Wintery Globe Lights

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Posted on January 24, 2022 by Wendy Boulay

It’s the beginning of a new crafting year and with January revealing its long, cold, and darker days, what better time is there to create a pretty set of glittery lights to brighten up your mood?

These easy-to-craft shimmery globes can be made using some supplies that you can find at the dollar store, which helps to keep your budget happy after the expense of the holidays!

Wintery Globe Lights 

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Snow Globe Blanks
    • Polycrylic
    • Glitterize!
  • Cricut Design Space
    • Creating the Decals
    • Cutting and Weeding
    • Application
  • Finishing
    • Ribbon and Embellishments
    • Adding the Lights

Supplies Needed

  • DIY Snowglobe blanks (dollar store)
  • Glitter (dollar store)
  • Flickering tea lights (battery-operated – dollar store)
  • Ribbon, twine or other (for finishing)
  • Polycrylic
  • Digital products: Samantha Craft Font
  • Solo cups (or other to catch drips)
  • Syringe (liquid dropper)
  • Paper towels (optional – for clean up)
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Hot glue gun (optional – for ribbon)
  • Permanent vinyl (I used Oracal 651)
  • Transfer tape
  • Weeding tools
  • Cricut cutting machine (or other)

Digital Products

What crafter doesn’t love the Samantha font? With its incredible glyphs and swirly tails, this font is definitely a favorite the world over! 

samantha craft font

What’s more, is it’s now available in a new version that is optimized for die-cutting! Cricut crafters meet Samantha Craft, available only at Creative Fabrica…and as an added bonus, it’s on sale!

Head on over and grab this amazing font that you will most definitely want in your crafting toolbox. After you have downloaded the file, install it onto your computer.

Snow Globe Blanks


  • 🔔 Before You Start! With your measuring tape, note down the height and width of the area on the globe where you want to place your decals. Put this aside for later.

Before starting the vinyl design aspect of this project, you will first want to work on the snow globe blanks to allow for ample drying time.

Take three Solo cups (or another brand) to act as your drip tray for the snow globes. Remove the bottoms, including the inserts, of all three globes.

glitter globe supplies

Then, with a syringe (or pinch bowl), drop roughly three to four teaspoons of the Polycrylic – depending on how big your snow globes are. Swirl the Polycrylic around the inside of the globe, making sure to coat every tiniest part of the inside, including the threaded opening (inside only).

polycrylic syringe

Now just pour the remaining Polycrylic into the second globe, adding more if necessary, and repeat the same process. Repeat once more for the last globe, pouring any remaining liquid back into the Polycrylic can. Allow all three of them to drip dry in your Solo cups – usually about 30 minutes until they are just tacky to take on the glitter.


With your globes now prepped and ready, it’s time to add some sparkle!

Feel free to use any of your favorite glitter colors – there are no limitations except for availability! As this tutorial is a winter-themed one, I chose to use some pretty frosty glitters such as blue, white, and silver – but you can easily convert this to a spring project by using some bright greens, vibrant yellows, and soft pinks!

In the same manner as the Polycrylic, pour enough of one of your glitter colors into one of the globes – approximately three tablespoons.  Again, depending on how big they are, you may need more or less. If you want to create a multicolored glitter globe, I recommend pre-mixing your colors in a separate container to avoid inconsistency – unless, of course, you want a little marbling effect like I did!

glitter globes

Replace the lid, then swirl and shake it around until the entire inside is completely covered. One more time, allow it to dry while resting on the Solo cup. Repeat for the other remaining snow globes using an alternating glitter color and let all of them dry. Drying time will vary but I find they are safe enough to work with after around two hours. 

In the meantime, you can design and cut your decals!

Cricut Design Space

Creating the Decals

While you are waiting for your glitter globes to dry, you can start designing the decals that you will be placing on them. With your new Samantha Craft font already installed, open up Design Space and start a new project.

At this point, you will want to decide what texts you want for your globe lights. As this is a winter-themed project, I decided to use “warm winter wishes”, but again, if you want to change it up to make it more personalized, feel free! 

Type out the text for the first globe light, then change the font to Samantha Craft. If you like the look of the font as is, all you have to do is weld and resize to fit your light, however, if you want to add some fancy glyphs, open up the character map on your computer. From the dropdown, choose your font and then simply scroll until you find a glyph you like!

character map

Next, and only if necessary, ungroup the letters to play around with the kerning/spacing until you are happy with the look.

ungroup letters design space

All that’s left is to weld the letters together! Select the entire word, then click on the Weld button.

welding steps design spaceChange the height and/or width to one that will fit within the measurements that you took at the beginning of the project. That’s it..quick and easy! Just repeat these steps for the other texts that will go on the remaining snow globes and if you like, you can change the colors to represent the vinyl that you plan to use.

resized decals design space

Cutting and Weeding

Now you are all ready to cut your decals! 

Click on the Make It button at the bottom of your canvas and on the digital mat screen, make sure that the decals are not too close together if you changed the colors to fit on one mat. If they are, move them over slightly to make it easier for separating them and weeding afterwards.

digital mat design space

Click Continue, and on the material setting screen, choose the best setting for your type of vinyl – however, I highly suggest using the Washi Sheet setting to ensure that your glyphs cut easily and without any issues.

Load up your mat and cut! Weed as per your usual methods, or alternatively, if you find that you are struggling with weeding you can use the reverse weed method. Happy Crafters, who are one of the suppliers that I purchase my vinyl from, has a great tutorial on this handy method.

weeded decals

Apply the transfer tape to each of the decals and burnish. 


Now it’s time to apply the decals to the now glittery globes!

It’s very important to remember that when you are applying vinyl decals to a curved surface, it’s best to adhere them by lightly pressing down on the center first, then slowly moving outwards. Doing so will help you to avoid any creases, folds, or bunching up of the vinyl.

applying decals

Don’t worry too much if you do have a small area that gets creased, vinyl can stretch so just carefully lift it back up with your weeding tool (careful not to scratch the globe!), pull slightly, then simply replace it.

Once the decal has been applied, burnish with a felt-covered squeegee to make sure that the vinyl has adhered with little to no air bubbles. Repeat the same process for the last two globes.

decals on glitter globes


Ribbon and Embellishments

With your decals now applied, go ahead and start warming up your hot glue gun. You can use any kind of ribbon you like, but I personally love the vibrant glitter ribbon that I purchased on sale from Michaels Craft Store. 

Wrap the ribbon around the lid of the globe that you removed earlier so that it wraps all the way around. Cut to size and then cut additional strips for as many lights as you are making.

glitter ribbon

Add a dot of hot glue on the end of one strip and stick it centered on the lid’s side. Add more dots around the lid and stick the ribbon to the entire circumference, making sure to place some glue on the other end of the ribbon to secure it. Repeat for all of the lids.

gluing ribbon on lid

Feel free to add on any other embellishments you like!

Adding the Lights

All that’s left to do to complete your light set is to place your lights! I don’t recommend glueing them onto the lid as you will not be able to change the battery! But seeing as these lights will remain stable on a flat surface, there really is no need to secure the tealight. Simply place the tealight on the lid and carefully screw the globe back onto it. 


I hope this added a little sparkle ✨ to your day! 

Keep on Crafting! 💖

glitter globe lights

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