60+ Restaurant Menu Designs: Most Beautiful and Unique Designs of 2021

60+ Restaurant Menu Designs: Most Beautiful and Unique Designs of 2021 main article image
Posted on October 12, 2021 by Francesca E

Creating a menu for your establishment is a great way to bring your restaurant branding to life. You can use several design elements to connect with your audience and create something that draws their eye to what types of items you serve. You can even mix and match creative elements to really give your menu a unique look that reflects your look fee. Choose from large imagery, filigree designs or bold text to make your menu design. 

Creative Fabrica has so many design elements to choose from to create your own menu:

Need inspirational ideas to create your own menu design? Creative Fabrica has menu templates, imagery, fonts and more, so you can create your own custom menu – and a premium commercial license is always included.

Table of Contents

Check out our list of easy-to-use designs, fonts, templates and menu ideas for you to create your own amazing restaurant menu design. 

Creative Menu Designs

Vintage Menu Designs

Restaurant Flyers & Trifold Designs

Café Menu Designs

Holiday Menu designs

Menu Templates

Free Printable Restaurant & Café Templates



Creative Menu Designs

Being creative with your menu design can make you stand-out from the crowd. Below is a selection of fun and creative menu templates that you easily can use and adapt to your own business!

Korean Food Vintage Menu Template

Creative Korean Food Menu Template

This Korean food menu template includes color coordinated features, and watercolor illustrations of Korean dishes. A unique menu that will bring that little extra to your business.

Waffle Restaurant Menu

Waffle Restaurant Menu Template

With a creative design, and easily adaptable template, you can make your waffle restaurant’s menu fun to browse.

Italian Food Menu Template

Italian Food Menu Template

Bring that Italian vibe to your Italian restaurant with this quality menu template with vintage hand-drawn illustrations. The hand-drawn illustrations are also included as separate PNG files.

Organic Food Vintage Menu Template

Bringing a vintage vibe to your menu’s is a great way to be creative in showcasing the full dishes, or even ingredients for your dishes. This quality menu template with vintage hand-drawn illustrations is elegant, yet fun in its design.



Coffee Shop Starter Kit Menu Template

Quality Template for Coffee Shops

This amazing starter kit contains all the templates you need to start your own coffee shop! Included is a letter menu, trifold menu, 14 single illustrations, 2 patterns (perfect for making your own coffee beans packaging) and 4 logo badges.

Moderna | Restaurant Menu

modern style template designs

This minimalisic, and trendy design menu shows off your offering elegantly. Perfect for cafés and restaurants looking to give off a more serious look.

Sushi Menu Template and Logo

Sushi Menu Template

A fun and elegant menu template for Japanese food cafés or restaurants.

Menu Design Vector with Restaurant Logo

Vintage style menu templates

Do you wish for a new vintage menu with classic and premium ornaments for your restaurant? This Menu Design Vector including restaurant logo is the right one for you. It has a retro design with a floral frame, and you can use it for food & drinks brochures, coffee shop menus, or other beverage templates

Restaurant Menu Design with Chef Illustration

Menu Template with illustrations

Are you searching for a new menu design for your restaurant or food services? This Restaurant Menu Design with Chef illustration will do the trick for you. You can use this printable template on restaurant menus, food products design, coffee or drink menus, or other cuisine templates.


Vintage Menu Designs

Vintage designs bring together classic elements with a decorative design. They also combine rich bold colors like deep blue and foiled gold. 

Vintage style food template

Vintage style food menu template

A classic diner design showcasing large menu offerings. This one-page menu has room for categories, imagery and more in this restaurant menu idea.

Vintage style menu template

Vintage style restaurant menu template

Create a vintage theme restaurant with this styled menu template. An elegant design has many decorative elements along with a space to insert your logo design. 

Restaurant menu template in vintage style

Vintage restaurant template

Vintage is always in style and works for so many types of eateries. Bold test outlines the front of the menu with a classic sleet interior. 

Restaurant design menu with vector vintage logo

Vintage restaurant menu design with vector logo

Beautiful deep blues highlighted with gold filigree designs outline this menu. Perfect for a 5-star restaurant or a casual dining spot that wants to highlight fancier food offerings.

Retro template for restaurant menu design

Retro template restaurant menu design

Create an amazing menu design for a restaurant, coffee shop or more. This warm design has plenty of space for lots of menu options, drink and more. 

Vintage menu with classic and premium ornaments

Vintage classic menu design

This gold on blue menu is a classic vintage menu design. Lots of ornamental borders and decorative elements bring this design together. 

Vintage Restaurant Menu Design Template

Vintage Style Menu Template for restaurants

A classic menu design with premium ornaments, perfect to showcase your dinner, drinks, sides & extras and specials offering. Customize this template with your own brand text and the message that you want your menu to portray. 

