15 Common Mistakes Logo Designers Make

15 Common Mistakes Logo Designers Make main article image
Posted on March 18, 2021 by Ron C.

The logo is the most important element for a business’s success. That is why many brands and business hire professional logo designers to design this important component for them. However, there are certain mistakes that logo designers make that can not only give you a bad name, it would also compromise your client’s brand and you will lose them.

Listed below are 15 common mistakes that are made by the logo designers.

1. Following Trends Blindly

The design industry has endless logo designs and many time one or the other element/s in a design start trending more than the rest. Following a trend blindly is a huge mistake that a designer who designs logo can make. A custom logo design is the identity of a business and your client’s brand identity should remain unique too. Take an inspiration from the latest trends but avoid the cliché.

2. Inappropriate use of Typefaces

A memorable logo design has a good typeface. An improper use of typeface like stuffing them in the logo design is not good. Avoid this mistake and pick a typeface that is unique to the brand you are designing for as each typeface is unique on its own. One or two typeface are considered ideal.

3. Nonflexible logo designs

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is designing a logo in a single format. A company or a brand’s logo needs to be flexible. When designing a logo, especially for your client, design something that will fit various formats.

4. Too Much Client Input

It is important that the client should be kept in the loop when you are designing logo but allowing them to guide you on how to design the logo they want is a big mistake –a very big mistake. There is a reason that they hired you as a professional to design their logo for them. No need to go on an ego trip but after a certain extent, you should be the one making the decisions for the designing and not your clients.

5. Going for a Monogram

This mistake just screams ‘amateur designer’, although many seasoned logo designers also make this mistake. They settle for the brand or business’s initials to create a monogram and use it in the logo. There can be nothing more ambiguous than a monogram. Do you think a monogram justly expresses what the brand is about? It does not and so as a logo designer of the expert level, you should always avoid this mistake and come up with something unique and different.

6. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is not limited to content. Designers also commit plagiarism and though it is extremely unethical and unfortunate but designers these days commonly make this mistake.

A logo design is always unique to a business and when you steal the ideas or copy other designers, you lose that uniqueness. Of course, there are the legal consequences as well that can get your client or yourself in trouble. 

7. Uses Raster Images

A major sign of immature logo designers is that they make the mistake of using raster images in logo designing. It is unadvisable because this image can distorted when reproduced on larger scales. It is important that the image in the logo remains consistent, no matter how large the reproduction is.

8. Use of Stock Art

Using stock art in the logo designs is the sign of amateur logo designers. To establish yourself as an expert, it is important to avoid stock art and go for licensing agreement so that there are no legal repercussions. There is nothing wrong in downloading stock art but you can’t use them in the logo design. Secondly, using a stock image also increases the chances of duplication as someone else may be using the same image elsewhere.

9. Designing for Yourself – Not the Client

You are very creative and it allows you to have a lot of liberties. However, an essential mistake made by logo designers is that they get carried away with their creativity and forget that they are designing for a client, not themselves. Obviously if you can’t meet the requirements of your client, it won’t really work if you try to overpower your client’s identity by adding in your own trademark. A good logo designer aligns with the client’s brief.

10. Overly Complex Designs

A simple but innovative logo design is what attracts customers to a business or brand. Add too many details and its charm would be completely lost. Complex and detailed design in something as small as a logo is one of the biggest mistakes that the logo designers can make. Famous logos like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Nike or Apple, all are simple yet unique designs without any complexity.

11. Poor Choice of Fonts

The most commonly made mistake in custom logos is the choosing and applying the fonts. Your choice of fonts is something that can make or break your logo design. It is important that each font should reflect upon the icon’s characteristics. Don’t go for the common fonts either. Maintain the uniqueness of your design.

12. Color Schemes – Using one style pallette

Another huge mistake that logo designers tend to make is going for one color palette – especially softer colors especially in industries like wedding designs or feminine brands. There is nothing wrong in using a soft color palette but by understanding the psychology of colors and experimenting with bolder ones can make your designing skill shine out.

13. Not Adding a Unique Element

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is settling for a simple typographic log whereas this one component in branding requires the keenest attention. It needs to have a unique element. If you really want to be a successful logo designer, the logos designed by you should have one unique component that would set the said brand apart from competitors.

14. Literal Approach

It is very important that a logo should be relevant to the industry but it does not mean that you need to have a literal approach. You do not have to follow the letter to the T. For instance, if you are designing a logo for a beverage company, it does not need to have a bottle in its design. This can come across as extremely tacky and repetitive. A really exceptional logo is subtle and just hints towards the business you are catering to.

15. Unclean Logo Files

When you are finally ready to deliver the files to the client, it is important they should be really clean. There should be no clutter and no haphazardness in the symmetry of the designs. So that, even if the client blows up the image, there is nothing to worry about.

So, have you been making any of these 15 common mistakes when you have been designing logos for your company or for a client? Well, now that you have an idea of where you may be going wrong, you can go ahead and rectify it.

Simplicity is the key to logo designing. Keep your focus clear, highlight one important element and experiment but do not get carried away with your experiments when it comes to fonts, colors and everything in between.

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Nina Prints

March 23, 2021

good tips!

Great article Ron, very insightful!

Very useful tips! Thanks for sharing.

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