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DIY Wine Cork Coasters

DIY Wine Cork Coasters main article image
Posted on June 21, 2021 by Wendy Boulay


I love all things crafting, but as you can tell from my author’s page over at The Artistry, it’s no secret that my biggest passion lies with Cricut projects! So it’s only natural that when I stumbled across this fabulous DIY project from Cambria Wines, it inspired me to create my own version using my most favorite crafting machine! With just a little improvisation, these coasters add an element of flair to your home, and your guests will be raving about them!

Supplies Needed

Getting Started


Before jumping right into this project, I highly recommend preparing your workspace. On your crafting table, create a section for each of the steps: a cutting area, gluing area, and a separate area for applying your heat-transfer vinyl. This will help to keep you organized and efficient; reducing the potential for errors.

Cricut Design Space

First head on over to Creative Fabrica and download the Hakuna Moscato, Slay All Day, then Cabernet, I’ll Be There in a Prosecco, Chardonn-heyyyy digital products. I recently have used these quotes before in my Etched Patio Wine Glasses tutorial, so they are definitely worth the small cost because they can be used in a multitude of different projects! Once you have purchased them, download, unzip, then open up Design Space.

If you are using round coaster blanks as I did, then go ahead and insert a circle shape from the Shapes Library, then change the size to that of your blank. Alternatively, these can also be made with square coasters – so in that case, insert a square. However, if you are using a cork roll and plan to cut out your coasters, you will first need to decide on the size you will want your coasters to be, just keep in mind that the larger the coaster, the more corks you will need. The standard size for square cork coasters is 4” x 4” and a 3.5” diameter for the round ones.

Duplicate the shape for as many coasters as you are making and change the color to better reflect the beige of the cork, just to give you a better idea of the end result.

Next, just upload your quotes and resize them to fit nicely on your templates.

That’s it! Designing is done. Now just delete the circles and send the designs to cut. Remember to MIRROR! Once cut, weed as per usual, and then get ready to press them.

HTV Pressing

You’ll need to apply your heat-transfer vinyl before gluing on the corks so that you have a nice, smooth surface to work upon.

Using the Cricut Heat Guide is especially helpful when you are not sure of temperatures and/or pressing duration on materials that you don’t often apply HTV to. I just selected “corkboard” as there was no option for cork coasters, but it’s pretty much the same thing – just without a hard surface backing.

I almost always use a Teflon sheet (or a piece of parchment) for added protection against the possibility of the material or blank overheating. To use one, place the coaster on your pressing mat, then align and place your HTV over top. Next, place the Teflon sheet (or parchment paper) to cover everything and then press! It’s as simple as that! Allow them to cool slightly before removing the transfer mask.

Repeat for all of your coasters.

Cutting the Cork

Now that your designs have all been pressed, move over to the cork section of your crafting table and take out the bottle corks as well as and one of your coasters. Start slicing the bottle corks on your cutting mat; first in half, and then slice the halves to create a bunch of semi-circles. This part requires a bit of patience, don’t attempt to rush the cutting! You want to have them as straight and as evenly as possible, and be careful! Those knives are incredibly sharp! I cut my corks to be approximately 3-4 mm in thickness.

  • 👉 Measuring Tip: An easy way to remain consistent when you are slicing your bottle corks is to take a small post-it note and write your measured increments on it. Then just line it up against your cork and slice!

Create enough slices to completely cover the circumference of your coaster, then with your strong-bond glue or glue gun, adhere them. Repeat for the remaining three coasters.

  • 👉 Gluing Tip: I definitely recommend using a hot glue gun so that you don’t have to fiddle around with holding the bottle cork pieces in place for a long period of time. I ran out so I ended up using Mod Podge and it took a much longer time to get them to stick! Hot glue sticks are on my shopping list!

Allow them to dry for about 2-3 hours before moving on to the finishing step.


If you like, and I do recommend it, you can seal up your coasters. Not only will this help to protect everything from any condensation or spills, but will also help to make them last for a long time!

You can use the regular Mod Podge formulas for sealing, however, I do recommend sealing with the Mod Podge Dishwasher formula. It leaves a nice glossy finish, and even though you won’t be putting these in the dishwasher, you still want it to be as water-resistant as possible. Keep in mind though, that the Dishwasher formula will take 28 days to fully cure. 

To do this, take a small paintbrush and apply a light coating over the entire coaster, being careful to not allow any major pooling in between the bottle cork slices. No need to seal the underside, but feel free to do so if you wish for some added protection.

Let them dry for 2-3 hours, and then apply one more coat if desired. Let dry and/or cure and voila! You’re done!

Not only do these bottle cork coasters make a fabulous display piece for your bookshelf, table, or patio; but they are also a great and useful conversation piece! 

Keep on Crafting! 💖

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Love the reuse of the wine corks for this project! The circle is complete when you place a wine glass on it 🍷

Wendy Boulay's profile picture
Wendy Boulay

July 9, 2021


Thanks so much Linnea!

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