Veneer Wood Earrings

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Posted on May 1, 2022 by Wendy Boulay

The weather has finally turned for the better, and with it comes the anticipation of the longer and warmer days of summer.

One of my favorite summer themes is boho. The style is so carefree and full of textures that easily pair up with these rustic wooden earrings, making this the perfect timeless accessory for your wardrobe this summer!

Veneer Wood Earrings

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Cricut Design Space
    • Template
    • Cutting Veneer
  • Putting It All Together
    • Painting (optional)
    • Gluing
    • Adding the Findings

Supplies Needed

  • Veneer wood panels (I used the Cricut brand)
  • Digital Products: Earrings Template Bundle
  • Strong bond glue and/or Mod Podge (for sealing paint)
  • Earring findings
  • Cricut cutting machine (or other)
  • Deep-point blade
  • Strong grip mat
  • Masking tape
  • Paints, paintbrushes, and/or embellishments (optional)
  • Jewelry pliers

Digital Products

While you could create your own shapes for these earrings, I find that using a template saves so much time – and I am ALL about time-saving projects! 😉

earrings template bundle

This Earrings Template Bundle contains a ton of different shapes and designs which fit the rustic wooden theme that this project evokes. You can easily upload it to Design Space and simply resize them according to your tastes – what can be easier than that?

Head on over to Creative Fabrica to grab this bundle while it’s on sale, then download and extract the file onto your computer. Open up Design Space and start a new project.

Cricut Design Space


Now that you have your new bundle ready to go, click on the “upload” button at the left-hand side of your canvas.

upload button design space

Click “upload image”, and then “browse” to locate the folder on your computer. Look through the images and then select your favorite earring template in the SVG format (I chose template #3), then upload it to your canvas.

Depending on which template you choose, you may have two or more layers grouped together once it’s on your canvas.

earring template

These grouped layers make it even easier to create a more three-dimensional effect for your earrings. To do this, first, decide on what size you want to make them. You can choose to have larger earrings, which makes cutting them even easier, or you can choose to make them a bit on the smaller side. I went with a length of 2 inches as I find this a happy medium between the boldness of a large earring and the daintiness of a smaller one.

Next, select the earring and “ungroup” the layers.

ungroup layers in design space

Once ungrouped, separate both layers and place them side by side.

ungrouped and moved

Now simply select the two layers and duplicate them. This creates all four pieces that you need to make both pairs of your earrings.

At this point, you can change the colors to get a better idea of the finished look. As I am using Cricut brand veneer in both walnut and maple, I changed my templates to better reflect those colors.

veneer ready to cut

Now you are ready to cut! Quick and easy design! 😊

Cutting Veneer

cricut veneer

Organize your cutting pieces according to your usual layering methods, attach them, and then click on that “Make It” button!

Using the digital mat as a guide, place your veneer wood pieces on your strong grip mat and secure them using masking tape on all sides of the wood.

veneer taped to mat

For the material settings in the next screen, choose veneer and decide if you want more or less pressure. For veneer, I almost always choose default pressure, but depending on the brand you are using, this may require some trial and error.

Before you start the cut, switch out your tool for the deep point blade, then go ahead and start the cutting process. Again, depending on the type of veneer you are using, the Cricut will make approximately four passes to complete the cut.

When the cutting process has been completed, weed away the excess and discard (or if there is enough wood leftover, save it for another project).

Now all you have to do is construct the earrings!

Putting It All Together

Painting (optional)

At this point, you can choose to paint your earrings, however, this is completely optional if you prefer an even more rustic and minimalistic look.

I am all about color so while I wanted to keep the natural look of the wood as the shining star, I simply added three horizontal blocks of blue, teal, and yellow. I feel like this small touch of accent color adds a more unique, finished look to my earrings.

If you do want to add some paint, I recommend sketching your color ideas out on paper first so that you can create a design that best suits the shape of your earrings.

painting veneer

Paint your colors onto both pairs of earrings. When you are happy with the finished look, allow the paint to fully dry.

painted veneer earring pieces


Gather all of your earring pieces and move over to your gluing station.

Take out your strong bond glue and simply add a few drops to the back of the accent piece. Using a toothpick or silicone spreader, spread the drops so that there is a thin, but even coat of glue. Next, line up the holes at the top and stick them together. Now just let them fully dry for at least 2-6 hours or more, depending on your glue brand’s recommendations.

glue veneer pieces

Add on a thin, but even coat of your choice of sealer (I used Mod Podge Glossy) to the entirety of each earring. This will help to prevent the paint from chipping off, and to give them some added durability.

mod podge on veneer

Once again, allow both pairs to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Adding the Findings

All that’s left is to add your findings!

Using your jewelry pliers, open up your o-ring and place it through the hole at the top of the earring, then while it is still open, add on your finding of choice using your pliers as needed. Alternatively, you can add additional o-rings for a more dangly earring prior to adding your finding as I did; two o-rings with a fishhook finding.

adding findings to veneer earrings

Repeat for the other earring and voila! Your earrings are ready for wear!

Pair them with your favorite summer blouse and you are good to go!

Keep on Crafting! 💖🌞

veneer wood earrings

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