Different Types of Cone Sleeves for your Ice Cream Cones

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Creative and innovative packaging will help you enhance your product sales and ROI in the long run. Ice cream cones are one of the most loved desserts and are available in different flavors. People of all ages love ice cream cones, and if you are in this line of business, you need to design the ice cream cone sleeves that can provide them with a pleasurable experience and keep the ice cream cones safe. 

There is a huge demand for ice cream cones, which is why there is fierce competition in the market. Many brands are offering ice cream cones, and they are using different ways to market their products and grab customers’ attention. If you want to make your product stand out in the market, you need to invest in custom ice cream cone covers. 

Custom waffle cone sleeves with your brand name and logo will help you embed the brand name in the customer’s mind. A well-designed cone sleeve will enhance the customer experience and will make customers want more. The added protection that the custom cone sleeves provide will help to safeguard the product and prevent it from dripping. When you are in the market for new cone sleeves, you need to know the different types of cone sleeves that you can experiment with. 

Types of Cone Sleeves

Custom printed cone sleeves present an ideal way to make the ice cream eating process pleasurable and easy. The cone sleeve designing process is tricky, and you will have to select the material and the customizations. You will be presented with different material options, and you need to choose the one that suits your product. It is wise to study the potential customers and choose the material that fulfills the customers’ demands. Some common types of cone sleeve materials are listed below: 

  • Paper Cone Sleeve
  • Plastic Cone Sleeves
  • Aluminum Cone Sleeves
  • Cardboard Cone Sleeve

Paper Cone Sleeve

Cone sleeves need to be tactfully designed to cater to the customer’s needs. The ice cream cone paper sleeves are made from magazine paper or Kraft paper. They can be easily customized per your product needs. You can embellish them with the business logo or the typography of your choice. They can be precisely made in any shape you want using the die-cut technique. 

You can also adorn them with the coating of your choice. The matte and gloss coating is the most suitable for these cone sleeves. Adding the finishes will give your cone sleeves a professional touch. You can create the cone sleeves according to the serving size of your ice cream cones. 

Plastic Cone Sleeves

Another famed housing used for ice cream cones is plastic cone sleeves. They are more robust than the paper cone sleeves. The only downside to these cone sleeves is that they end up creating more plastic waste. They can be easily customized per your needs, and you can incorporate different add-ons and finishes per your needs. Owing to its thermal properties, the plastic cone sleeve can hold the ice cream cones for a long time and prevents them from melting. 

They prove to be a viable option for many companies, but if you are looking for an eco-friendly solution, it is best to go for kraft or cardboard cone sleeves. 

Aluminum Cone Sleeves

The cone sleeves made from aluminum sheets are also popular in the market. They offer maximum protection to the ice cream cones and are more durable than other packaging materials on the market. Aluminum cone sleeves can be customized per your needs. Moreover, these cone sleeves are more eco-friendly than plastic cone sleeves. 

Cardboard Cone Sleeve

If you are looking to provide firm protection to the waffle cones, then thin cardboard sleeves are the best choice. They are biodegradable and can be easily recycled. When you invest in the cardboard cone sleeves, you will not add to the waste burden. You can customize them by taking the help of a professional packaging company. Cardboard material takes printing well, and you can add custom designs to make them alluring and enticing. Moreover, you can make exceptional cones for any occasion. Ice cream cones are a renowned sweet dish at a child’s birthday celebrations, and you can design the cardboard packaging to appease the children at the party. 

When you have shortlisted the design and material for the ice cream cone sleeves, you need to hunt the company that offers stellar custom food packaging. Different packaging service providers can be seen on the internet, and it is wise to choose the one that can help you create boxes per your marketing and branding needs. Furthermore, it is wise to work with an experienced company that boasts a strong background. One of the best ways to gauge the services of the company is to ask for samples. By analyzing the samples and looking at the past reviews, you will be able to make an informed decision. 

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Different Types of Cone Sleeves for your Ice Cream Cones
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