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Crochet Basket with Jute Twine Detailing

Crochet Basket with Jute Twine Detailing main article image
Posted on April 21, 2021 by Laura-Jade Bennie

The use of texture and natural fibres throughout home décor and styling has re-emerged (Think 70’s – macramé plant hangers, crochet blankets, jute rugs and stone fireplaces) with beautiful imagery from styling influences across social media the trend shows little sign of slowing down. Whilst some trends have no place being revived (The vast majority of 90s fashion for example!), others make more sense. With growing awareness of sustainable and eco-friendly buying practices the use of materials which adhere to these values is gaining popularity. This tutorial explores the use of natural fibres as a crochet medium, with the finished product being a beautiful storage basket which is not only on trend but also ticks all the boxes for sustainable and eco-friendly style choices.

What You Will Need

Crochet MaterialsWhat You Will Need

  • Macramé Cord Colour of Your Choice – approximately 50m
  • Natural Fibre Twine (This project uses medium Jute Twine)
  • Crochet Hook in a suitable size for your yarn/cord choice. It is recommended to use a metal hook, as working with thick natural fibres can become difficult. Plastic or wood hooks can break.
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker – Optional

NOTES: This tutorial uses UK crochet terms. It will be helpful if you are familiar with Treble Crochet, Crocheting a Flat Circle and Reverse Double Crochet/Crab Stitch. However, these principles will be discussed, and useful links will be provided.

Getting Started

The first step is crocheting your flat circle base. This tutorial has used Jute twine for the base to help illustrate the transition between the base and what will be the “side” of the basket however, you can crochet using the same twine/cord throughout.  It is worth considering that the difference in cords provides a contrast in texture and colour and adds interest to the overall piece.

Crocheting Flat CircleCrocheting a Flat Circle

Flat Circle Crochet Pattern

Chain 4. Join with a sl st to the first chain to form a ring.

1st Round: Chain 3. Tr 11 in ring. Sl st into top of chain 3 to join the circle. (You should have 12 stitches)

2nd Round: Chain 3. 2 tr in each tr st around. Sl st into top of chain 3 to Join. (24)

3rd Round: Chain 3. *2 tr in next st. 1 tr in next st. Rep from * around. Sl st into top of chain 3 to Join. (36)

4th Round: Chain 3. *2 tr in next st. 1 tr in next 2 st. Rep from * around. Sl st into top of chain 3 to Join. (48)

5th Round: Chain 3. *2 tr in next st. 1 tr in next 3 st. Rep from * around. Sl st into top of chain 3 to Join. (60)

The Diameter of your flat circle will dictate the overall size of your basket therefore if you would like to crochet a bigger basket/circle you will continue to increase by 12 stiches in every row.

Flat CircleCrocheted Basket Base

Close your circle with a slip stitch. For a neater finish you can Slip Stitch into the first Treble Crochet and NOT into the chain 3 which is usually suggested. By working into the Treble Stitch, you will close the gap for a tighter finish to your circle.

Closing the CircleSlip Stich into the First Treble Crochet to Close the Circle

This Video Tutorial by Bella Coco, demonstrates how to crochet a flat circle and explains the principle around increasing your circle to achieve your required diameter.

Crocheting the Basket

Once you have closed your circle, cut your Jute twine and join it to your chosen cord with a simple knot. If you choose to use the same twine/cord throughout the basket then you can skip this step and DON’T cut your twine.

Changing CordsJoining Cords/Twine

Note: Excess cord and frayed ends will be neatened up at the end either by sewing in or cutting away.

1st Round: Chain 3 to start, then Treble Crochet into the back loop of each stitch on the circle. By working into the back loop on this first round, you will create a small border between the base and sides and your first round will sit more upright to the base.

Chain 3 Chain 3 to Start the Round

Crochet Into The Back LoopCrochet into the Back Loop of Each Treble Crochet 

Sl st into the first Treble Crochet (skip Chain 3) of the 1st round.

2nd Round: Chain 3. Tr in each tr st around. Sl St into the first tr to Finish the round.

3rd Round: Chain 3. Tr in each tr st around. Sl St into the first tr to Finish the round.

Building the sidesCrocheting the Sides of the Basket

Repeat for each round until your basket is at the desired height. Sl St into the first Tr to finish off the round, cut your cord and pull through. Note: This tutorial uses 5 rows of Treble Crochet and finishes off with one row of Reverse Double Crochet/Crab Stitch.

Tip: Be mindful to count your stitches and not to increase or decrease on the round as this will cause your basket to change shape as it builds up (a stitch marker can be useful). Keep the tension of your stitches consistent as this too will affect the shape.

Finish with Reverse Double Crochet/Crab Stitch Border

Crab Stitch is also known as Reverse Double Crochet. Each stitch is the same as a double crochet stitch, but you work in the opposite direction. If you are right-handed, crab stitch goes from left to right, instead of right to left as with standard crochet and vice versa for those of you who are left-handed.

This Video Tutorial by Bella Coco best demonstrates the Crab Stitch. This tutorial has used the same principle to start the round.

Using your chosen natural twine, chain 1 into the first Treble Crochet of your basket. Then Crab Stitch into each Treble Crochet around your basket to finish off the border. Slip Stitch into the first Crab Stitch to finish off the round and cut your twine. To secure loose ends sew them into your work. You can also sew in any other loose ends you may come across.

Chain 1 to Start The RoundSlip Stitch and Chain 1 to Start the round of Crab Stitch

Crab StitchCrab Stitch Border

Border Taking ShapeCrab Stitch Border Taking Shape

Slip Stitch to CloseSlip Stitch into the First Crab Stitch to Finish Off

Cut Yarn and Tie OffCut the Yarn/Twine, Pull Through and Tie off to Secure

Tips: Crocheting with natural fibres and thick cord/twine can be hard on your hands, it is therefore recommended to keep your tension more relaxed as the tighter your stitches are the more difficult it will be to work into them.

This basket tutorial is for a textured, less structured final piece. Raw fibres can be inconsistent in thickness and colour through the roll, adding character to your piece and lending itself to a more organic “look and feel”. This allows you to be less concerned about stray pieces of twine or looser stitches. For a more textured, chunky result this tutorial uses Treble Crochet however, experimenting with the type of stitch used will give you a different result.

Jute Twine Tassel Detail

What You Will Need

  • Thick Jute Twine
  • Medium/Thin Jute Twine
  • Book or Thick card Stock
  • Scissors

Step by Step Jute Tassel Step-By-Step Jute Tassel

Use a book or thick cardstock twice the length of your desired tassel – for example, if you require a tassel 7cm/ 2.7inches long you will need a surface of 14cm/5.5inches to work over.

Wrap the thick Jute twine around the book 3-4 times. Slide this off the book and tie through the middle with the thinner Jute twine, leaving longer end pieces which will be used to hang your completed tassel. Cut the loops of the thick Jute twine.

Using the thin Jute twine tie off a section of the tassel to create a “head” roughly 2.5cm/1 inch.

Unravel each strand of Jute twine. You can comb out the strands if desired. Cut the strands evenly.

To create contrast and texture beads can be added to your final tassel. For a tutorial on making your own Polymer Clay beads visit This Article.

Finally tie your completed tassel to your finished crochet basket!

Finished Crochet BasketFinished Crochet Basket with Jute Details

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