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Make a Romantic Scratch Off Card for Valentine’s Day

Make a Romantic Scratch Off Card for Valentine’s Day main article image
Posted on January 22, 2023 by WendyB Crafter

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is THE day to celebrate your love. Whether it’s your life partner, your child, or a dear friend, it always means so much when they are gifted with a small token of your love for them.

This year, give your special someone a personalized gift that lets them know it’s straight from the heart! With just a few supplies and a little imagination, this unique card can be whipped up in no time to make your loved one’s heart smile.

Scratch Off Card for Valentine’s Day

  • Supplies Needed
  • Digital Products
  • Cricut Design Space
    • Prepare the Template
    • Create the Design
    • Print then Cut
  • Adding the Scratch Off Stickers

Supplies Needed

Digital Products

I absolutely love digital paper. You simply search for the graphic / design that you have in mind, then just print it from the comfort of your home! Even more fun, you can grab a coffee, open up your laptop or tablet, then make your way over to Creative Fabrica! In the search box, you can look for the Red Glitter Digital Paper Bundle that I used for this project, or alternatively, you can search for any other Valentine-themed graphic paper that you like best.

red glitter digital paper

After you find your perfect paper, I also recommend that you grab the Retrophilia font while you are there. 

retrophilia font

This font is one of my favorites. It’s stylish, yet simple in its design – making this a fantastic font to use for your card and to keep in your crafting toolbox for other projects!

Download and extract the products, then install the font. Open up Cricut Design Space and start a new project.

Cricut Design Space

Prepare the Template

  • Open up the folder where you saved your new digital paper bundle and decide on which design you would like to use to create your scratch-off card. Next, in Design Space, click on the Upload button at the left menu (desktop), then upload and insert the graphic to your canvas. Reduce the size to more workable dimensions and just move it over to the side of your canvas for now.
  • To get started with the design, you will first need to create your slicing template, and to do this, simply insert a rounded corner rectangle. 
  • Because we will be making use of Cricut’s Print then Cut feature, you will need to make sure that the rectangle fits within the maximum size requirements – which is 6.75” by 9.25”. 
  • To make things easier, just change the width to 9.25”.shape template
  • Next, you might want to add a little extra something to the template design as I did. In the Images Library, search for the “heart wavy line” image #M44246F41. Insert it into your canvas, and if you like the default size, place it on your rectangle shape where you would like to see a cutout.
  • I recommend adding it to either the top or bottom of the shape, as this creates a lovely accent border.heart wavy line border
  • Once you have the border image in the area of the shape that you prefer, use the Align tool to center it horizontally, then with both the shape and image still selected, click on Slice.

sliced heart wavy line border

  • All that you need to do now is to center the shape template over your digital paper, then one more time, Slice! Delete the leftover slices and the template shape.

slicing digital paper

Now let’s design the card!

Create the Design

  • To get started with personalizing the scratch-off card, first insert a text box. In the new Retrophilia font that you installed earlier, type out “Happy Valentine’s Day” or your preferred greeting.

character map

I love using the “Character Map” to make use of the glyphs within a font – I find this adds a touch more elegance to any text. 

👉 Character Map: To replace some of the letters with glyphs or swooshes, open up the Character Map on your computer/laptop. Then click on  “Group By” and choose “Unicode Subrange”. Now scroll until you see “Private Use Characters”. Voila! Simply select and copy which letters you would like to replace, then paste them into your text box.

  • Change the color of the text to red (or your favorite color of course). Depending on the paper design that you chose to use, you might find that the message is drowned out against the red background. To correct this, you can use the Offset tool within Design Space. Just be sure to create an offset that is only enough to make the text more eye-catching; not so big that it takes away from the graphic paper design.
  • Once you have created the offset, change the color to white and use the Contour button if necessary to hide any tiny cuts.

contour offset

  • Close the Contour box and Voila! You now have your text! Select both the text and the offset layers, then flatten!

flattened text

  • Move it to the side for now while you work on the scratch-off design area.
  • To make your scratch-off design sections, first, decide on what shape you would like underneath the stickers. This may depend on what shape stickers you have on hand. I have some pretty gold hearts, so I inserted a heart shape to couple them with the sticker shape. 
  • Insert the appropriate shape and size them to be a hair smaller than the size of your stickers. This will prevent any white from peeking out from behind the sticker once you apply it. When you have decided on how many options you want to offer (this might depend on how many stickers you have and/or space limitations) change the color to white and place them accordingly on your card.

creating messages for scratch off

  • Now you can add the text for the fun date options! This is where you can really personalize it. Think about the person you are gifting it to. What do they like? Will it fit their personality? You can really have fun with this part!
  • If you would like to use the same font as I did, I just used the DTC Apple Cider font that is supplied by Design Space.
  • Once you are finished, group the hearts and text, then align them so that they are evenly distributed.
  • Now all that’s left to do is to create another text for the bottom of the card. Using the same steps as the “Happy Valentine’s Day” message, create a call to action for the options. For example, for my bottom message, I used “Choose your date!” but if you are offering something different, create a message that corresponds to your gift.
  • If you are interested in using the same font as I did, it is the Analog Script, again supplied by Design Space.adding additional text
  • Place and size all of your elements accordingly, then make sure everything is aligned as you would like. Select all, then flatten. That’s it! Your card is ready for printing and cutting!

flattened image of scratch off card

Print then Cut

  • Click on that Make It button, and after loading your cardstock into your printer, go ahead and print out your card. Be sure to adjust your printer settings as necessary. 
  • After it’s printed, allow the card to dry on the output tray for a good five to ten minutes, then load it onto your mat and cut it with the Cricut.
  • When you get to the materials screen, make sure that you select the appropriate type of cardstock that you are using. 

🔔 Cardstock: I highly recommend that you use a strong card making card stock, however, I know not everyone has this on hand. Not to worry! This project still works with 80lb cardstock as well!

cricut maker cutting

Weed as per your usual methods.

Adding the Scratch Off Stickers

  • Now for the easy part! Simply remove your scratch-off sticker from the backing and apply it to the message area of the card. That’s it! A simple peel and stick!

applying the scratch off sticker

That’s it! You’re all done!

You now have a unique little gift that you can give to your favorite person on Valentine’s Day! Whichever gift they choose, you are both sure to have fun! Who knows, maybe they will scratch off both! 😄🤣

Keep on Crafting! 💖🌹

scratch off card for valentine's day

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