Calculating the Angle and Length of a Diagonal Score Line

Calculating the Angle and Length of a Diagonal Score Line main article image
Posted on July 20, 2021 by Narelle Darley

Members of my Facebook group (Cricut Explore, Maker and More) have asked how I create/align diagonal score or cut lines in Cricut Design Space.

One of the handy utilities I use when designing card bases is this triangle calculator found at

Here’s an example of how I use it!

(Please note these instructions are for the Desktop version of Design Space. The score line in the mobile versions of Design Space has a width of .39″ which makes aligning it much more difficult there.)

Let’s say I have this rectangle that is 5” tall and 2” wide and I want to add a diagonal score line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

Image 1

Using the above calculator I put in the details I know. (You can only fill in a minimum and maximum of 3 boxes. Make sure you leave the other three blank.)

  • I know the bottom left corner will be 90°. (That’s about all I remember from my high school maths!) That goes in the “Angle A” box.
  • In the “side b” box I put in the height of my rectangle which is 5”.
  • In the “side c” box I put in the width of my rectangle which is 2”.
  • Make sure none of the other input boxes have anything in them.
  • Click the Calculate button to see the result.

(Don’t get confused between the lower case letters which are the side measurements and the upper case letters which are the angles.)

Image 2

Below is what you will then see.

From this we now know that the length of the score line (a) is going to be 5.385” and the angle of the score line (C) is going to be 21.801°.

Image 3

Now you’re ready to add the score line to your project.

From the Shapes Panel, select the Score Line. Change the height to 5.385” and rotate it to 21.801°. (DS rounds down the rotate angle to two decimal places. It’s close enough for our purposes though. )

The score line will be facing the wrong way so use Flip horizontal to flip it the other way.

Image 4

Finally, you need to position the score line on your rectangle.

Sometime in the most recent DS updates the ability to manually move a score line that isn’t horizontal or vertical has been removed. (At least I can’t get it to work no matter where I click.) So to move the score line you need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard or use the X/Y coordinates. The second option is going to be the most accurate.

In my example, the rectangle is positioned at X1 and Y1. So I select the score line (the easiest way is to click on it in the Layers panel) then change the coordinates to X1 and Y1.

Image 5

(If you weren’t worried about your rectangle moving from its current position you could select it and the score line then Align, Left and Align, Top.)

Once you have it positioned, select both the rectangle and the score line and click Attach. That will hold the placement of the score line in the correct position on the rectangle.

Image 6

If you wanted to CUT the rectangle in two diagonally you would do the same steps but change the Operation to Cut, Basic.

Image 7

You can use the same steps to create two score lines that form a triangle.

If I use the same size rectangle as before I know that I need to use a width of 1” for side c instead of 2”. The other measurements stay the same.

Image 8

The height of the score lines this time will be 5.099” and the rotate angle will be 11.31°.

Once you have added your score line to your project and changed the height and rotate angle you can duplicate it to create your second score line. Then select one of the score lines and flip horizontal.

Image 9

Then position the score lines.

The right-facing score line is positioned at X1, Y1, and the left-facing score line is positioned at X2, Y1.  (The X position is read from the left-most point of the image.)

Image 10

Image 11

Image 15

Hopefully, now you’re an expert at adding those diagonal score lines to your projects! 

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Narelle Darley

July 21, 2021

Oops! I found a typo. Third paragraph should say:

(Please note these instructions are for the Desktop version of Design Space. The score line in the mobile versions of Design Space has a width of .39″ which makes aligning it much more difficult there.)

Narelle Darley's profile picture
Narelle Darley

July 23, 2021


Thanks for fixing my typo Linnea! <3

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