The best crochet tips for beginners

The best crochet tips for beginners main article image
Posted on July 3, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

If you are new to crochet, keep reading! This post is full of advice for needlework beginners. We’ll give you some tips and tricks that will help you improve your workflow and make your projects look better.

We hope you find our advice helpful. If you need some inspiration for your next crochet project, here you’ll find a lot of beginner-friendly crochet patterns.


Learn how to hold the crochet yarn properly


You can catch the thread in different ways, but you must make sure you choose a proper procedure. Here you have three good examples. Give them a try and see which one fits your needs best.


crochet tips for beginners



Traditional method


Hold both crochet and yarn in your left hand.

Hold the hook in your right hand. For a perfect grip, hold the hook like a pencil.

Hold the yarn between your first finger and your thumb.

Place the end of the yarn over the first three fingers and under the fourth finger.

Your fourth finger will help you hold the yarn in place. You should try to make the yarn as firm as you can.


crochet tips for beginners


Left-handed method


This procedure is the reverse version of the method we’ve just explained. If you are left-handed, you can try both and see which one works best for you.

Hold your yarn and the crochet with your right hand.

User your left hand to hold the hook.

Hold the yarn between your first finger and your thumb.

Take the ball end of the yarn over the first three fingers and under the fourth.


One-handed method


This method can work well for those who are familiar with knitting.

Start by holding the hook and the yarn with your right hand. The procedure is the same as you would do for knitting.

Hold the crochet with your left hand. Grip the crochet between your first finger and your thumb.

You will have to crochet from back to front: bringing the yarn around the hook in the opposite direction to the one you would choose for knitting.


Keep the right tension


Crochet tips shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Keeping the right tension is key to the success of a knitting project. Here you have some tips to keep the proper pressure while crocheting.


crochet tips for beginners



Test your yarn and hook before starting any project


Try your crochet materials before working on a real project. This way, you will get an idea of how does it feel about interacting with both elements.


Keep an eye on how are you holding the yarn


Crochet is a relaxing exercise, but you need to keep your focus. Until you are a proficient crocheter, pay full attention to how you are manipulating every item.


Try using tension regulators


You can find tension regulators and finger guides on the Internet. These tools will help you manage the tension of your yarns during the stitching process.


Practice, practice, and practice


The more you try, the better you’ll become. The mix of practice, discipline, and patience will make you proficient.


Learn how to crochet straight edges


Uneven edges are a common mistake in crochet projects. Here you have some tips that will help you improve your artwork.


crochet tips for beginners


Count your stitches


This method seems quite apparent, but it’s useful. Set a certain number of stitches and count them as you go. Make sure you always reach the same amount of stitches.


crochet tips for beginners


If you are not making the right number of stitches, check:

  • If you’ve put two stitches in the same space.
  • If you’ve placed the first and the last stitch correctly.
  • If you’ve accidentally skipped an area.


Mind the tension of your stitches


Once again, tension is vital! Some of your rows might seem shorter just because you’ve made your stitches too tight. If you have not applied enough pressure, some rows could be visibly more full.


Mind the gap between stitch ends


It’s essential to notice that the turning chain fits as the first stitch of every row. If you don’t take this into account, you might end up making one extra stitch every time.


If you’d like to find crochet patterns for your upcoming projects, check this growing library.

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