Make a Holiday Candy Dish!

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Posted on December 22, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

The holidays are chock full of delicious home-baked wares; from all different kinds of cookies and cakes to chocolates; and of course, a seemingly endless selection of candies!

This ultra-affordable and super easy candy dish is the perfect project for your last-minute Christmas crafting….and your sweet tooth will thank you!

Make a Holiday Candy Dish

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Cricut Design Space
    • Creating The Design
    • Template
    • Text
    • Adding Additional Images
    • Cutting and Weeding
  • Application 
    • Prepare Your Dish
    • Apply the Decal

Supplies Needed

  • Blank candy dish (dollar store)
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Permanent vinyl (I used Oracal 651 – various colors)
  • Transfer tape 
  • Weeding tools
  • Cricut cutting machine (or another type)
  • Digital products: Sweets Delight Font, Vanilla Cream Font Duo (optional)

Digital Products

The Sweets Delight font is a whimsical script font that I feel is perfect for the candy dish, and it’s named rather appropriately! The thicker lines of the font make this one an easy cut, and weeding is an absolute dream with the right material settings. You can find the font from over at Creative Fabrica, my one-stop-shop for fonts, crafts, and graphics for almost every craft under the sun! 

sweets delight font

While you are there, you can also grab the Vanilla Cream font duo to pair with the Sweets Delight. This is completely optional of course, but I just adore the fun style of the sans.

Once you have downloaded the fonts, extract them onto your computer, then open up Design Space and start a new canvas.

Cricut Design Space


On your clean canvas, insert a shape from the shapes library that best represents your candy dish blank. Take out your measuring tape (or ruler) and measure the width and height of the area that you will be applying the vinyl decal. Unlock the shape and alter the dimensions to your measurements. Feel free to change the color to reflect one that closely resembles your dish.

candy dish template

When you are finished, lock it back up so that you don’t accidentally alter it again. Voila! You now have your template on which you can create your design.


With your font already extracted, insert a text field and type the words “Just here for the”, placing “the” on the second line.

adding text

Center the alignment of the text and play around with the letter and line spacing until you find a combination that you like.

adjusting text

Next, insert another text field and type “Candy!”, changing the font to the Sweets Delight – again, play around with the size, letter spacing, and the glyphs that came with the font. Once you are satisfied with the look, place the two text fields together in a way that fits nicely on your template, then group them. 

Hint: Use the Rotate tool and change the font colors to add a little extra flair!

text for candy dish

With both text fields grouped, select all and Align>Center. That’s it! Your text is done!

Adding Additional Images

If you want to stop here, then go ahead and send it to cut – but if you’re like me, you will want to add a few extras to the dish.

Let’s face it, this close to the holidays, we crafters are all short on time, so these little peppermints that I found in Design Space are the perfect little accents to the dish! They keep the entirety of the design simple, and are quick and easy to cut! Just search for #M35B31 in the Images Library.

candy image from design space

You can create a corner embellishment as I did by duplicating it three times and simply changing the colors in the layers panel. Alternatively, you can enlarge them and only place one or two of them onto the dish!

candy dish design

Delete the template, then apply your usual layering techniques and get ready to cut!  If you are not too familiar with layering vinyl yet, there are tons of videos on YouTube to help you get started, but “Easy How To Layer Multiple Vinyl” by CeCe D Smith was especially helpful to me when I first started Cricut crafting.

Cutting and Weeding

Click on that “Make It” button and on the next screen, make sure that your layers are correct. If they are, click on continue. Choose the appropriate material settings for your vinyl type, but I recommend using the “Washi Sheet” setting as this really helps in cutting smaller, intricate details.

washi sheet setting design space

Once all of your colored pieces of vinyl are cut, weed as per usual – carefully! Sometimes using the Washi Sheet setting requires a slower hand. 😉

weeding vinyl

After everything has been cut and weeded, layer them accordingly and set them aside while you prepare your candy dish blank.


Prepare the Dish

Before applying your decal, it’s extremely important to properly clean your candy dish so that no dust particles or oils from your hands interfere with the vinyl’s adhesion. Using an alcohol wipe is the best way to make sure that it is as clean as can be! Simply wipe the entire dish, then allow it to air dry – roughly 5-10 minutes.

clean candy dish

I highly suggest not skipping this step as failure to clean your dish properly can result in irregular adhesion, eventually causing lifting later on.

Applying the Decal

Now the fun part! Carefully center the decal on the dish, using a ruler if needed to help with alignment. Burnish well and then slowly and very carefully remove the transfer tape. Slow and steady is the key here – you don’t want to lift your layers up with the transfer tape!

applying vinyl to dish

That’s it…you’re all done! Just allow the vinyl to “cure” for a day or two and then fill it up with candies! Remember, only wrapped candies can be used on this dish as vinyl is not food safe!

Happy Holidays to everyone and all the best crafting for the new year! 💖🎄🎁🎉🥂

finished candy dish

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Make a Holiday Candy Dish!

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