How to Install Free Fonts on iPad

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Posted on January 7, 2021 by Kymmie J.

You receive a new email alert from Creative Fabrica about a new set of FREE fonts, so you download them on your computer and install them right away. While you happily explore the wonders of your new font and the glyphs included, you ponder if you can install and use it on your iPad or tablet. Continue reading to learn how to install free fonts on your iPad or tablet.

A free third-party app enables you to import your own fonts and install them straight to your iPad or tablet. With a few simple clicks, you get to use your favorite font when you take notes or plan digitally. I personally use this app to install all the fonts I get from Creative Fabrica.

Disclaimer: I am using an iPad Pro (iPadOS 14) for demonstration. Please check with the app developer if you have further questions.

Get your fonts ready

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the fonts you want to install on your device. It’s much easier if you put them all in one folder. Oftentimes, when you download a font, you get a compressed zip file, make sure that the fonts have been extracted from the zip folder.

You may also want to identify which file format you want to use (.TTF; .OTF; .WOF), if you are unsure I recommend you to use OTF (OpenType Format) whenever possible.

Make sure that your fonts are stored in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Box and etc.) so you can import them to your device easily.

Download the free app: iFont

Once you have organized your fonts, look for iFont in the App Store for iPad or Google Play Store for tablets. Download the app and it will automatically be installed on your device.

Explore iFont

• When you open the app, the first page you will see is the Installer, where you get to import your own fonts stored locally or in the cloud.

Featured Fonts are a selection of fonts that are included with the app. Once you click Install, it will download and install the fonts immediately. You can also add multiple languages here.

Options page shows you the general preferences. It also includes the Help section.

Font Finder page is probably the easiest method when you download your fonts from the website. In the example, I added the Creative Fabrica website to the list so whenever I click Download it will automatically be installed on my device without having to extract the zip files.

Installed page is where you will see all the fonts installed on your device, be it your own or the default ones.

Compare page will help you differentiate each font. You can compare multiple fonts. The default text used is “Hello World”. If you want to customize the message, you’ll have to buy the app’s Premium feature ($1.99).

• The last page is the Group, where at first you’ll see a clean blank page. Once you create Groups, you’ll see your fonts per category or collection.

2 Ways to Install Fonts in iFont app

1. Fonts from Creative Fabrica

I totally recommend you to use the Font Finder page if you want to download fonts straight from the Creative Fabrica website.

  • Tap + icon
  • Type on the URL field
  • Tap OK
  • Tap on Creative Fabrica on the sidebar
  • Log in to your Creative Fabrica account
  • Tap My Account > My Downloads
  • Tap Download on the Fonts you want

2. Own fonts

This method is used for fonts that you own and stored on your local device (computer, USB, laptop, hard drives) or also in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, Box and etc.)

  • On the iFont app, tap Installer on the menu at the bottom
  • Click Import beside Select on the upper left corner, locate the font you want to import. You can also choose multiple fonts to import all at once.
  • Once imported, the fonts will appear on the left sidebar
  • You can click Install on each font if you only have 1 font to install, but you can also install multiple fonts in one go which is more convenient, just click on Select in the upper left corner and choose the fonts you want to install. Once you have selected all fonts, click on the Install icon.
  • A Profile Setup pop-up box should show, which allows you to rename the profile or group. You can also add emojis to easily identify it in the Profile setup on the native Settings app. Check the spelling as you can no longer edit this once you click Next.
  • Choose Allow when you see this pop-up
  • Once allowed, tap Close and go to the native Settings app
  • On the Settings app, you will see the Profile Downloaded option located under your iTunes account name, once you click Profile Downloaded, a pop-up will show, and from there tap Install > Enter your passcode > Click Install > Click Install
  • You can check all your installed fonts or your profile when you navigate to General > Profiles in the Setting app.
Note: Watch the step-by-step video here.

Enjoy your fonts

That’s it! Pretty easy! Open any app that allows you to add text. Have fun creating fancy artworks on your iPad and tablet!

Disclaimer: In the event that you can’t see the additional glyphs or ligature, it means that the app you use doesn’t support that functionality. 

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Kim Morace

January 11, 2022

How can I get the PUA encoded characters on my iPad?

Kymmiejournals's profile picture

January 11, 2022


So there are apps that are limited only to the basic characters (no swirls or glyphs), but you can use the Cricut app on iPad to make this work.


September 30, 2021

When I import free fonts from here that are duo fonts (good mood, little things, better together) it only lets me see/use the regular font on cricut. If I download the script and regular font separate - doing the script first - I am able to use the script, but as soon as I download the regular that one takes over and is the only one I can see/use. Do you know how to fix this issue so I am able to see/use both?

Kymmiejournals's profile picture

October 1, 2021



The problem seems to be Cricut-related. I was able to check this on the app. Can you check if you are able to select different font styles, to do this:

1. Edit the text
2. Tap Style and check if you are able to see the styles of the font

Let me know if it works!

User's profile picture

October 3, 2021

Very helpful! Thank you so much!

Kymmiejournals's profile picture

October 4, 2021


Happy to help 😄

Teddy Miller

July 2, 2021

Thanks. Great step by step instructions.

Kymmiejournals's profile picture

July 2, 2021


Hope you like it, Teddy!

Wendy Boulay

January 31, 2021

Great article! This is very useful as I just received my first iPad. Thank you!

Kymmiejournals's profile picture

February 3, 2021


Thanks Wendy! Happy to help 😄

This is really helpful, thank you!

Kymmiejournals's profile picture

February 3, 2021


Hi Dani, I’m glad you find it helpful. Thanks! 😄

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