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How to Create 3D Paper Roses with Your Cricut

How to Create 3D Paper Roses with Your Cricut main article image
Posted on September 30, 2021 by Francesca E

One of the things I really love about Cricut crafting is that there are so many fun things to make. Recently, I stumbled on 3D objects people in the craft community were making. There are so many beautiful 3D SVG crafts and graphics available, and I instantly fell in love with creating 3D roses. The roses at first glance seem like a complicated project, but once you dive in, you really realize how simple it is to make these beautiful paper roses. 

In this project, you will be creating two different-sized 3D roses with templates provided. The step-by-step guide will easily walk you through creating colorful paper roses. 

What you’ll need

3D paper roses are very simple to make and require minimal items to make. The only additional items I needed to create this craft were colorful craft paper and the pointed Cricut tool. I purchased my color paper at a local discount store. The paper I bought is just construction or craft paper grade, so my roses are very fragile. If you want your roses to last longer, I recommend purchasing card stock or another thicker quality type of paper. The pointed or needle-shaped Cricut weeding tool is also something I used. But you can use a tail comb, a skinny screwdriver or even a pen or pencil would actually work in this project. 

Another item you will need is glue to complete the project. I usually use a glue gun, but any type of craft glue would work well for this project.

Finally, you will need a 3D SVG rose template, on Creative Fabrica you can find a free 3D SVG flower template to use with this tutorial. 

What you’ll do

Start by uploading two varying rose or flower templates into your Cricut Design Space. You can use the templates I used and download the free files here. The templates look nothing like roses at first. This is one of those times you have to trust in the process and once you get going you will start to see the shape of the rose form. The two shapes you are uploading into Cricut Design Space look more like pinwheels or funny shapes. This is because the roses are 3D and will be rolled together with the Cricut toll or whatever item you choose to use for this project. 

Once you have uploaded files, measure how large you want your roses to be. Each rose will be about less than half the size of its template when you roll it up, so make sure you account for the size change. I created one 8 inches rose and one 4 inches rose. This allowed me to make 2 on each piece of paper. One large one, and one small one. But create your roses in whatever sizes you would like to see the finished product. 

Place your construction paper on your cutting mat. Don’t forget to change the setting on your Cricut or in Cricut Design Space to paper or cardboard. (Whichever one you are using) Cut your project out like you normally would, being careful not to tear the paper if you are using lightweight craft paper. 

Cricut Rose Templates

After you have your rose shapes cut out, carefully peel up the excess paper. You now have the pinwheel designs on your cutting mat. Now peel your pinwheel shape off your cutting mat. If you have any jagged edges you can use scissors to smooth out any edges of the paper if you wish. 

Cricut Tool

Using Cricut tool to roll up paper roses

Take your pointed Cricut tool or whatever tool you are using and roll up the outermost layer of the rose template. (See picture for details.) You are going to want to keep the bottom edge straight and continue to roll until you get to the very end. Once you get to the end of the rose, let go of the paper and slide it off your tool. Your rose will retain its shape and now your template will look like a flower. 

Paper flowers Cricut Tutorial

The back piece of the rose is a large flat piece. (See picture for details.) This can be secured on the back of the rose to keep the rose shape with hot glue or craft glue. Prior to gluing your rose, pull out the petals a little and make sure the flower looks exactly like you want it to before securing the back. I like to pull the most petals out first, making it look more realistic. You can also keep the petals tight and create rosebuds. 

Repeat this process to create as many roses as you like in varying sizes. You can experiment with both rose shape templates in this craft project and see which ones turn out the best for you. 

Once you have your roses you can use them in cards, for centerpieces, attach them to pictures or wall décor or even display them on baskets. There are so many decorations and designs you can do with these beautiful paper roses. 

3D paper rose Cricut craft tutorial

Tips and tricks

Make sure your paper is not too thin. The twist and turns your Cricut makes when cutting can tear lightweight tissue or computer paper. When testing I found craft paper or construction paper works best. 

If you are cutting many roses, repeat the cut easily by pushing the Cricut C button. Simply remove the mat once your cut is finished and replace the paper with an uncut piece. Feed it back into your Cricut and push the C button on your Cricut machine. This helps cut down on not having to go back into Design Space for each cut. 

Experiment with different shapes and sizes of flowers to get the desired outcome of how you want your roses to look. 

You can also experiment with different materials. Try vinyl, faux leather, or even felt flowers!

Use green paper and cut leaves for your flowers and attach them at the base for an alternative-looking flower.

Make several and place them in a show box and Cricut a name or quote for a wonderful gift. 

For more Cricut crafts, follow my blog on The Artistry on Creative Fabrica.

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