How to choose fonts for your crafting projects

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Posted on October 7, 2020 by Aida González Vázquez

Fonts have a crucial role in the final result of a creative project. The right font choice can have a massive impact on your final artwork.

No matter if you are scrapbooking, crafting with a cutting machine, or designing assets to print. Knowing how to pick the right font for every occasion is a powerful skill.

We’ll give you some useful tips to help you with your font choices in today’s post. We hope these guidelines help you make better decisions!


Think about the target of your project


Before you start a project, you should know who are you crafting for. Is this a project for children? A gift for your grandmother? A craft for a bachelorette party? It would help if you made all the decisions thinking about who you are crafting for.

Pick a font that your target can read easily. Take their age and circumstances into account. In doubt, remember that simple fonts are always easier to understand. If you are crafting in a language that requires special characters, make sure that the font you choose includes them.


What’s your design going to be?


Fonts are versatile assets, but some of them fit some tasks better than others. Ask yourself what do you need this font for. Are you creating a banner for your Facebook page? Do you need to print a poster or a Save the Date Card? Are you cutting a message in vinyl with your cutting machine?


How to choose fonts for your crafting projects
This free font is called The Bocah. It’s perfect for crafting with kids.


If you are designing for social media, you need to consider the dimensions of your creation. This aspect is also crucial if you are going to print your designs. When crafting with a cutting machine, you must make sure that you can trace all your lettering lines and shapes. Meeting these technical requirements will help you succeed.


Are you using other design assets?


If you need to combine your font with an illustration, clipart, or background, consider it! Try to choose a font that combines with these design assets. Remember that you can change your characters’ color to get the same color palette of your graphics.

If your text is the protagonist of the composition, you can choose a more prominent font. If you want the text to be secondary,  it’s better to choose a simple font that does not look overwhelming. Think about the context before you make a choice.


Try the font before using it


It’s possible to try a font before you download it. Designers like to display the specimen, allowing users to test how their messages look like in a specific type. Remember to make use of this resource before you make a purchase! It will help you get a better idea of how the font looks like.


How to choose fonts for your crafting projects
This is a preview of the Satori font. You can try this free font here.


If you’d like to see how the font looks in a special color or with a certain spacing, you’ll have to download it. You can find a collection of free fonts that you can try before you choose them for a project. 


Make sure you have a license to use the font


No matter how you are using this font: respecting intellectual property is crucial. Do not use a font if you don’t have a license for personal or commercial use. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a brand new font. Make sure that you are allowed to use digital assets before choosing them for a project.

All the fonts at Creative Fabrica include a license for personal and commercial use. You can also use them on Print on Demand designs. Remember that these licenses are personal: you can use your font as much as you want, but you can not share the font files with anyone else.


Check all the glyphs and alternate characters of the font


Some fonts include a set of extra characters that you can use to embellish your designs. These characters are frequently featured in the thumbnails and preview images of a font. Don’t stress if you can’t see them when you start typing. It’s completely normal!


How to choose fonts for your crafting projects
This is the Specimen view of the Yesstea font. Check this free font here.


You’ll need to access these characters through a tool like Character Map in Windows or Font Book in Mac. To learn more about finding and using special characters, check this article we’ve written about PUA Encoded fonts. 


And that’s it! We hope you’ve found these guidelines useful. Now it’s your turn to choose the best fonts for your designs. Good luck!

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