5 Inspiring Craft Bloggers To Check Out

5 Inspiring Craft Bloggers To Check Out main article image
Posted on November 8, 2019 by Linnea Holgersson

Are you on the hunt for inspiration for your next crafting project? We got you covered! These 5 bloggers not only deliver fun, creative and easy-to-make crafting tips, but do it with passion and lots of color! You will be guaranteed a creative boost after scrolling though their inspiring tips and tricks.


Damask Love

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Amber, the Miami-based DIY blogger is a crafter really worth checking out! Her tutorials are a delight to scroll though, and are also a great resource for your own crafting. The tutorials are uncomplicated, fun, and easy-to-follow. In her blog, she writes about paper crafting, home decor, personal style, fabric crafting, printables and planners – all in the spirit of DIY. We especially love this creative aquarium costume that Amber created with a box and cut-out paper embellishments.

Fun Fact: Amber was a finalist on NBC’s crafting series Making It!


Jennifer Maker

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Jennifer’s blog is an explosion of crafting inspiration! In her blog, you can browse among inspiring papercraft tutorials, DIY projects, and home decor crafts. The tutorials are easy to follow, and includes a video + step-by-step images to easily re-create her beautiful crafts – such as this happy felt sunflower dress! We would really recommend that all you Cricut users out there pay a visit to Jennifer’s blog, as she is a Cricut lover herself.

Apart from crafting inspiration, Jennifer also writes about how to make it as a crafting blogger. She is sharing insightful tips and tricks for all the crafter entrepreneurs that wish to kick-off their crafting career. She also helps crafters with how to get organized in the craft room in her Facebook group. Check out our interview with Jennifer, in which she shares tips on how to keep your craft room tidy.


Tabitha Sewer

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Crafter and Mom of two, Tabitha started her blog after serving 10.5 years in the U.S. Air Force. It was her mom that inspired her to pick up the sewing machine, and she has been hooked ever since. This inspiring creative uses sewing as a way to express her art.

On her blog and Instagram, she shares her love of sewing and shows people of all ages how much fun this crafting method can be. Tabitha inspires us to be bold in our crafting by thinking outside of the box. Some of our favorite tutorials are this NASA Blast Off costume, and this DIY Nutcraker made out of trashcans.


The Suburban Mom

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Jen is a crafter, blogger & mom, and describes herself as a social media junky. She lives in Orlando with her family, and loves everything that has to do with crafting, Disney, Florida Gators football, and green living! We love Jen’s blog because it is the perfect blog for other crafter mommies out there looking for fun projects suitable for the whole family. Her tutorials are super easy-to-follow and usually requires supplies that aren’t too expensive. Anyone can get inspired and enjoy Jen’s crafting! We recommend you to check out this fun Popsicle craft with a matching game for toddlers.


Daydream Into Reality

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Daydream Into Reality is run by Colombian born Catalina. She moved to the U.S. in 2013 and started the blog because she wanted to bring people together through creativity. Her website is a color bomb of creativity and inspiration. She herself is a Cricut lover, so her tutorials show how to master the Cricut Design Space, or provide step-by-step instructions on how to create beautiful crafts with Cricut machines, with crafting themes such as Family & Home, Seasonal and Learning & Play.

Apart from writing inspiring blog posts and tutorials, she also spends hours in Photoshop and Illustrator to create dazzling printables, which she stores in her online library. If you want to get creative together with your loved ones, we would really recommend you check out this amazing blogger! We love this inspiring blog with Fall & Thanksgiving ideas.

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