Vintage Restaurant Menu Design Template

Elegant and retro menu template

Another alternative to the menu template above is this elegant and easy-adaptable template. The royal colors will give off a serious look, while the retro vibe brings something extra to your menu.

Japanese Food Watercolor Menu Template

Japanese Food Watercolor Menu Templates

A beautiful and fully editable template with hand drawn illustrations of Japanese dishes. Give your menu a unique look!

Elegant Food Menu

Elegant Food Menu Template

A trifold restaurant menu template in A3, can be resized fo A4. The logo is included, and you can easily adapt it with your own text and designs.


Restaurant Flyers & Trifold Designs

Fliers are a great way to create small plate offerings or have additional drinks on a separate menu. They are also perfect for seasonal related offerings or even menus for kids. 

Food menu flyer 3

Menu flyer template

Fun meets modern with this creative menu display. Showcase you featured images next to food categories neatly displayed. 

Burger nights club party template flyer

Burger Menu Flyer

Golden horizon lines outlay the burger imagery in this flyer design idea. Perfect for a special event or hosted evening in this creative menu design.

Restaurant Menu Design Collection

Special Menu Flyer Template

If you are looking for a stylish alternative for your menu flyer, this menu collection template it the perfect one for you. It comes with three different flyer designs, all in the same style and color scheme. 

Restaurant Menu Flyer PSD Template

Elegant Menu Flyer Template

This elegant menu flyer template comes as a fully layered PSD, with smart layers for easy adaption and customization of your own designs. 

Fast Food Flyer Design Template

Fast Food Menu Template

Looking to offer a great deal for your fast food service? Flyers menu’s is a great way to quickly reach a large audience. This fast food menu design is perfect to use for your pizza or hamburger restaurant.

Indian Restaurant Flyer Template

Indian Restaurant Menu Template

This Indian restaurant menu flyer template gives a great overview of the most important messages that you want to present to your potential customers. This template is easy to customize, and comes in 300 DPI resolution so it’s ready to print!

Fastfood Menu Poster

fastfood menu poster

A creative and fun menu poster for fast food restaurants. You can adapt it with your own prizes, and social media information.

Boo Burger Flyer Template

Burger Flyer Template

Use this burger flyer template in Photoshop to customize it after your needs.  The size of the flyer is 1275×1875px (4×6”)  and it bleeds 0.25”.

Pizzano Menu Brochure Trifold Template

Burger Flyer Template

A modern trifold menu template giving you the space you need to show off you dishes, as well as adding your business offering and messages. Perfect to show for clients or partnership meetings.

Evergreen Trifold Restaurant Menu

Evergreen menu template

A simple design can stand the test of time. If you are looking for an evergreen design that will fit for your business with every season, occasion and offering, look no further.

Trifold Menu Creative Template

Trifold creative menu template

This eye-catching trifold menu template is great to use for showing off a wide range of dishes for your restaurant or café.

Restaurant Food Menu Tri-Fold Brochure

Restaurant Food Menu Trifold Brochure

This brochure comes in a fully layered Photoshop file, making it very easy for you to adapt it to fit your offering and business.

Restaurant Tri-Fold Brochure Menu Design


A clean and easy-on-the-eye menu template, in high-quality and easy to adapt.


Café Menu Designs

Café designs are made for coffee shops and small bakeries. Use the templates below to design your perfect café menu.

Restaurant menu template

Restaurant menu template

Loving this color-blocked design with alternating brown and creams. The front page imagery provides a space for a large color photo, perfect for any establishment. 

Coffee vintage menu template 

Coffee menu design

Designed around fun café illustrations, this menu is one of a kind. The one-page design has lots of room for café options, small fair items and more. 

Trifold Brochure Food Menu Template

Free Trifold Menu Template

This trifold menu template is perfect to use for cafés and restaurants, and it is completely free to download! It’s fully editable, so you can adapt it so it fit your restaurant or café’s offering.

Holiday Menu designs

Designing holiday menus can be made for holiday meals, special offerings and even dates you would like to promote at your restaurant. Get some great ideas by checking out these holiday menu templates. 

Christmas menu template V1

Christmas Menu Design

Get festive this holiday season and jazz up your menu offerings with a holiday profile. Complete with seasonally colors and decorative elements and design ideas.

Valentine party menu flyer

Valentines Menu Design

Spice up your next valentines holiday dinner with this menu flyer. Decorated with hearts and pick and red elements to match any valentine’s dinner date. 

Menu Templates

Get inspired to create your own styled restaurant menu. With themes for sushi, Italian, seafood and more. 

Sushi menu logo and template

Sushi Menu Tempalte

Sushi is everyone’s favorite take out. This classic design features lots of menu space, decorative titles and a red and black color palette in this creative menu design. 

