Create a Set of Back-to-School Name Labels

Create a Set of Back-to-School Name Labels main article image
Posted on July 24, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

Even though summer is in full swing, back-to-school supply shopping is fast approaching!

Every year, many schools request that all of your child’s supplies be labeled, so why not make your own? Using very few materials, you can whip up some personalized back-to-school name labels that your kids are sure to love!

Table of Contents: Back-to-School Name Labels

  1. Supplies
  2. Digital Products
  3. Cricut Design Space
    1. Template
    2. Text & Offset
    3. Creating the Label
    4. Finishing the Labels
  4. Cutting & Finishing


  • Printable vinyl or printable sticker paper
  • Digital Products: Tie Dye Digital Paper
  • Color printer (I use an inkjet)
  • Cricut cutting machine (or another)
  • Paper Trimmer or scissors

Digital Products

To begin this project, you will first need to decide on which style of digital paper that you want to use. I recommend using a background that your child would love; my daughter is very much into tie-dye right now so I used the Tie Dye Digital Paper from over at Creative Fabrica. The colors are vibrant and flashy…just how she likes it!

tie dye digital paper

If your child would like to use a different kind of background, there are a multitude of different options that you can find here.

Cricut Design Space

After choosing your digital paper, download the file, unzip it, and open up Design Space.


Now that you have your digital paper for the label background, you can go ahead and start a new project on a fresh canvas.

First, you will want to insert a square shape onto your canvas, then change the dimensions to 6.75” x 9.25”. These are the maximum dimensions that Design Space can accommodate print then cut projects, and this shape will become your template for the sticker sheet.

template for sticker sheet

Move the shape over to the side while you work on your label.

Next, import your digital paper selection, choosing complex for the image type so that you keep the vibrancy of the colors intact. Click continue, and again on the next screen. Select the print then cut Image option, then upload.

Now that the tie-dye digital paper is on your canvas, unlock it and change the dimension to the width of the label you want to have. I chose to make my labels 1.5” wide as I feel that this is generally a good size to label binders, pencil cases, etc. 

resized tie dye graphic

Insert another square from the Shapes library and change the dimensions to 1.5” x 0.4”, or whatever height you want your labels to be. Place the square/rectangle over the tie-dye graphic and slice.

  • 👉 Design Tip: If you want a particular pattern on your label, rotate the tie-dye graphic accordingly and place the shape over the area you like best.

rotated and sliced tie dye graphic

You are now left with the background of your label!

Text & Offset

To create the name labels, insert a text field and type out your child’s name, then decide on which font you want to use from the font dropdown. I used Cricut’s “Varsity Letter” font as I felt it looks amazing against the tie-dye, but feel free to choose any other font you wish!

Now it’s time to create an offset! This is absolutely optional of course, but I recommend using this new tool as it will help to make the name pop out against the flurry of colors on the background.

To offset, select the text and then the “Offset” tool on the top menu. Now simply move the slider to create the offset you wish to have. As I am using more of a blocky font, I changed the corners to squared and made a small offset outline around the letters.

offset in design space

You can see what the offset will look like with the light blue outline around your text. When you like the results, click on apply. Your offset has now been created!

offset created around text

Now all you have to do is change the offset color. From the layers panel, you can choose to change the colors of the text and the offset. I went with white lettering against a black offset to really make the name pop, but you can choose any contrasting color that works nicely with the tie-dye graphic that you selected.

Select both the text and offset, then group them.

Creating the Label

This part of the project might be the most tedious, but once it’s done, you will have this saved for future use!

First, place your grouped text over the small tie-dye background that you sliced out earlier. Select all, center, then flatten. You just made your first label, but now you’ll need to create the sticker sheet!

Here comes the tedious part. Take your label and place it on the template you made earlier. Duplicate it as many times as it will fit across. For mine, I was able to make a row of four labels.

Next, Select all four labels and from the Align menu, distribute horizontally, then vertically, and group. Duplicate the group as many times as needed to fill the entire template. Once it’s filled with your labels, select the labels and align left, then again horizontally and vertically and group.

filled sticker sheet

Delete the grey template, select all of your labels and then attach.

  • 🔔 Remember! Don’t forget to save the project so that you don’t have to rebuild the labels in case you need more.

Cutting & Finishing

Once you have everything attached, click that “Make It” button! It may take a little time to bring you to the next screen as this is a very big project with a lot of layers.

Insert your sticker paper or printable vinyl into the paper tray as per your own printer’s settings and then click the “Send to Printer” button. Wait for the dialogue box to pop up and make sure to add the bleed lines. This will help to ensure that your colored background fills to the edges.

printing in design space

Turn the “System Dialog” on as well to select your paper and quality settings.

Once printed, allow to dry for a few minutes and then line the sheet up on your mat as per usual. Choose your material and cut! 

  • 👉 Cutting Note: You may have to play around with the pressure settings to get either a kiss-cut or die-cut, depending on what you want to do.

cricut cutting labels

Trim away the excess sticker sheet (if you are making kiss-cut) with your paper trimmer or scissors.

Voila! You now have some awesomely unique school supply labels for the upcoming school year that will help to keep your kids organized…and cool! 😎

Check out some of my other tutorials over at my author’s page at The Artistry!

Keep on Crafting! 💖

custom labels on ruler

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