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Making a Fall Banner & Garland with Your Cricut

Making a Fall Banner & Garland with Your Cricut main article image
Posted on September 21, 2021 by Kate Wilson

Fall is in the air, and I’m excited; it is, after all, my favorite season. There’s just something comforting about the crisp air, the crunchy leaves, and – of course – pie. If I’m being honest, fall would be my favorite season solely because of Thanksgiving! It’s a time to be thankful for what we have, and I’m definitely thankful for my family & friends, my crafting abilities, and all of you, dear readers. Today’s tutorial is sort of a two-for-one fall special, because we’ll be making both a banner and a garland. You can use them together or separately, and – as always – there’s plenty of room for creativity.

The supplies you’ll need are:

  • A Cricut Maker or a Cricut Explore machine
  • A laptop or desktop with Cricut Design Space (The foil transfer system is not compatible with the Cricut mobile apps)
  • Cricut Foil Transfer system and foil sheets, in gold
  • 2 12×12 sheets of patterned cardstock, your choice. (The cardstock I used was part of a Park Lane cardstock stack)
  • 1 8×11.5 sheet of dark brown cardstock
  • 2 8×11.5 sheets each of dark red, dark green and rusty orange
  • Jute twine, about 4 yards
  • Paper craft glue or permanent tape runner

The Leaf Garland

 Let’s start by making the leaf garland. For this project, you’re going to want to open Design Space and select a leaf shape from Cricut Access or upload your own. I chose image #M8A1C8F8 from the Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice set of images on Cricut Access. (You can choose whichever leaf you want, but I specifically picked this one because of its shape. We’re going to be adding two circle cut outs, one on either side, to run our twine though, and this leaf has room for that without taking up too much space.) I made the leaf about 3 inches tall, which automatically made it 2.779 inches wide. Next, using Shapes on the left side panel, I added two 0.25-inch circles to my canvas. One at a time, I placed them where I wanted on the leaf (one on either side) and then selected the circle and the leaf and clicked “Slice” under Actions. Make sure to go ahead and get rid of the extra circles that slice gives you. That should make your leaf look like this:

Now, select the sliced leaf and click “Duplicate” twice so you have 3 copies of the leaf. Go ahead and change the colors of each one of your leaves so you have 3 separate colors – the dark green, dark red and the rusty orange. Next, go into Images and select image #M33A5A, from the Storybook image set. Click Operation and go to Foil and click Medium. Duplicate this image two times, so you have a total of 3. Overlay each one over one of your leaves, making sure the swirl covers the leaf entirely. You may need to resize a little bit to make this happen (I know I had to rotate the image to cover my leaf entirely without making the image too large). Select a leaf and the corresponding swirl over it and click “Attach”. Make sure to do this for each leaf.

Making the Leaf Garland

Click “Make It” in the upper righthand corner of Design Space and follow the instructions on the screen. You’ll be making 4 copies of each leaf (more if you want a longer garland). When using the foil transfer system, make sure to tape your foil onto your material securely so your foil doesn’t move during the process. Once you have foiled the page you’re working on, do NOT unload the mat when it’s time to take off the foil – this will reset the whole thing and it won’t be able to continue. Instead, leaving the mat where it is, carefully remove the tape and foil, and put your cutting blade back onto the machine.

Once you have cut out all of the leaves, measure out roughly 2 yards of jute twine and string your leaves on it, running the twine behind the leaf (Putting the string in through the top of the leaf on one side, and pulling it up from the bottom on the other). Now you have a gold foiled leaf garland!

The Thankful Banner

Banners are so easy, and so much fun…and perfect for almost any occasion. Open Cricut Design Space and go to Images. You can select any Pennant image you want, but I went with image #M42044, which is from the Decorative Banners image set. I sized the image to be 5 inches long, which automatically made it 3.589 inches wide. I duplicated the image so I would have one pennant per letter in the word “thankful” – so, 8 pennants total. Next, using font DIN 1451 Com EngSchrift (try saying that five times fast!), I individually typed out the letters for “thankful”. You could type it as one word, instead of making the letters individually, but I find it easier when working with big letters to have the letters separate, as it lets me arrange them on the mat and takes up less space. As for my font choice, I picked it because I liked how basic it was, and that it was easy to read. Other fonts that are similar that you could choose include Georgia and Times New Roman. Select font size 250 for the letters in “thankful”, and make sure they’re all set as “Cut” under operation and are all the same color. It will look like this:

Making the Banner

Following the prompts on the screen, cut the pennants and letters out with your Cricut. The pennants are cut out of patterned cardstock, and the letters out of dark brown (or another color that compliments your patterned cardstock). Using paper craft glue or a permanent tape runner, glue the letters onto the individual pennants and string onto cardstock, using the small slits on the top left and right sides.

Finishing Up

This banner and garland set are great to hang from your mantle, on a table for Thanksgiving or it can even be used as a photo prop for fall photos.  What do you think? If you make it, where are you planning on hanging it? Let me know in the comments below!

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