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Posted on April 25, 2022 by Wendy Boulay

I absolutely love all things glitter, so it was only a matter of time before I wanted to make another sparkly mug…but this time with a bit of a twist!

Kids and adults alike will love this easy-to-make project. Everyone will have fun looking for their secret message at the bottom of their hot cocoa or coffee (Baileys anyone?) 😉

Glitter Message Mug

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Cricut Design Space
    • Creating the Message
    • Cutting & Weeding
  • The Mug
    • Prepare Your Mug
    • Apply the Decal/s
    • Add the Glitter
  • Seal and Finish

Supplies Needed

  • Clear glass mug
  • Digital Products: Wallace Font
  • Mod Podge Dishwasher formula
  • Glitter (your choice of color)
  • Permanent vinyl (I used Oracal 651 – matte white)
  • Cricut cutting machine and light grip mat
  • Transfer tape
  • Electrical tape (preferred, but masking tape also works)
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Foam applicator and paintbrushes
  • Alcohol wipe

Digital Products

Perhaps the most important aspect of this project, along with your glitter, is the type of font that you choose to use for your message. Because this message decal will be hidden under the glitter, you might want to pick a font that is slightly heavier, yet still eye-catching.

wallace font

The Wallace Font is an example of a perfect typeface for this project. It’s a medium weight but the subtle swirls of the characters add a little extra pizazz – all the while standing out against the busyness of the glitter!

Head on over to Creative Fabrica to grab this font, or you can search for another type of font while you are there if you are not a huge fan of this one.

Once you have your font, download and install the file onto your computer. Open up Design Space and start a new project.

Cricut Design Space

Creating the Message

Your words or phrase will depend on who you are making the mug for. My mug is going to be for an adult, so I chose to use the phrase “You have just been poisoned” as a joke (of course!). 🤣😂

Once you have decided on your word, quote, or phrase, insert a text field onto your canvas and type it out.

text for message mug

Next, change the font to the Wallace font, or your preferred font, then use the align tool to either left, right, or center align your words.

wallace font in design space

If you want to use some of the pretty glyphs, open up the Character Map on your computer and select the ones you want. Alternatively, you can use the private characters menu from within the map to view additional glyphs.

character map

Now that you have your phrase displayed in the manner that you like, you can now choose to add a few decorative details. This is of course completely optional, but I find it adds to the overall effect of the project. 

To do this, simply search for a cut file using the image library. You will want to choose one that is relatively easy to cut; avoiding too many tiny details – while still matching your theme. For example, I chose to use these cute skulls to place around the lower sides of the mug. This fits well with my “poison” theme, however, you may want to do little marshmallows for hot cocoa, or small wine bottles for coffee with Baileys, etc…

skull image design space

All that is left now is to size your decals. Using your measuring tape, take the size dimensions of the very bottom of your mug. Use this as a guide to properly size your text so that it fits nicely within those limits.

Next, resize your image(s) so that they are just small enough to cut cleanly and then duplicate them. For mine, I created six copies that were 0.45” in width. 

  • Note: I did still struggle a tad with the tiny size of the skulls – I lost the noses! 😂 I do recommend using a slightly larger size. Also, if you are struggling with the delicate lines of the font, you can use the offset tool to create a bolder cut!

With everything now sized accordingly, you are ready to cut!

Cutting & Weeding

On your canvas, organize your pieces according to your usual layering and/or color methods, then attach them and click on that “Make It” button!

decals ready to cut

Using the digital mat as a guide, place your vinyl on your physical mat to match what you see on the screen. Click next.

Make sure you toggle the MIRROR button to ON. You will need to place the decals on the outside of the mug as vinyl is toxic and absolutely not food-safe.

mirror design space

For the material settings, I recommend that you choose Washi Sheet and then decide if you want more or less pressure. I almost always choose more pressure, however, because some of the cuts are quite tiny, leaving it on default might be a safer bet for a cleaner cut.

