Free designs for your Fall-themed birthday invitations

Free designs for your Fall-themed birthday invitations main article image
Posted on September 28, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

Invitations are vital to the success of a party. Luckily, creating them can be fun, simple, and free! If you are organizing a birthday party during the Fall season, this post is for you.

We have matched the Anjhay font and the Fall Thanksgiving Autumn Digital papers set to create six beautiful birthday invitations. Both resources are free, and you can find them at Creative Fabrica.

To discover more freebies for your design projects, check our Free Fonts and Free Graphics. Every download includes a lifelong license for personal and commercial use. Take a look and get inspired!


A simple, timeless composition


Free designs for your Fall-themed birthday invitations
A simple design can become a big win.


This card is one of the most straightforward ideas you can create. It’s practical, though! The Anjhay font is an excellent choice for this type of composition. This new, handwritten lettering is the protagonist of the design. The background complements the effortless aesthetic of this invitation smoothly.

To design your version of this card:

  1. Place the digital paper in the background.
  2. Draw a white rectangle and place it in the center of the composition.
  3. Type out your lettering. Justify the message to the left.

And that’s it! Your beautiful card is ready to print.


A sweet, geometric pattern


Free designs for your Fall-themed birthday invitations
We are in love with this geometric pattern.


This geometric print is perfect for adding a background to this simple postcard design. See how nice this lettering looks on top of it! If you want to write your message in white characters, a digital paper like this one will become your best ally.

To create a new version of this invitation:

  1. Place the digital paper on your canvas.
  2. Send the paper to the back.
  3. Create a text box and place it in the middle of your canvas.
  4. Type out your text. Don’t forget to choose the Anjhay font!
  5. Justify your text to the right.

Your card is ready now!


A funky design with a cozy touch


Free designs for your Fall-themed birthday invitations
This card is so cute and cozy!


This digital paper is perfect for giving your designs a fun eighties aesthetic. These cute polka dots add a lot of dynamism to this composition. The color palette of this print suits any Fall-Winter crafting project.

To create a new version of this card:

  1. Place the digital paper on your canvas. We’ve decided to make a square, leaving a white rectangle at the bottom.
  2. Create a smaller rectangle. Apply a color that fits your color palette.
  3. Place this rectangle on the line between the pattern and the white space.
  4. Write your message on the small rectangle.

And here’s your invitation! It looks cozy, sweet, and fun. So lovely!


A playful card for a kid’s birthday


Free designs for your Fall-themed birthday invitations
You’ll fall in love with these cute owls.


A kid’s birthday is an important milestone for every family. Preparing a party for such an especial occasion can be a lot of fun! This cartoony pattern is perfect for that purpose. These owls look playful and full of joy.

To repeat this card:

  1. Place your digital paper on your canvas.
  2. Send this digital paper to the back.
  3. Create a circle with the shape tool.
  4. Apply a color from the pattern’s palette to this circle.
  5. Write your message in a color that pops up in your circle.
  6. Bring your text to the front and place it in the center of your composition.

And that’s it! Your postcard is ready to announce your child’s birthday.


Different options for any occasion


Free designs for your Fall-themed birthday invitations
These cards are different, but they share a cozy vibe.


These two cards look different, even though we created them with the same design assets. The menu on the left is floral, dynamic, and pretty. The one at the right is classic, unique, and timeless. It will always look smart and fancy.

To create the floral card from the left:

  1. Place your pattern at the back of your canvas. It’s going to be the background of your design.
  2. Create a square and place it at the bottom right corner.
  3. Pick the color from the back of your pattern. Apply this color to the square you’ve just created.
  4. Write your message and place it in the square.
  5. Choose another color from the pattern and apply it to your lettering.

To create the classic card from the right:

  1. Create a square on your canvas. It does not have to cover the whole area.
  2. Place your square on the upper side of your screen.
  3. Place the digital paper on the square you’ve created.
  4. Write your message in the free white area under the pattern.

Your cards are now ready to go!

We hope you’ve found these ideas inspiring. Now it’s time for you to create your new versions. Have fun exploring all the different possibilities.


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