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Meet a designer: Irina Young from Busy May Studio

Meet a designer: Irina Young from Busy May Studio main article image
Posted on March 11, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

We’re delighted to bring you an interview with Irina Young, the talented designer who creates the most beautiful and magical illustrations.

In our interview with Irina, she touches upon her creative process, her inspiration behind her beautiful designs, and the next thing she wants to create for her designer store, Busy May Studio.

What was it that made you start designing?

I have always loved how art can make you feel emotionally, it can make you feel happy, and happy people are inspired to do positive things. For me, I have been lucky to visit so many art galleries and museums. I have always been inspired to create, and having lived in a few different countries you get inspired by people, cultures and nature.

Irina YoungImage: Irina Young 

How do you usually find inspiration?

To be creative, it’s crucial for me to feel rested (not easy in the world today), but it fills my life with positivity and balance. While travel has been a restriction, I have always looked to such wonderful social media platforms to enjoy so many artists’ works. But even listening to music or feelings you have felt from a nice movie, to a walk in the garden. My passion is to take walks and enjoy landscapes, flowers and wildlife.

How do you keep your skills up-to-date as a graphic designer? 

I follow a lot of different artists and designers and try new things out all the time, I have learned by doing and very much trial and error to find a style that I like to work with. I have completed a number of courses in the past, but learning directly from such exceptionally talented people has certainly helped me.

Your ”Watercolor Animal Portraits and Flowers” design is one of your most popular designs on Creative Fabrica.  How did you come up with it?

Watercolor Animal Portraits and FlowersImage: Watercolor Animal Portraits and Flowers by Busy May Studio

Loved working on this one! I love nature and wildlife, and joining these with my other love of drawing flowers just seemed to make sense to me. I really love the Stag as well, and drawing Stags generally, there is always a sense of gentleness and intuition with those animals and I felt that the flowers also helped to convey that message.

What are your tips on how to get noticed and sell successfully on Creative Fabrica?

I really love the platform and the support I have had, and of course, my audience, the creative souls who buy my art – I can’t praise you all enough! 

I believe that my formula of success is “love what you do” and “believe in yourself” 🙂 And probably keep creating and uploading your art on Creative Fabrica and always keep in touch with your lovely followers!

Whimsical Beings Spring Watercolour PNGImage: Whimsical Beings Spring Watercolour PNG by Busy May Studio

What is the next thing you want to create or learn? 

I learn new techniques all the time, better technology, software, but for me trying to get better and better and create something that moves you that little further forward each time is an endless and really enjoyable goal. In terms of the types of graphics that you will see uploaded, what I can say for sure, while I have so many ideas bubbling and projects in the works just now, I have already started various Christmas themes and am really excited about these (and it is only the start of the year).


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1 Comment
Nicoleta Liana

March 18, 2021

Irina, you're doing an amazing work. I'm also a nature lover. Congrats! Keep it up!

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