How to Make a Pair of One Stitch Crocheted Slippers

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Posted on October 3, 2021 by Julie Richards

I grew up wearing crocheted slippers in the house. My grandmother made us all a new pair every few months. I loved the one-stitch crocheted slippers for two reasons; they kept my feet warm and made it very easy to slide through the house on the hardwood floors. Yes, I got yelled at all the time for doing it. Especially when I fell or slid into something. But those crocheted slippers were one of the best things my grandmother ever made me. Until…

My Story

I learned to crochet when I was very young. It started with my grandmother showing me how to make a crochet chain. Then she taught me to go back and add another single stitch on top of the chain and repeat the process. I ended up with a square of crocheted yarn.

The next thing I knew, she had me putting my foot on top of that square! That’s when she showed me how to turn it into a slipper. I was in awe! I made a slipper. I will never forget her next words. “Now make another one so you don’t look like a silly goose running around with just one slipper!”

Supplies You’ll Need

I buy two skeins of yarn in the exact same color. You have to check the lot number on the package and make sure they match. This is important because different lot numbers may be different colors. You may not be able to tell when you buy them. You will definitely see the difference if you crochet them and wind up with two slippers that are different shades of the same color. I buy two just to make sure I have enough yarn to make both slippers, no matter how big the feet are of the person for which I am making the slippers. My family’s feet range from size-4 Toddler to size-14 double-E for men.

I use a size J-hook crochet to make my slippers. I like the tight weave it makes and the hook fits perfectly in my hand. My hands are slightly on the small size. You may want to use a smaller or larger hook, depending on how comfortable the hook fits in your hand.

A tape measure is also important because you want to know how long to make your first chain stitch. Simply measure from the heel to the top of the big toe. I usually subtract ½ – inch to 1- inch and a because the yarn does stretch when they put on the slippers. A loose slipper will slide off the foot, so err on the side of smaller when you make the slippers.

Beginning Process

You begin with the measurement of the foot. For instance, my foot is 7-inches long. I know that I want my first crochet chain to be 6 ½ -inches long. The slipper will fit snug on my foot and not slip off. When you crochet the starting chain, you can also lay your bare foot alongside the chain to know for sure that your measurements are correct.

Start with a single chain stitch to the length you need. Crochet another single-stitch row on top of the first. Continue crocheting back and forth until you have a square section that is the length of your foot and can wrap up around the to meet on the top of your foot. You do not want the crochet block to wrap over onto its self. Just make the ends barely meet on the top of your foot. If you have made the crochet piece too big, simply pull out a row or two of stitching until you have the desired length. Cut your yarn from the skein, leaving a 12-inch tail on the slipper side of the thread.

Forming the Slipper

Thread the 6-inch yarn tail through a yarn or upholstery needle. “Sew” the yarn thread down the short side of the crocheted square (or rectangle). Fold the piece in half so the two corners of the short side match up. Pull the yarn tail tight to form the toe of the crocheted slipper.

Use the remaining yarn in the needle to stitch together the two long ends about two-thirds of the way towards where the heel of the slipper will form. Tie off the yarn to secure the seam.

Cut another piece of yarn about 6- to 8- inches long. Thread it through the needle. Join the two back corners of the slipper together. Sew the two edges together from the corners to the bottom and secure the yarn with a knot.

Making the Fit

Try on the crocheted slipper to see how it fits. If the heel falls off your foot, you can reduce the size of the opening by adding a few more stitches so it is smaller.

If the crocheted slipper is too long, remove the thread from the heel end. Slide your foot into the slipper and fold the excess that is behind your heel over like a hem. Then sew the heel end together again.

You may want the slipper to come up over your foot more. Sometimes this happens if someone has a wide foot. Resolve this issue by crocheting around the opening, starting at the end of the seam that runs along the top of the foot. Add as many rows of crochet stitches as you want. Believe it or not, my grandmother made me a pair of crocheted slipper socks by doing this very thing.

There are as many ways to make crocheted slippers as there are “hookers” (slang for crochet crafter). You can use thick yarn, double strands of yarn, and even heavy thread. I do not recommend using a yarn with trim interwoven with the yarn. It can get confusing when trying to crochet and you may actually miss a stitch or two. This results in large holes or gaps in the crocheted slippers.

The great thing about learning how to make the crocheted slippers is you can use this same pattern to make bottle warmers for babies. Simply sew the top entirely closed and leave the heel end open so the bottle can slide down inside!

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How to Make a Pair of One Stitch Crocheted Slippers

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