Five Fantastic Latin American Scrapbookers You Should Get to Know!

Five Fantastic Latin American Scrapbookers You Should Get to Know! main article image
Posted on December 2, 2019 by Maria Franco

These 5 Scrapbookers are setting trends in Latin America, get to know them here! 👩‍🎨

Latin America is undoubtedly renowned for its cultural wealth and talent. The crafting technique “scrapbooking” is gaining popularity in this region of the American continent, and that is why we couldn’t miss the opportunity of seeking out the Scrapbookers or “Scraperas” (as they are known in the Spanish slang) that are setting trends in the scrapbook world in Latin America. 

We asked them a little bit more about their beginnings, experiences, challenges and their journey through the incredible world of social media, sharing their incredible creations with thousands of fellow crafters. These creations embody not only touching emotions and life stories but also all their love for Scrapbooking and creativity. Come and meet these 5 talented women and fall in love with their scrapbooking styles. 😍



Micaela is one of the most recognized and influential scrapbookers in Latin America, she is also known as “The Paper Lover”. Her crisp, simple style gives her cheerful and brightly colored scrapbooking a distinct aesthetic. She says that her biggest sources of inspiration are the special and precious moments of life and the colors that these moments conjure in memories. She creates from her beautiful crafting room in the Punta del Este in Uruguay, where she can often be found in front of her computer working on her latest projects and interacting with her bustling scrapbooking community around the world.🌎

Micaela began scrapbooking in a very natural way, even before knowing that what she was doing had a name! She would collect keepsakes and souvenirs (tickets from museums or shows, napkins, and photos) whenever she went on a trip and would stick them in notebooks accompanied by her husband’s drawings(#couplegoals 😍). She remembers clearly the time she showed those notebooks to a friend’s mother, who said: “What you’re doing is called Scrapbooking!”. Sometime later, Micaela started a YouTube channel to contribute her knowledge to Spanish-speaking people who, like her (at her beginnings), was unfamiliar with the world of Scrapbooking. On this channel, she began creating content related to card making, and her audience has grown to almost 53K subscribers from all around the world! More recently, she also opened her Facebook  and Instagram accounts where she shares her creations and creativities with her community.

Micaela faces new challenges every day, she told us that to constantly offer high-quality content to her followers and the scrapbooking community takes a lot of hard work! Not only producing beautifully lit and composed shots and well-recorded videos, but also interesting and engaging content that showcases innovation in the crafting industry.  For Micaela, it has been her top priority to keep inspiring her audience to create.

For Micaela, making sure that she inspires her audience to create, is her number one priority ❤️

Micaela has just finished the latest edition of Paper Fest 2019 and is already on the preparations for Paper Fest 2020 which will take place in her hometown. Meanwhile, she manages and coordinates the rapidly-growing online craft academy, which she started with the Spanish scrapbooker Lora Bailora. She has made it her personal mission to ensure that her academy is known across the world, and dreams of offering a scrapbooking learning space for everyone in their own language.

Don’t forget to visit Micaela on her website, where she shares information about Card Making and Art Journals.




La Cropería (México)


La Croperia is a creative collaboration between Nannys and Rocío, who hail from “La Sultana Del Norte” (better known as Monterrey), and Mexico City. Having first met at a scrapbooking meet-up in Mexico, Rocío later founded “La Cropería” as a more organized way of offering all-inclusive scrapbooking workshops in 2015. Just one year later, Rocío invited Nannys to join the project, marking the beginning of their wonderful venture into the digital market. Now, they’re regarded as one of the coolest scraper duo’s in Latin America, who have really begun to spread their magic. A point of distinction for La Croperia is that Rocío and Nannys like to experiment with different techniques and styles, where Nannys prefers to work under the “Clean & Simple” style, Rocío leans heavily on the most elaborate and intricate paper-cutting techniques. 

One of the biggest challenges that Nannys and Rocío face is persuading people that they should begin documenting their lives. They explain that “Documenting your life can make you transcend, make you memorable, and it helps you not to lose touch with who you are”. Scrapbooking is often misunderstood as simply another form of papercraft, but it goes further than simple paper cutting; scrapbooking is about documenting and cataloging your life. 

Rocío and Nannys have been working together for over 10 years, seeing virtually everything one can in the world of Latin craft. One challenge they told us about was the difficulty accessing crafting materials before there were no global online platforms, accessibility proving an ever-difficult factor for La Croperia in their earlier stages.

“Documenting your life can make you transcend, make you memorable, and It helps you not to lose touch with who you are. ”

They always dreamed of a platform like YouTube to help them to communicate their ideas and share their knowledge with thousands of people, across borders and countries. For them, it is a very romantic idea to ​​have scrapbooking friends all over the world,  and they have since made many through their channels. To them, social media has had such a significant impact on their process that now, “anyone can find you from anywhere in the world- the barriers are gone!”

In the past four years, the practice of scrapbooking has really lifted in Mexico, proving incredibly exciting for Rocío and Nannys, to have even more people who are eager to learn this technique. However, one challenge they see is that they feel the true personal meaning of Scrapbooking is at risk of being diluted. 