Seafood menu templates

Seafood Menu Template

A seafood design with a classic look. Has room for several dishes, appetizers and more. Black background with white font creates this stunning menu designs. 

Mexican food menu template

Mexican menu template

Get festive with this fun themed designed Mexican menu. Large imagery will draw customers with margaritas, fun and food! 

Restaurant menu template and logo

Restaurant menu and logo

Create a brand-new look for your restaurant with this green on gold menu design. Perfect for a fine dining place or an upscale café.

Italian food menu template

Italian food menu template

A quirky Chalkboard design with white illustrations on a dark background make this a really fun option. Complete with Italian color accents. 

Restaurant menu with chicken head silhouette

Chicken restaurant menu

Fun friend chicken concept with an elegant touch. Elements of vintage and modern combine to create this one of a kind design. 


Restaurant menu design template

Restaurant design template

A one sheet menu design with iconography for categories. 

Restaurant menu template

Restaurant menu template

A fun black and white concept menu that uses color blocking to call out categories. Perfect for a drink menu or a limited menu for after hours. 

Restaurant menu and logo design

Restaurant menu and logo

A vector logo design on the top of this classic menu feature. These warm colored menu is upgrade your café or sandwich shop with this cool café menu design. 

Noodle ramen restaurant menu

Ramen restaurant menu

A perfect menu for your ramen house. Features a dark background and lots of space for a full menu of options in this menu design inspiration. 

Food menu

Food menu template

A simplified Mexican restaurant design has a colorful header and plenty of space. Jazz it up with images of your food items, specials and offerings. 

Korean food vintage menu template

Korean food menu design

Lots of white space make this clean menu design pop with vintage Korean food illustrations. Rounded out with blue title headers this is the perfect menu for a fun, hip place. 

Waffle restaurant menu

Waffle restaurant menu

This isn’t your basic breakfast menu. Bold fonts and imagery make this modern menu design full of personality. 

Clean food menu set

Clean food menu design

Get bright and bold with this clean food menu set. This design layout incorporates the text with corresponding word elements. 

Food menu

Menu design

A basic one-page menu layout. Perfect for to go options or a café. 

Minimalist menu template

Minimalist menu design

The perfect menu for  modern dining establishment. Large title fonts showcase menu categories with lots of clean white space. 

Summer fresh menu template with fruit

Summer menu design

Fun fresh and summer define this menu design with lots of pastel colors and overlay features. 

Restaurant menu design collection

Restaurant menu design

Create a stunning menu with this design collection. Choose from three different layouts.

Vegan Menu Template

Vegan Menu Template

This creative menu template is perfect for any establishment offering a vegan menu. The template is fully adaptable, so you can customize it to fit your restaurant or café.

Restaurant Menu Template and Logo

Restaurant Menu Template and Logo

Restaurant menu template with luxury flourishes ornament logo template, good restaurant and café.

Ramen Noodle | Restaurant Menu

Ramen Noodle Menu template

An easy adaptable and ready-to-print template for Ramen restaurants. The high-quality resolution will result in a perfect menu print.

Free Printable Restaurant & Cafe Templates

Starting out your restaurant or café business can be a challenge and you might be looking at options for cutting costs. On Creative Fabrica you can find a wide range of quality free menu templates. Perfect to use if you are looking for an affordable alternative to print your menus.

Free Restaurant Menu Template

Free Restaurant Menu Template

This free menu design template comes as an ESP file, so you can easily edit it to fit your needs and without losing the resolution. Get it now for free!

Free Food Menu Trifold Brochure

Free Trifold Menu Templates for restaurants
This clean and modern menu template is available for completely free download. It is perfect if you are just starting out your business and are looking for an affordable way to print your menus.

Free Banner Template for Healthy Food Menu

Free Menu Template Banner

Having an online presence is just as important for your restaurant or café business. Displaying a web banner showing off your deals or special offers can be a great way to attract new customers. This quality web banner template for restaurants can be downloaded for free on Creative Fabrica.

Free Instagram Feed Template

Burger Restaurant Instagram Feed Template

This free Instagram post template is eye-catching, and just what you need to grab the attention of people scrolling through the feed.


If you are looking for a professional-looking menu, yet save costs on the design process, Creative Fabrica is the place to browse for high-quality menu’s, banners and posts for restaurant and café businesses. Commercial license is included with all templates downloaded from Creative Fabrica, also including free menu templates. This way you can focus on running your business, and you know that your menu design will turn out flawless when it returns from the printer. 

Looking for a specific menu template design, illustration or font for your business? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service and we’d be happy to assist you.

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60+ Restaurant Menu Designs: Most Beautiful and Unique Designs of 2021
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