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Working with Screen Print Confetti

Working with Screen Print Confetti main article image
Posted on January 8, 2022 by Ariel Snow

It’s 12 Days of Christmas at Creative Fabrica so that means it is the perfect time to download some files and get to work on new project ideas. If you’re anything like me, Christmas shirts are still in style well into the new year! This post will show you how to make a shirt using screen print confetti. This new trend is taking the crafting world by storm and allows for some pretty unique shirt options.

Introduction to Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a method of creating t-shirts that presses ink through a mesh surface and needs heat to bond the ink to the shirt. Screen printing has been around for many years and is most typically used to produce shirts in mass quantities because of how easy the technique is. While screen printing and Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) look very similar in the end, the difference is the use of vinyl versus ink to create the final result.

Working with Screen Print

In recent years, working with screen printing has become easier and the technique once used solely by mass production companies can be accomplished right in your home. The process of screen printing includes creating a stencil using permanent vinyl and a vinyl cutting machine. The vinyl is then placed on a mesh screen. A squeegee is used to slide the appropriate ink across the mesh screen. The small holes in the screen allow for the ink to pass through. Once the ink is dry, a heat setting is used to set the ink.

Because of how easy the process has become, companies like Speedball have created kits to make sure everyday crafters can screen print t-shirts and other items. Screen printing can even happen on wood, metal, and other flat surfaces! If you haven’t given screen printing a try, check a craft store chain like Michaels for a kit!

What is Screen Print Confetti?

Screen print confetti, or sometimes called screen print glitter, is a collection of little pieces of screen print that can be pressed into a shirt for a little more glamour. The confetti comes already broken up and can be scattered on a shirt before adding a design. This trend has become popular in the craft community because of the unique customization it can add to a shirt. Many of the confetti’s come in solid colors or with special color combinations to accentuate any design.

Packaged Screen Print Conffeti

Using Screen Print Confetti

This project will show you have to add screen print confetti and HTV to a shirt. Keep reading to see the finished project!

Materials needed:

  • Computer
  • Design Software
  • Vinyl or HTV transfer
  • Vinyl Cutting Machine
  • T-shirt
  • Screen print confetti
  • Heat press
  • Parchment Paper

Preparing your design

There are many ways to go about selecting a shirt design. Designs can be created using software of your choice and customized to your liking or designs can be downloaded from websites. The design for today’s project was found on Creative Fabrica using their 12 days of Christmas deal offering up to 90% off of over 1 million graphic designs, fonts, and more.

Creative Fabrica Merry and Bright Image

If you are happy with the design you downloaded, it can immediately be cut using a vinyl cutting machine and pressed on your shirt. For further customization, your downloaded design can be uploaded into a design software of your choice. Once you have your design and it’s been cut, you’re ready to get started!

Step by Step Guide to Using Screen Print Confetti

Now that there is a design for the shirt, it is time to add the confetti.

Step One: Arrange your shirt on the heat press and prepare all of your materials

Step Two: Preheat the shirt for 10 seconds at 325 degrees.

Step Three: Sprinkle on the confetti and adjust it across the shirt as you see fit. This is where you can get creative! Use the confetti to compliment the design of the shirt or randomly sprinkle it around. The choice is yours!

Step Four: Place a piece of parchment paper over the entire confetti area and press for 8 seconds.

Step Five: Place your HTV design on your shirt and arrange it to your liking. Make sure to re-cover the shirt with parchment paper to protect the already set confetti.

Step Six: Press your shirt using your heat press at 315 degrees for 15 seconds.

Step Seven: Enjoy your creation!

Merry and Bright Vinyl on White Shirt with Screen Print Confetti

Tips For Working With Screen Print Confetti

Tip One: Make sure you sprinkle on a little bit and spread out as you go. You don’t want to dump too much at one time because the confetti can clump together and will not give off the glitter or scattered effect.

Tip Two: Measure out your HTV design before you start sprinkling! This will help you better understand how you might want your confetti laid out around your design or if any elements might be in the way.

Tip Three: Don’t forget your parchment paper!! If you set the confetti without parchment paper on top, the confetti might melt to the top of your heat press and create a huge mess to clean! Make sure you have parchment paper when you press the confetti down and when you press your HTV design.

Tip Four: Be aware that some of the colors of the confetti might change when exposed to heat. The change is not super drastic, but the color might deepen a bit after being pressed.

Tip Five: Have fun! Don’t be a perfectionist when it comes to the confetti! Let it fall where it may and allow the confetti to add an element of surprise to your project!

In these seven easy steps, you have a great custom shirt and can cross another crafting idea off your bucket list! This confetti adds such a sparkle to any design and will soon be a staple in any crafter’s tool belt. Currently, screen print confetti can be purchased online through a glitter or vinyl seller and may be available in some local craft stores. Go grab yours today and see what you can create!

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Working with Screen Print Confetti

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