Meet a designer: Beck McCormick

Meet a designer: Beck McCormick main article image
Posted on February 15, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

Beck McCormick is a self-taught handlettering artist and a successful designer on Creative Fabrica who creates beautiful fonts and premium SVG designs. What’s unique about Beck’s SVG designs is that all her designs are hand lettered and drawn by her, so she doesn’t use any fonts in her SVGs.

Want to find out how Beck turned into such a talented designer? In today’s interview, you’ll get the chance to meet Beck and learn how she managed to become a successful self-taught handlettering designer. Not only that, Beck will also be talking about her plans for her community on CF Fans.

How did your journey as a font designer begin?

Font design and lettering was something I’d always had an interest in. Resources for learning were a bit scarce when I’d considered jumping into font design, but I continued lettering practice anyway. It was a bit of a creative outlet for me, even though I was still working a creative job every day as the owner of a brand design company. It wasn’t until I came across a font design course that I decided to immerse myself in it – it was the missing piece I needed, and the rest is history!

Beck McCormick
Image: Beck McCormick

How did you learn and develop your skills as a font designer?

I learned everything I know about the actual font design + programming side of things from the Learn Font Making Course from Teela at Every Tuesday. This course was invaluable for me – it filled in knowledge gaps I had so that I could actually go from a handlettered alphabet to a working font file.

Apart from this course, everything I’ve done thus far has been self-taught and trial and error. When I’m not lettering for fonts, I’m lettering for cute SVG crafting files that I also make & sell. It is an on-going learning process, and I never stop practicing.

Autumn Love Font
Image: Autumn Love Duo Font by Beck McCormick

Could you please describe your creative process? How does a font come to life?

It always starts with an idea or feeling — some picture in my head that I could never describe, but I can definitely write letters for. I letter nearly exclusively on my iPad, so it’s quite portable, and I can make this idea come to life anywhere. I draw my letters and go through a fairly analytical process — additions, changes, what else could make this future font more appealing to a buyer. When I feel that I have a solid character set, I begin the process of refining and editing from my computer. Once that’s completed, the programming happens, and then the testing!

Typically, I think for days about how to name my font and how it may tie in with the individual brand I’d like to give it. When that’s settled, I jump in to the final design phase by creating images for my product that show the variety of uses for the font.

What was your most recent favorite font you made and why?

I have an upcoming release (scheduled for May, but CF Fans get it sooner!) for a signature-style font called Springlet. A lot of the lettering I do requires a lot of precision, so working with a letter set that is a bit more signature-like and organic is always a lot of fun for me. I like Springlet because it has a very handwritten flow, irregularities in the letters, with just a little bit of bounce to it. I think it’ll be a great fit for logos & branding, especially for a brand that is modern and trendy. Springlet also has a set of lowercase alternate characters, so I love the options available!

What’s your greatest challenge when creating fonts?

Editing down ideas & focusing on one project at a time! I love producing feature-rich fonts, but I have so many ideas sometimes that I want to include them all in a single font, which isn’t feasible. I also tend to work on projects in batches – it seems to work for me, but because I don’t finish one at a time, sometimes it seems like I’m spinning my wheels. Once I make it past that point, though, I typically wind up with a few different fonts ready to add to my release queue!

What’s your advice for designers who are just starting out at Creative Fabrica?

Patience! The best advice I can give is to be patient. It’s very easy for someone to upload a design that they spent hours, days, or weeks working on and then become disappointed and disillusioned whenever you don’t see a return on it immediately. It’s important to be patient, because if you know you have a quality product and the drive to continue creating, the sales will come in time.

Hope Anchors the Soul
Image: Hope Anchors the Soul Graphic by Beck McCormick

What are your main tips on how to sell successfully on Creative Fabrica?

What I love most about Creative Fabrica is that it’s a platform where prequalified buyers come to purchase design resources. Creative Fabrica visitors are already looking for something similar to what you’re offering. That means you need to stand out from the rest of the sellers! I think that product images are key to success – well thought out branding on each & every one of your products will grab the attention of your prospective customers. If you spend time putting together quality product images, it already communicates to your prospective customers that you’ve put in the time and effort for a quality product, as well!

The second tip I have is quantity, without sacrificing quality. If you have a larger selection of products, you’re more likely to have return customers that want to continue supporting you and your work.

Could you please explain what you offer in your CF Fans subscription?

I’ll be offering handlettered fonts & SVG files – all of my offerings come with personal & commercial use included, which I think will be really appealing to my fans!

What do you hope to achieve on CF Fans?

I’m really excited about being able to communicate with my subscribers. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the individuals who have supported me by purchasing my fonts & SVG files, so what they want matters to me! I want to keep them happy and always coming back for more, so I’m very interested in being able to gauge what gaps I can fill for my subscribers and what they find most useful for their hobbies & businesses.

Support Beck on CF Fans, and get premium fonts and SVGs in return!

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