5 Free Crochet Patterns for an Eco-Friendly Home

5 Free Crochet Patterns for an Eco-Friendly Home main article image
Posted on May 1, 2021 by Laura-Jade Bennie

With the growing awareness of the impact our purchases and daily routines have on the environment the need for eco-friendly and sustainable substitutes for everyday household products has become increasingly popular.

This article has compiled 5 Free Crochet Patterns for Everyday Household items making it easy to swap out plastic and non-biodegradable waste for more eco-conscious alternatives. This collection includes Face Scrubbies, Bath Puffs, Produce Bags, Mop Covers and Dish Cloths.

While being more environmentally conscious it is easy to be bombarded with buzz words such as Sustainable and Eco-Friendly, but what does this mean and how does it influence our purchases?

What is Sustainability?

In a journal article published by the University of Alberta’s Office of Sustainability, it is described as “meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

For a product to be considered sustainable the lifecycle from production to disposal should have minimal impact on non-renewable resources and should not be harmful to the environment, individuals, or society.

What Does Eco-Friendly Mean?

Eco-Friendly means environmentally friendly or not harmful to the environment. For products to be considered Eco-Friendly their production and consumption should adhere to principles which conserve resources such as water and energy and avoid polluting the environment.

Natural Fibre Twine and Yarn Options

Natural fibres offer a more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to synthetics as their production is often less harmful to the natural environment. They are also 100% biodegradable and/or compostable meaning they have little to no contribution to landfill.

Jute Twine/Cord

Jute twine is a natural vegetable fibre twine, it is 100% biodegradable and as a crop it has low pesticide and fertilizer needs. It is one of the cheapest vegetable fibres making it popular as an eco-friendly and sustainable material choice. Its high tensile strength and antistatic properties make it a good option for use in creating household cleaning items.

Hemp Twine/Cord  

Hemp twine is made from the bast fibre (outer bark) of the hemp plant, it is the strongest of natural fibres, with a 20 Lb. tensile strength. Hemp is not only biodegradable and compostable, but the crop is also sustainable and considered a renewable resource. These properties make hemp a popular choice for eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Bamboo Yarn/Cord

Bamboo yarn is made from bamboo fibres. Unlike other natural twine and cords which are made from the bast fibre of the plant, bamboo yarn is made by dissolving the plant cellulose and then extruding it to form fibres.

When considering the use of Bamboo as an eco-friendly material option one needs to be mindful of the entire manufacturing process from crop to end-product. As a man-made textile the manufacturing process utilises and produces a chemical footprint which can be harmful to factory workers and the environment. However, some manufacturers claim to use processes which limit the use of harmful chemicals.

As a crop bamboo can grow in areas unsuitable for other crops which makes it a more sustainable option. Other advantages of the bamboo crop are that it needs less pesticides and fertilisers than other crops such as cotton, it also grows very quickly and is biodegradable, making it a sustainable resource.

While bamboo is a better alternative to cotton and polyester it should be noted that there are still pros and cons to its use as an eco-friendly and sustainable material.

5 Free Crochet Patterns for Household Items

1.     Produce Bag

Finsbury Produce Bag by Sarling.comFinsbury Produce Bag by Sarling.com 

The Finsbury Produce Bag by Sarling has been made freely available here. Not only does this pattern help avoid the use of plastic bags but with the added drawstring detail it is also practical and cute!

The Pattern is written in UK crochet terms and uses Chain Stitch, Double Crochet, Half Treble and Treble Stitch. This bag is worked in a continuous spiral, meaning there is no joining of rows. The blog post does not indicate the experience level of this pattern, however the reviews from those who have used the pattern describe it as being quick and easy.

2.     Bath Puff/Sponge

Bath Puff from Handy Little MeBath Puff by Handy Little Me.com

This Bath Puff Crochet Pattern by Handy Little Me is the perfect substitute for plastic store-bought options. The pattern is described as “Easy Level” and achievable for the novice crocheter.

The Pattern is written in US crochet terms and abbreviations and utilises a Slip Knot, Chain, Slip Stitch, Single Crochet and Double Crochet.  The blog post is full of useful links explaining the various crochet stitches as well as terms and abbreviations.

What’s more to love is that The Bath Puff pattern is part of a set of 7 Crochet Bathroom Patterns with links to the other patterns included in the blog post!

You can follow Handy Little Me on Instagram or head over to the Facebook Page for more Crochet fun.

3.  Face Scrubbies

Face Scrubbies by Handy Little MeFace Scrubbies by Handy Little Me.com

Another awesome Crochet Pattern by Handy Little Me, these Face Scrubbies are part of a 7-piece Bathroom set. As a more Eco-Friendly and Sustainable choice to disposable facewipes or cotton pads, these Face Scrubbies are a great addition to the environmentally conscious household or as part of a gift for an eco-conscious consumer.

The pattern uses Cotton Yarn however one could easily substitute Bamboo Yarn for a more sustainable product.

All items made using this Handy Little Me pattern are allowed to be sold, meaning you can take your eco-friendly, sustainable creations to the next craft fair or eco-friendly market for all to enjoy!

For tutorials and more pattern information head over to the Blog Post at Handy Little Me.

4. Mop Covers

Mop Covers by Grace and YarnMop Covers by Grace and Yarn

While Sweeper Mops are a necessary item in the cleaning cupboard, the disposable cloths that come with them contribute to household waste and ultimately go to landfill. However this Free Crochet Mop Cover Pattern by Grace And Yarn has the solution! These Mop Covers are a great addition to the eco-conscious household and the clever use of Crunch Stitch provides a textured surface perfect for those harder cleaning tasks.

The pattern is written in US Crochet terms and includes useful links to further information such as how to crochet Crunch Stitch.

You can follow Grace and Yarn on Instagram.

5. Dish Cloths

Dish Cloths by Easy CrochetDish Cloths by Easy Crochet.com

This quick and easy Free Dish Cloth Pattern from Easy Crochet is a great alternative to the more common store-bought cloths which are often manufactured from low quality synthetic fibres resulting in a shorter lifespan.

The pattern suggests using a Cotton Yarn, however using a more sustainable natural fibre with more texture such a Jute Twine/Cord will not only create a more effective cleaning product but also a more eco-conscious one.

The pattern is written in US Crochet terms and utilises Single Crochet and Half Double Crochet. It is also useful to know how to work into the back and front loop of the stitch. This pattern is categorised as a Skill Level “Easy” pattern.

You can see more from Easy Crochet on Instagram and Facebook.


With this helpful collection of free patterns, you’ll be one step closer to including more Eco-Friendly and Sustainable product solutions in your home and lifestyle!

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