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Made-to-Match Coffee Cup Sleeve and Coin Purse

Made-to-Match Coffee Cup Sleeve and Coin Purse main article image
Posted on June 14, 2021 by Laura-Jade Bennie

What’s a Midday coffee run without a personalised Coffee Cup Sleeve and matching Coin Purse! This tutorial has used two existing Cricut Design Space projects to create a cute “Coffee Run” set. This convenient little set is perfect for storing in your office desk or car ensuring you’re always prepared for a quick coffee break!

Coffee Cup Sleeve

Materials USedMaterials Required

What You Will Need

  • Cricut Cutting Machine and Design Space
  • Strong Grip (Purple) Cutting Mat
  • Deep-Point Blade + Housing
  • Faux Leatherette/Vinyl Fabric of your choice
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Scraper or Brayer Tool
  • Flexible Clear Glue (This tutorial uses E6000 Glue)
  • Iron-on Vinyl/Heat Transfer Vinyl Colour of your choice
  • Heat Press or Iron
  • Easy Press Mat or Towel
  • Baking Paper

Getting Started

This project is available on Design Space through Cricut Access. To locate the project open Design Space and click on the “New Projects” button. Open “Projects” by clicking the button in the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. This will navigate to a collection of projects. Some of these are freely available while others require a Cricut Access subscription. In the “Search Projects” bar in the top right-hand corner type in “Coffee Sleeve and hit Enter. This Tutorial has used the Leather Coffee Sleeve project.

New Project Open New Project

Leather Coffee Sleeve ProjectLeather Coffee Sleeve Project

Click on the project which will open the project description. This includes a Skill Level rating and the approximate time required to complete the project. This project is rated as “Intermediate” however, this is likely due to the assembly process which requires using a leather stitching punch to hand sew the ends together. To make this project more user-friendly this tutorial has instead used flexible E6000 glue to assemble the sleeve.

Project Description Project Description

Preparing the Mat

To open the project, click “Make It”. The project will open in the “Prepare Mat” window. Using the Strong Grip Mat (Purple Mat), lay your selected Faux Leather/Vinyl on the mat with the pattern side facing down. Use a brayer or scraper tool to ensure the material is evenly distributed over the mat and that any air bubbles have been removed.

Make ItOpen the Project & Click “Make It”

Cutting The Coffee Sleeve Preparing & Cutting The Project 

This tutorial has used masking tape around the edges of the material to further secure the material and prevent it from moving or bunching during the cutting process.

Follow the prompts on the Cricut machine to select the material, load the tools and mat as required and complete the cut.

Follow the promptsFollow the Prompts to Complete the Cut

Side Note: The project suggests selecting “Soft Metallic Leather” as the material type but depending on the thickness of your Faux Leather you may elect to use another material type by scrolling through the list of available materials.

Selecting a material can be a process of trial and error before you find the one that works best for your material and blade. If you are unfamiliar with the material you are using, it would be advisable to run a few test cuts on a scrap piece before starting your project. This will prevent potentially damaging your fabric and causing wastage. It is useful to remember that materials should not be thicker than 2.4mm to conform with the Cricut’s cutting capacity.

After experimenting and running test cuts, the “Heavy Cardstock” setting was selected for use with the chosen fabric.

After completing the cut, unload the mat and remove the excess fabric. Gently remove the finished piece and set it aside.

Iron-On or HTV Decal

To create your design, open a new project in Design Space. You can make your own design by simply adding text and selecting your desired font type. Ensure that the layer is set to “Basic Cut” as you will want the design to be cut out of your chosen Iron-On vinyl.

Size your design to fit the cup sleeve made earlier – Roughly 11cm x 7cm.

Creating Vinyl DecalCoffee Sleeve Decal

If you would like to use existing quotes or designs available on Design Space, you can search through the “Images” folder on the left-hand side toolbar. Some designs are freely available while others are available through Cricut Access.

An alternative to all the above is no doubt Creative Fabrica. This is a wonderful resource filled with ready to use SVGs which can be used by simply uploading into your project and running the cut!

To keep your completed design whole and in-place on the mat, select all the layers and click “Attach”. This will ensure the design stays exactly as seen when moved to the Cutting Mat window. Click “Make It” to cut the project.

When using Iron-On or Heat Transfer Vinyl it is important you Mirror your project before running the cut.

Setting Up the Cutting Mat

Using the Strong Grip Mat (Purple Mat), lay your chosen vinyl with the clear plastic film side face-down on the mat (In the Cricut Iron-on guide this film is referred to as the “Liner” however this can be a bit confusing). Using a scraper tool or brayer ensure the vinyl is secured to the mat and any air bubbles have been removed. Masking tape can be used to hold the vinyl in place.

Materials usedPreparing the Mat

Film side down Lay the Vinyl with the Clear Plastic Film Face Down

Completing the Cut

Make sure your design is set to Mirror and click “Continue”. Select your vinyl material – this tutorial has used Iron-On Foil Vinyl. Follow the machine prompts to load your mat, tools and complete the cut.

