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56 Best Fonts for Cricut + Learn How to Use Them!

56 Best Fonts for Cricut + Learn How to Use Them! main article image
Posted on July 16, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a Cricut crafter is trying to decide on which font to use in your project. Cricut Access alone offers over 400 different fonts to choose from, and there is an endless supply available for download on the internet – but who has the time to weed through (pun intended 😉) each and every one?

This handy guide is your one-stop-shop for the best Cricut fonts to use in Design Space!

Table of Contents: Best Cricut Fonts

Fonts for Vinyl Crafting

Groenly Script Font image

When working with vinyl it’s crucial that you choose a font that will cut flawlessly. Any kind of font with extremely thin lines or tiny details will most likely cause the Cricut to struggle – resulting in the possible tearing and destruction of your vinyl. Nobody wants that!

Below are some of the best Cricut fonts for vinyl that your machine should have zero issues in cutting:

Designer: While the simplicity of this font is a breeze to cut, its modern and classy vibe makes this one of my favorites. 

Online School: This fun font would be perfect to make name labels for the new school year!

Groenly Script: This is another of my favorites. What’s not to like about it? It’s retro, easy to cut, and looks amazing with offset!

Mailston: This brush script font looks great on a t-shirt and cuts beautifully on HTV!

Fruit Shake: The description says it all! It’s whimsical, yet relaxed. This one would look fantastic on a cake topper!

Glamper: Glamper is an adorable, bubbly font that is a cinch to cut on the Cricut. I just wish I discovered this one before making my daughter’s door decals!

Strong Roots: Bold, eye-catching, and easily cuts! This one is great for almost any project!

Writing Fonts for Pens and Markers

Beverly Hills Font image

Some of the most amazing projects can be created with the Cricut pens and markers – including infusible ink.

Kinder Surf: Kinder Surf makes for an amazing display font. Its boldness really stands out, especially in your print and cut projects! 

Zen Soul: This handwritten font is relaxing, yet amplifies many different craft projects. A great one for cards!

Joseph Sophia: You can’t get much sweeter than this lovely font. Perfect for Valentine’s projects!

Angel Heart: Angel Heart is a modern script font that can really enhance your branding materials. But what makes this one so great is its versatility to add a fun, yet classy vibe!

Beverly Hills: This handmade script font writes beautifully! I absolutely love the playful, cursive look of this one.

Indigo: Indigo doubles as a great cutting font, and a writing font. It’s chunky, bold, and just an all-around really fun font. I feel like this one would be great on a mug!

Best All-Around Cursive Fonts for Crafting

Vanilla Cream Font image

Sometimes you just need a great list of the best cursive fonts out there. These ones are sure to inspire your next crafting session:

Alphabet Spiderweb: This fun font is perfect for endless Halloween projects. Each letter is combined with a spooky web!

Autumn in November: This one is great for those autumn porch signs! The flourishes really add to the flow of this font.

Ampersand Mania: Add a little extra flair to your designs with this uniquely quirky font that turns a boring ampersand into a work of art!

Yessy: A font that’s full of glyphs and swashes; combined with the elegance of the script. Yessy is fast becoming one of my new faves! Works especially well with Mother’s Day projects!

Thankful Sunday: I simply adore how accurately named some of these fonts are, and Thankful Sunday is no exception! Perfect for your autumn and Thanksgiving projects, this font comes with the most adorable dingbats too!

Boheme Floral: This calligraphy font is romantic and elegant, making it an ideal font for weddings, cards, gift cards, and branding. 

Just Tell Me What: I love this one. The handwritten typeface font is fun and bold, with a hint of whimsy! Perfect for fun quotes projects!

Homeland: This naturally flowing signature font is absolutely lovely. It adds a classy and modern feel to your digital projects, making this font one of my faves for print then cuts.

Petit Nuage: I love how natural this handwritten font looks, especially when you want to add a little extra to your print then cut images. “Petit Nuage” literally translates to “Little Cloud” – which I think is fitting for this light and airy font!

Vanilla Cream: Vanilla Cream is actually a font duo – you get the gorgeous script writing along with the sans. The companionship of these two font types is absolutely stunning together!

Betterfly Font Family: You get three fonts in one with this package, and it comes complete with 565 glyphs! The stylistic alternatives allow you to use this family in a vast array of crafts – a must-have!

Believe in Yourself: This handwritten font duo is fabulous when layering on t-shirts. The bubbly nature of the print font; combined with the light-hearted vibe of the script font really do make this font a dynamic duo!

Assalwa: I really like the simplicity of this signature font. The script letters are slightly bold but casual. Great on t-shirts, stationary, labels, and more!

Yourever: This is a serious font. It’s bold, sharp, and to be honest, a little scary! A perfect Halloween or death metal font!

Best Script Fonts for Cricut

I Love Glitter Font image

Almost everyone adores a good script font, complete with glyphs, dingbats, swooshes, and swashes!

I Love Glitter: This script font is by far one of the most popular fonts among us Cricut crafters. It works in so many different kinds of projects, all the while adding an element of adorable flair! This is another must-have in your font toolbox!

