words to shine, and the shapes are uniform whilst still having an iconic feel to them. This font would work amazingly on a gaming t-shirt.

Simple Tech font depiction


This elegant, professional font is perfect for all manner of t-shirt designs. The lines are uniform and steady, as well as being bold and relatively thick. This means the letters stand out, and the lack of variation in the strokes means that this font would work well for most projects as the typeface is unassuming.


This unique font has each letter designed to look like a tombstone. That means when you put the letters together it looks almost like a graveyard. There are two different styles of tombstone design per letter, so you can make sure there’s enough variation in your t-shirt design.

Pumpkin Patch

This quirky font is an adorable alternative to a spooky font if you’re designing a Halloween t-shirt. The letters have a simple, charming form with different thicknesses of brush strokes, but the best thing about this font is that the letters are designed to remind you of a pumpkin patch. Several of the letters have leaves and sprouts, and the ‘o’s are actually shaped like a pumpkin.

Death Hector

This bold, straight-lined font looks professional and would work great on a t-shirt. The varying lengths of the lines evoke images of heavy metal bands. Any music themed t-shirt would be taken to the next level with this bold, stylistic font.

Death Hector font depiction

ColorTube Pro

This unique and colourful font will truly stand out from the crowd. The letters are perfectly rounded, with little circles included as a visual break where the different lines and curves intersect with each other. The different elements of the letters are designed in different colours, making this font a truly vibrant pick for a t-shirt. Best of all, this font is free!


This all-caps, minimalist font uses rounded edges to make the letters appear bold yet unthreatening. The thick lines used mean that this font would be easy to read on a t-shirt. There are two sets of this font, with one slightly more stylistic than the other. This is just one of many gorgeous san-serif fonts that Creative Fabrica has to offer.

Baby Shark

This adorable display font is cute and stylised, and would be perfect on t-shirts designed for children. The quirky letters are both striking and easy to read. This font will really allow your creativity to shine, and would look great in a range of colours.


This unique, stylistic font is perfect for any witchy themed t-shirts. The letters have an almost runic quality to them, and look like symbols, whilst still being legible as t-shirt text. This would be ideal for all your spooky design needs!


This attention-grabbing font has a retro aesthetic which would be perfect for band t-shirts. Perhaps you’re making a music themed t-shirt for a band, or you want to create an elegant design that has a cool feel to it. Regardless of your intention, Retro could be just what you’re after, and so you can’t go wrong with this free font.


Despite the name, this cool and professional font is anything but moronic. The letters are bold and striking, with hints of a serif throughout the typeface. The corners are stylised and flow well together, making this a perfect choice for any t-shirt design.

Moronick font depiction


This modern display font is brilliant for t-shirt design as it looks almost like the letters are in motion. It will really stand out when being worn by someone who’s moving, as the font gives the appearance of speed and excitement due to the flares at the edges of the letters.

Alphabet Soup

This fun and quirky font really stands out from the crowd. Reminiscent of the innocence of childhood, Alphabet Soup would bring a fun side to any t-shirt you designed with it. This crafty sans-serif font doesn’t follow conventional kerning rules, and feels rebellious and carefree.

Writing Fonts

Sometimes you want your fonts to be less bold, and instead look dainty and handwritten. Thankfully, Creative Fabrica has you covered, with a whole range of gorgeous script fonts available for subscribers. I’ve also included some excellent free fonts that give the appearance of being hand drawn. Take a look at this brilliant selection:

Nouradilla Script

This gorgeous handwriting font exudes elegance and class. If you’re looking for a font that will really highlight the beauty of your t-shirt design, then this is the one. With a stunning cursive style, and pretty loops on the letters, Nouradilla is a great font for a t-shirt. best of all, it’s free!

Goldie Rainbow

This elegant handwriting font looks so realistic that people will be wondering if you’ve been writing on a t-shirt instead of typing on it! This is perfect for if you want to give your designs the personal touch, and looks both elegant and professional. The differing thickness of the strokes really bring this font to life.

Winter is Coming

This charming font has swirly lettering that gives it an almost Disney-esque look to it. The font is quirky and nostalgic, and will really bring your designs to life. This would look great on a t-shirt designed with fun femininity in mind, but could work for other purposes too.

Winter is Coming font depiction


This lowercase script font is delightfully elegant, with a handwritten style. The strokes are confident and deliberate, and look very similar to traditional calligraphy whilst bringing a unique twist. Fantasy would work well with any t-shirt design that you want to be in cursive.


This thin, wholesome font is one of many incredible fonts available for free on the Creative Fabrica website! The cursive lettering is thin and tall, giving it a commanding yet casual presence. This would work really well on t-shirts with a summery feel to them.


This sans-serif font is sweet and elegant, with a unique handwritten style. Perfect for all of your Cricut needs, Gistesy would look great on a t-shirt with its cute cursive lettering. A must-have for your font collection.

The Exquisite Free Font Bundle

This font bundle is honestly astounding, and I can’t believe that it’s available for free as it has over $200 worth of value. It contains 16 premium fonts in a range of styles, all of which would look incredible on t-shirts or any other Cricut project. You don’t even need to be subscribed to Creative Fabrica to take advantage of it!

The Exquisite Free Font Bundle font depiction


This fun, handwritten font uses thin lines with slight variations on the stroke thicknesses. The result is a really casual, carefree aesthetic that is both beautiful and easy to read. This font contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, which pair perfectly with each other.

Sweet Belly Duo

This is a fun and creative cursive font that really lets your imagination shine through. The letters are swirly and pretty, and look so adorable. However, this is a duo font, so you can also create letters that have bolder strokes to them. This versatility makes it ideal for t-shirts.


This delightfully gentle font is sure to make your t-shirt designs look whimsical and fun. It has an elegant cursive style with cute little hearts for the tittle on the ‘i’. If you’re trying to decide on the perfect handwriting font, you can’t go wrong with California.

California font depiction

Winter Christmas

This charming handwritten font is ideal if you’re making a Christmassy t-shirt design. The swirls on the letters accompanied by the differing brushstrokes give the perfect festive feel to your design. This adorable script font would be an excellent addition to your collection.


This elegant cursive font will bring a certain professionalism to your t-shirt designs. Beautiful and swirly, the letters convey a level of class that few fonts can manage. Also, like the California font, it puts a little heart on the ‘i’s.

The Wedding Guest

I adore this font. Quirky and original, The Wedding Guest would work really well for putting motivational quotes on a t-shirt. It combines the vintage elegance of script fonts with a contemporary flair that really makes this font stand out.

Creative Homework

Don’t let the name fool you, you certainly won’t feel like you’re back in school with this font. Professional and elegant, Creative Homework uses cursive to bring the letters to life in a gorgeously whimsical way. This fancy font would look lovely on any t-shirt.

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Connor Siciliano

August 29, 2022

What font did you use for the title BEST FONTS FOR TSHIRTS? That looks like classic boardwalk style tshirts at resort areas. Thanks.

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