Mirror  Mirror the Design and click “Continue”

Applying the Vinyl to the Coffee Sleeve

Weed the excess vinyl from around the design, leaving only your desired cut image on the clear plastic film/Liner.

Weed The DesignWeed the Cut Image

The following Cricut application guide was used for this tutorial. If you are using a different brand of vinyl, it is recommended that you follow the application guide provided.

This tutorial has used the Cricut EasyPress however a household iron can be used, those instructions are included in the above link. Follow this link for the EasyPress Heat Guide.

Place a towel or EasyPress Mat on your work surface. Set the EasyPress to 125⁰C and preheat the pattern side of your coffee sleeve for 5 seconds. Next position your vinyl decal on the coffee sleeve with the clear plastic film side facing up. Once you are happy with the position, lay a sheet of baking paper over your decal and press the design onto the coffee sleeve for the specified 30 seconds. This tutorial uses a cool peel vinyl which means the liner is removed when cool to the touch. Some vinyl brands specify a warm peel – it is important that you follow the guidelines set out by your vinyl brand.

Preheat the Coffee SleevePreheat the Coffee Sleeve

Position the DecalPosition the Decal

Cover with Baking PaperCover with Baking Paper

Press with EasyPressPress with EasyPress

Assemble with GluePeel Off the Clear Film and Assemble with Glue

You can now complete the assembly of your Coffee Sleeve by gluing the ends together. This tutorial used E6000 clear flexible glue.

Coin Purse

Materials RequiredMaterials Required

What You Will Need

  • Cricut Cutting Machine and Design Space
  • Strong Grip (Purple) Cutting Mat
  • Deep-Point Blade
  • Scoring Wheel + Housing
  • Cricut Black Fine Point Pen
  • Faux Leatherette/Vinyl Fabric of your choice
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Scraper or Brayer Tool
  • Needle Tool
  • Magnetic Snap Fastener
  • Mini Brads colour of your choice

Getting Started

To complete the set, this tutorial has used The Faux Leather Coin Purse project which is available in Cricut Access. You can find the project by searching the “Projects” folder as outlined in the Coffee Sleeve segment of this tutorial.

Faux Leather Coin Purse ProjectFaux Leather Coin Purse Project

Prepare your mat as per the following instructions set out above – Preparing the Mat. Follow the machine prompts to load the tools, mat and complete the cut. Once you have cut all your pieces remove them from the mat. You can now start to assemble the purse.

Preparing and Cutting the DesignPreparing and Cutting the Design

Mat Set-upMat Set-up

Follow the Machine PromptsFollow the Machine Prompts

Change Tools as PromptedChange Tools as Required

Remove the Completed Design from the MatRemove the Completed Design from the Mat

Assembling the Coin Purse

Assembling the PurseAssembling the Purse

The project assembly instructions provided in Design Space are very vague, so hopefully this tutorial can provide some clarity for the process.

Using a needle tool or similar, start by piercing holes through each pen dot located around your project including the separate divider pieces.

Working from the back end of the purse, insert a Brad through each hole and secure it to the back of the purse. Do this on both sides.

Secure Brads to the back panel of the purseSecure Brads to the back panel of the purse

At the next set of pen dots, Insert the divider piece between the two dots and fold the fabric over the divider. Insert a brad through all the layers of the fabric and secure. Compete this process on the second hole of the same divider.

Secure the DividerSecure the Divider Piece

Using the second divider piece for the next set of pen dots complete the steps as outlined above for the first division. You should now have both divider pieces secured to the inside of your coin purse. From this point the purse starts to take shape.

Complete the assembly of Both DividersComplete the Assembly of Both Dividers

This tutorial has finished off the last two pen dot locations by folding the material on the pen dot and inserting a brad to secure. This step is not discussed in the Design Space tutorial and the materials list only indicates the use of 6 brads however securing these last two means using 8 brads. Adding these last two brads at the pen dot locations helps the purse to hold its shape. However, you can decide if you would like to include these or not.

Installing the Last Two Brads and Magnetic SnapInstalling the Last Two Brads and the Magnetic Snap

The final step in the assembly is to add the magnetic snap fastener on the front flap of the coin purse at the spot marked with a black pen dot. The design Space tutorial uses an embellishment to hide the fastener. If using a Magnetic Rivet Snap this step is negated.

Your Coin Purse is now complete and ready to pair with your completed Coffee Sleeve for the perfect Coffee Run set!

Coffee on the Go SetCompleted Coffee Run Set!

Alternative Assembly Hardware

Whilst brads are used in the Design Space tutorial, they have sharp ends which can hook on clothing or be a potential safety hazard. For a more polished look and finish you can use 6-8mm double cap rivets. These require a hole punch and compatible rivet die set.

Rivets as an Alternative Double Cap Rivet Alternative 

An alternative to the magnetic snap clasp would be a Double-Sided Rivet Magnetic Snap. These have a cap which provides a neater finish and would not require an embellishment to hide the hardware.

Double Sided Rivet Magnetic Snap Double-Sided Rivet Magnetic Snap

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