Hello Honey: While slightly reminiscent of the “I Love Glitter” font, this one adds a little extra in terms of sophistication. It’s a bit more classy, making it ideal for wedding invitations, artworks, stationery, cards, and more!

Samantha: What font list would be complete without the Samantha font? I would be so bold as to say that this might just be the most sought-after font for crafting! This elegant font is delicate, yet eye-catching – making it another one to keep in your library!

Baby Girl: This adorable script font is so versatile that it can be used to create designs from modern and elegant, to cute and playful. Full of glyphs and swashes too!

Precious Soul: Precious Soul offers a much more contemporary feel, making it ideal for business needs. A great font that offers professionalism and elegance in one!

Faithe: Party invites? Yes, please! This playful font adds a unique touch to your designs, perfect for invitations, announcements, and more!

Sunny: A new modern script font that brings an element of feminine style to your projects. The irregular baseline adds even more uniqueness!

Lathi: Lathi is a modern calligraphy font that is both elegant and adorable. Swashes include the cutest little hearts!

Hello December: I find the creator’s description for this handwritten font perfect; sweet and delicate! The glyphs and swashes add that extra pizazz too!

The Spirit: This festive font flows so beautifully with the swashes and swooshes it comes with. I find this one so versatile that it can even be used for different holidays and events!

Dulcis: Dulcis is a handwritten calligraphy font that comes with tons of decorative extras. This font allows you to add a touch of uniqueness to your crafting projects.

Mrs Nurse: Bring your designs to the next level with this handwritten font that comes complete with that sought-after heartbeat line! Also comes with some heart and stethoscope dingbats.

Adam: A monoline font that offers a modern, and in my opinion, classy vibe to your projects.

Specialty Fonts

For those extra special projects, these fonts will definitely come in handy:

Monogram Fonts

Butterfly Monogram Font image

Butterfly: The ornaments in this monogram font are outstanding. I adore how this looks with holographic vinyl, and it also works so well on mugs too! One of my very favorite monogram fonts!

Monogram Classy: The name says it all. This is modern, classy, and elegant. Perfect for those more upscale projects!

Berlin: The berlin monogram is so elegant that it works perfectly for wedding invitations and business materials! I’d love to see this in gold on a black business card!

Monograma: A three-letter font that looks absolutely amazing on marketing materials such as posters or banners. To make your own combination of letters, however, you will need Corel or Illustrator.

Heart: Another one that allows you to add up to three letters, but this one also comes with a few ornaments. I feel like this would be so cute on some HTV projects!

AML: I haven’t used this one yet but rest assured, it’s in my shopping cart! This monogram is so stunning in its simplicity; it’s delicate, classy, and elegant.  

Diamond: Similar to the Monograma, but this one allows up to five letters! Again, you’ll need Corel or Illustrator.

Chalkboard Fonts

Chalkboard Font image

Chalkboard: This is my favorite chalk font for a true chalkboard look. It cuts really well on the Cricut, as long as you don’t go too small. 

K26 Sidewalk Chalk: A bold and blocky chalk font that adds playfulness to your projects! I like the idea of using this on a chalkboard-painted wall!

Vintage Chalk: When you are looking for a true vintage old-school look, this is the one! Classic little red schoolhouse vibes abound!

Stencil Fonts

Stencil Army Font image

Recluta: A true military bold stencil, with an air of industrialism. Perfect for toolbox labeling!

Stencil Army: Another military-type stencil, but not quite as bold as Recluta. Looks amazing on posters!

Space Cadets: Bold, industrial, and out of this universe! This stencil font is perfect when you need to add a galactic or robotic vibe to your projects!

Forvertz: This stencil font screams techno to me! Hosting a dance party? This is perfect for your invitations and decor!

Font Bundles

Check out some of these amazing font bundles to make your next project with!

The Ultimate Free Font Bundle

The Free Font Bundle

Lovely Font Bundle

The Exquisite Free Font Bundle

Free Font Bundle

Free Font Bundle V3

Free Font Bundle Vol 3

Free Font Bundle Vol 7

Premium Fonts Bundle

Free Fonts

Some fabulous freebies to get you started are:

Abuget Script

Nouradilla Script


Rise of Kingdom



If this list isn’t enough (is it ever?) then have a look at some of the other amazing fonts available at Creative Fabrica!

All Fonts

All Script and Handwritten Fonts

Cricut Fonts

Subscribe to Creative Fabrica: A subscription gives you access to over 62,000 fonts – and new ones are added daily. Commercial licenses included!

Creative Fabrica Subscription imageFAQ

Not sure where to begin? These mini-guides can help!

How to download and use fonts in Cricut Design Space 

How to use already installed fonts in Cricut

Understanding the best fonts to use with Cricut Pens

Using fonts in Design Space

This list is sure to get you started with some pretty amazing projects. Post some of your crafts in the comments; we’d love to see what you’re making!

Check out some of my other tutorials over at my author’s page at The Artistry!

Keep on Crafting! 💖

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