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DIY Christmas Treat Box

DIY Christmas Treat Box main article image
Posted on December 15, 2021 by WendyB Crafter


The holidays are right around the corner and the crafting sessions are already in full force, but you are going to want to squeeze this one into your holiday to-do list; it’s fast, easy, and oh-so-cute!

Christmas baking is among one of the most popular holiday traditions, and this time, you can gift your delicious wares in this adorable DIY Christmas treat box for an added personal touch!

Do It Yourself Christmas Treat Boxes

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Cricut Design Space
    • Sizing the Box
    • Adding the Shape Cutouts
    • Hod Podge Tags
    • Printing, Cutting, & Weeding
  • Box Construction 
    • Building
    • Embellishments & Gift Tag


Digital Products

Creative Fabrica has all of the digital products that you’ll need for this project. Make your way over there and grab both the Christmas Treat Box and Ornament Graphic and Holiday Hodge Podge Tags

Both of these designs are perfect for homemade holiday treats – the box itself is simple, yet quaint and the bundle comes with a variety of extra shapes that you can cut and embellish the finished box with. It is also pre-designed with dotted lines for the folds, so no scoring wheel is necessary!

The Hodge Podge tags offer an even more personalized touch if you’re gifting them to a loved one. Not to mention that both are very easy to use, which helps to make this project whip up quickly!

When you are ready, download and extract the files.

Cricut Design Space

Sizing the Box

christmas treat box bundle

With your digital products ready to go, open up Design Space and start a new project. First, you’ll be working on the box, so go ahead and upload the box template. 

Sizing your box will mainly depend on the size of the cardstock that you currently have on hand, and also the size of your treats! I plan on putting my mini cookie drops into my box, so I needed to enlarge the uploaded size just a little. But if you are happy with the uploaded dimensions, feel free to use that with an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock. To use the same size as I did, enlarge the template to 11.5” wide but keep in mind that for this size you will need a 12 x 12 cardstock sheet. This size will approximately make a 2.5” x 2.5” box.

box template

Next, attach both the box and handle shapes together.

That is all there is to the box preparation!

Adding the Shape Cutouts

To add a little extra decoration to the box structure, you can add some of the adorable cut shapes to the finished box. To do this, upload the shapes SVG that came with the box bundle.

Once they are uploaded to your canvas, you can just delete the shapes that you DO NOT want to use from the layers panel at your right.

shape cutouts silhouettes

Now you can size them how you like, but be sure to keep in mind the size of your finished box! To add a little extra “oomph” to the shapes, you can even use some holiday digital paper to slice the shapes out of and use the Print then Cut feature in Design Space!

shape cutouts with digital paper

I used this Christmas Digital Papers Graphics bundle, but you can use any of your favorites!

That’s it! Now on to the tags!

Hodge Podge Tags

I absolutely love these little gift tags. Not only are they adorable, but they are so easy to use – simply size, print, then cut!

hodge podge gift tags

Choose your favorite one and upload it to your canvas. I wanted my “Cookies for Santa” tag to be 2.5” in width, but you can size it to whichever size you want for your treat box.

That’s all there is to it! Now onto making them!

Printing, Cutting, & Weeding 

With all of your designs ready to go, click on that “Make It” button! You will see that Design Space automatically sorts your designs first by project, then by the color – making the whole process that much easier for you!

Go ahead and print the graphics making sure to add the bleed so that when it cuts, there are no white areas.

design space print then cut settings

Allow the printout to dry for a few minutes, then place it onto your mat and cut! Be sure to choose the correct material setting for your cardstock type.

When it’s finished, carefully pull the excess cardstock off of the mat, and with your spatula to help you, lift the shape cutouts and place them to the side. Discard any leftover scraps.

Next, place the cardstock on the mat that you want to use to cut out your box. Load it into the Cricut and when prompted, press the flashing “GO” button and watch the box template complete – dotted lines for the folds and all!

cricut cutting box on cardstock

Again, weed away the excess.

weeding cardstock box

Box Construction 


Before you jump into taping/gluing your box together, first build it to make sure you know where to place the adhesives. Make folds on all of the dotted lines and when you are comfortable with the layout of the construction, use your tape runner (or glue) to secure all of the edges of the box. 

  • 🔔 CAREFUL! Pay close attention to where you are placing the adhesive…you don’t want to seal the top of the box permanently shut!

tape runner on cardstock

Press and hold each edge for a few seconds after you run the tape runner over it to make sure that it’s secure. When the box is built, add the small box handle by inserting it through the top slit.

Embellishments & Gift Tag

Now the fun part! Take your small shape cutouts and organize them on each side in the manner you like best. When you are happy with the design, add small drops of glue and secure each one down.

gluing cutout shapes on box

Alternatively, you can use some double-sided foam tape to make them into 3-D cutouts!

Allow all of them to thoroughly dry, then grab a strand of ribbon and secure your Hodge Podge tag to the handle! 

Voila! You now have an adorable little treat box that is sure to bring an even bigger smile to your loved one’s face – that only took about one hour to make!

Keep on Crafting! 💖🎄😊

christmas treat box with hodge podge tag

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DIY Christmas Treat Box

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