How To Make Crochet Word Art

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Posted on May 17, 2021 by Laura-Jade Bennie

Word art is a creative way to add character and self-expression to a space. It assists in creating an atmosphere and allows one to subtly (or not so subtly!) convey a mood or tone. The choice of words can range from greetings, as is often used on front doors, to something a little cheekier for a bar or entertainment space. It is also a fun way to incorporate a child’s name into a nursery, bedroom or play area. With so many options it’s time to get creative!

What You Will Need

You Will NeedMaterials Required 

  • Your choice of yarn or twine (This tutorial uses medium thickness Jute twine)
  • Suitable size crochet hook (This tutorial uses a 6mm crochet hook)
  • 12-gauge aluminium wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Long-nosed Pliers
  • Chosen word printed onto copy paper at a size of your choice (The final product of this tutorial is roughly 200mm high x 400mm wide)

Useful Tools

  • Sellotape
  • Dressmakers Tape

Getting Started

Before getting started with crocheting your cord it is useful to determine the length of cord you require. An easy and accurate way to do this is to trace your word using yarn/twine securing it, every so often, to the copy paper using Sellotape. Once you have traced the entire word cut the twine at the end of the word leaving a little extra. Carefully remove the Sellotape from the paper being mindful not to tear the paper. Once the twine is free, measure the length using a dressmaker’s tape.

additional materialsMeasuring the Length of Cord Required

Crocheting Your Cord

This tutorial uses a basic method of Double Crochet stitches (UK Terms) to build the cord. This is best explained in the following video tutorial by Bella Coco

Start by creating a Slip Knot, Chain 2. Working into the 2nd chain from the hook, crochet a double crochet stitch. Continue to follow the video tutorial which explains working into the “bottom” loop of the stitch and “turning” your work with each stitch to build the cord.

Slip KnotStart with a Slip Knot

Chain 2Chain Two

Double Crochet into 2nd Stitch from the HookDouble Crochet into 2nd Stitch from the Hook

This is such a useful design which can be used to create many different projects including straps for bags, trims for cushions/soft furnishings, handles for baskets and much more!

Continue to build your cord until you have the length required. To finish off your cord, cut the twine/yarn and pull through. Leave the loose end for now – this will be sewn in at a later stage.

Continue to Build the CordContinue to Build the Cord

tie off the cordCut the Yarn and Pull Through to Finish 

Adding the Wire

Adding The WireAdding The Wire

This stage of the project can be quite taxing on your hands, especially when working with natural fibres such as Jute or Hemp. To avoid blisters/calluses during this process you could use clean garden gloves or similar.

Using the 12-Gauge wire, push the wire through the centre of the crochet cord, being mindful to hide the wire within the cord. It is easier to push the cord over the wire rather than trying to push the wire through the flexible fibre cord. Work in small sections. This process requires some patience but once you get into the “groove” it is quite therapeutic! If you are working with stiff fibres, be sure to take regular breaks to rest your hands and stretch them out.

Threading the wireThreading the Wire and Cut the Excess

When you have the full length of cord on the wire, cut the wire and bend the sharp ends into loops to create a safer and neater finish. Hide the ends within the cord. You can now thread any loose ends back into your work.

Loop the EndsLoop the Sharp Ends for a Safer/Cleaner Finish

Shaping the Word Art

Materials RequiredMaterials Required 

What You Will Need

  • Chosen word printed onto copy paper at a size of your choice (The final product of this tutorial is roughly 200mm high x 400mm wide)
  • Piece of Wood/MDF bigger than or equal to the word print-out.
  • Hammer
  • Wood nails
  • Your completed crochet wire cord
  • Masking tape
  • Darning needle

Getting Started

Tape the word print-out to the piece of wood using masking tape. Be sure to secure it well. At regular intervals hammer in nails following the shape of the word. These will serve as the framework around which to bend and shape the wire cord. It is most necessary at the curves and sharper angles of the lettering. It is important that the nails are firmly embedded in the wood base so that you can confidently and firmly bend the wire around them.

Tape Print to WoodTape the Word Print-Out to The Wood Base

Creating a FrameworkHammer Nails into the Text at Regular Intervals

Concentrate on curves and AnglesPay Attention to Curves and Sharp Angles 

Once the framework has been completed, it is ready to be used to bend and manipulate the wire cord over the word art print.

Shaping the Wire CordShaping the Word Art Over the Framework

After forming the word art, gently lift it from the framework, being mindful not to distort the shape while doing so.

Using a darning needle and the same yarn/twine, secure any areas which may be loose, for example where the letters E, L and O loop back over themselves. This creates a neater finish and keeps the design secure. Gluing is also an option however the stiff wire can be stubborn to hold down and overtime the glue can succumb to the resistance.

Securing the OverlapsSecuring the Overlaps

While working with the wire word art it is not uncommon for the piece to distort especially with bigger, longer projects as the weight of the word art alone can distort it while handling. To help re-shape the piece, after securing the design, gently slip it back over the framework and rework it until you are satisfied with the final product.

Adding the Word Art to a Wreathe

Creating a WreatheAssembling a Wreathe

The completed word art can now be used in a variety of different ways – this tutorial has used a white, heart shaped wicker wreathe as the base for a sign. The natural fibre stands out against the white base and the wicker material adds texture and interest to the final piece.

To secure the word art to the base, a clear, industrial strength, fast drying glue has been used. While the glue cures, it is important that the word art is secured temporarily to the base. This can be done using masking tape. Follow the recommended drying time as outlined on the packing of the glue.

Further embellishments can be added to create the final “Look and Feel” you wish to achieve. This tutorial has used dried flowers which have been threaded into the weave of the wicker base. This allows for the finished design to be co-ordinated with seasonal décor or freshened-up as required.  

The final piece can be hung on the front door of your home or used as wall art when home styling.  

Final Word ArtCompleted Piece

Home StylingThe Final Piece can be Styled in Many Different Ways

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This looks so beautiful! Never thought creating something like this could be this simple. Thank you for explaining it so nicely :)

Laura-Jade Bennie's profile picture
Laura-Jade Bennie

June 3, 2021


So many possibilities!🤩 You're welcome 💕

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