Nannys and Rocío are currently enjoying one of the most productive and exciting times in their careers so far, being now considered “Paper Artists” thanks to the previous work they have done in the production of Mexican cinema. Currently, they are working with prestigious paper making brands, such as Fedrigoni in Italy and Neenah Paper in Mexico, and even collaborating with Lumen, the number one paper supplier in Mexico. This last collaboration is particularly exciting as La Croperia will be producing window displays and other artwork for Lumen’s stores, which will greatly boost their exposure around the country. 💫

Next year will be full of exciting challenges and new opportunities for La Croperia, and it will come packed full of projects which they cannot wait to share through their social media channels: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube



Hailing from the beautiful state of Tabasco, we are excited to introduce this Mexican scrapbooker, Fanni Mayo. Graphic designer, lover of crafts and pizza (we get you, Fanni 🙋‍♀️), Fanni enjoys reading, painting, and of course, scrapbooking! Since she was little, Fanni has been tirelessly creative and has long loved working with any material she could find, from fabrics and newspapers to magazines and photographs. It was a revelation when she discovered her passion had a name, and she has since dedicated her life to the art of scrapbooking, making it a vital, daily part of her life.

In her previous job as a teacher, Fanni spent her free afternoons focussing on creative projects purely as a way to relax, but it was thanks to her husband that she had the idea of channeling her passion and creativity into a business. This is how Alegraideas was born, Fanni’s creative studio and workshop where she makes invitations, candy boxes, cutesy tables and personalized gifts that combine her love for both design and scrapbooking. Her hubby not only motivated her to become an entrepreneur but also became her partner in crime, best friend and macho scrapper, as she calls him. He can often be found behind the scenes, taking photos, recording videos and supporting her with all her projects (#goals 😍).

For Fanni, being an entrepreneur also means facing and overcoming challenges, often those imposed by societal expectations and within ourselves. However, Fanni is living proof of the incredible things you can achieve when you put love and passion into your projects. 

Something in particular that we love about Fanni is the way that she inspires her community to be creative! In her opinion, it is essential that the mind, heart, and hands are connected to convey the feelings in each piece of paper – she sums this philosophy simply as: “First do it for love, the rest will come along”. Fanni not only inspires others but is also constantly inspired by her favorite scrapbooker, Amy Tangerine. Amy is one of the most well-known scrapbookers in the USA and has been incredibly influential for Fanni and her craft.

According to Fanni, the Latin style is something that is definitely leaving its mark and making its own way in the world of scrapbooking. This style reflects the human warmth and variety of cultures in Latin America, mirrored in the mixture of colors and textures in each creation. 

“First do it for love, the rest will come along”

Fanni encourages us to appreciate and cherish our families this season through crafting.  Some project suggestions include making your Advent calendar and keeping a nice Christmas journal to document your memories during our favorite season of the year. Whether Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, Fanni never fails to inspire us throughout the year! Keep up to date with her posts on her Instagram account, Facebook, YouTubeand of course, on!




From the city of Lima, Peru, we are delighted to introduce the amazing Claudia Rafaella. Her scrapbooking journey is truly special. Her story began when looking for inspiration for her Pinterest mood board, by saving and printing these images. Before she knew it, she started creating lovely little journals and albums. Ever since, Claudia got hooked with the art of Scrapbooking and has never stopped, making every day a new beginning full of enthusiasm.

Claudia spent hours dedicated to scrapbooking and cardmaking, which she would sell later – a very “enriching and blessed experience”. However, it was due to her willingness to share her passion with thousands of women that her YouTube channel was born! Now,  they too can also feel inspired every day. The messages Claudia receives from her followers and community of entrepreneurs act as her daily motivation to continue creating and sharing her love for scrapbooking.

She also told us that one of the challenges for the Scrapbooking community in Peru is the availability of material and often high shipping costs. However, the challenge she faces has been as a female entrepreneur, as she has to carefully manage her time between projects, create content suitable for the Spanish-speaking community,  and dedicate time to her two beautiful children.

Claudia describes herself as a very warm, affectionate person who’s passionate about her work.  She loves to travel and to get to know different cultures, both of which act as inspiration for her creations. When creating, she doesn’t identify with one particular style, however, without a doubt, her favorite themes for scrapbooking are Weddings and Baby Showers. When she is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her children, watching movies or playing-  these are the moments that stabilize her life.

Her favorite themes for scrapbooking are weddings and baby showers.

Scrapbooking has completely changed Claudia’s life, which is why she invites us to always put the greatest amount of joy and tranquility in each and every photo we take and to rid ourselves of emotions that do not contribute anything positive to our lives. This philosophy is what makes Claudia’s bond with Scrapbooking so special, and was a major source of inspiration behind her decision to make her scrapbooking podcast, “Scrapbooking, a lifestyle” (“Scrapbooking, un estilo de vida”).

Currently, Claudia and her team are implementing a virtual platform called “Creativa y Emprendedora” (Creative and Enterprising Women) where they plan to offer online crafts and scrapbooking courses dedicated to the wonderful community of Latin women who want to work from home in a creative and empowered way. We’re sure we’re not alone in saying that we cannot wait to see the incredible impact it will have on the lives of her followers!

Check out Claudia on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and her website, where she shares information about creative techniques, materials, and tools for Scrapbooking & Cardmaking projects.


We hope you liked this article, if you want to share any idea with us, please don’t hesitate to put yourself in contact at [email protected] we would love to read you!

Happy Crafting!

 ✂️ ❤️

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