When the cutting process has been completed, slowly weed away the excess vinyl and discard it. Take your time when weeding the smaller cuts – a light pad might make this process go a lot smoother and faster!

weeding decals

Apply your transfer tape and get ready for the glitter!

The Mug

Prepare Your Mug

Before you apply your decals, it’s important to first prepare the mug by cleaning it. Using your alcohol wipe, clean the entire area of the mug where you plan to apply the vinyl.

cleaning glass mug

Allow the mug to thoroughly dry before moving on to the next step.

Apply the Decals

I recommend first applying the text so that when you place the images, you can use the text as a guide.

Grab the text decal and remove the transfer tape. Center it as best as you can on the bottom of the mug – but be careful! Vinyl loves to stick to glass, so once it has been placed it will be a little more challenging to remove.

centering decal on mug

Once on, burnish well and remove the transfer tape.

Using your scissors, separate all of the image decals but leave the transfer tape on for now.

separated decals

Decide on the placement using your text as the guide. I personally like an even distribution along the sides of the mug – yet distanced nicely from the text. Once you have decided where you want to place them, start applying them in the same manner as you did for the text.

skulls on mug

Now it’s glitter time! ✨

decals on mug

Add the Glitter

Using some electrical tape (or masking tape), wrap it around the mug where you want the glitter border to stop. The tape does not only act as a protective barrier, ensuring that you don’t get any glitter or glue on a section of the mug that you don’t want to; it also helps to create straight, clean lines. You can add an additional wrap of tape for even further protection while you work – just don’t forget the handle!

taped mug

  • 👉 Tape Type: While you can use painter’s or masking tape, electrical tape is much easier to apply, and in my opinion, easier to remove as well. Electrical tape can be stretched a lot more without tearing, which helps to achieve a straighter line when wrapping it around a curved surface.

To begin, pour a small amount of Mod Podge onto a paper plate (or small cup). Take your foam applicator and brush on the glue in a very even coat.

first coat of mod podge on mug

Once the glue is on, very generously shake your preferred color glitter onto the mug while holding it over a clean piece of copy paper.

  • 🔔 Important! Be sure that every part of the glued section is completely covered.

glitter steps

Next, using a clean paintbrush, carefully brush off any excess glitter on the “clean” areas of your mug, avoiding the glitter/glue section. Allow to dry for around 2 hours, then brush or tap off any loose glitter from the glued section. Repeat the same process to create additional glitter layers. I recommend doing approximately two to three layers in total.

glitter layers

  • Clean up: Don’t worry if your mug looks like a big mess as you are applying the glitter, the glitter will only stick to the areas where you apply the glue. If you notice any little bits of glitter that were glued above your lines, you can easily scratch them off with your fingernails.

Allow the mug to dry for at least two hours per glitter layer, again, removing any excess once each layer is dry. 

When you are happy with the amount of glitter, pick up your copy paper and create a slight fold, then simply pour your glitter back into the container to save for another project. No waste! 🧐

Seal and Finish

Now you can remove the electrical tape. Very carefully start peeling off the tape. Go very slowly so that you don’t accidentally remove any of the glitter.

tape removal

  • Alternative Method: If you prefer, you can seal before removing the tape, however, I still recommend using a very small paintbrush to seal the top edge after the tape has been removed.

Finally, all that’s left is to seal your mug! Brush one more coat of the Dishwasher Mod Podge over the entire glitter section in a thin and even manner, ensuring that you also cover the top edge of the glitter line. You may want to use a smaller paintbrush for that part so that there are little to no streaks in the mug from the Mod Podge.

final seal

Allow to dry undisturbed for twenty-four hours and then move the mug to a location where it can cure for 28 days. After this time, your glitter message mug will be ready for use and water-resistant! 

  • Note: while Dishwasher Mod Podge is safe for the dishwasher, because of the glitter I highly recommend hand washing only.

Voila! Now sit back and enjoy the surprise on your friend or child’s face when they discover the secret hidden message once their cup is empty!

Keep on Crafting! 💖✨

glitter message mug angles

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