Meet a designer: Kate Rose from Digital Curio

Meet a designer: Kate Rose from Digital Curio main article image
Posted on January 8, 2021 by Creative Fabrica

Kate Rose is the talented graphic designer behind Digital Curio, one of the most popular stores on Creative Fabrica, which sells beautiful illustrations including digital papers, clipart designs, and much more. 

Kate is a married mother of two from Roseville, California, and has been running her design business since 2014. She joined Creative Fabrica in 2019 and ever since she has managed to successfully develop her store, and become one of the most successful and popular designers on Creative Fabrica.

We caught up with Kate and talked with her about her creative journey and how to be a successful designer on Creative Fabrica.

How did your journey as a graphic designer begin? 

I’ve always loved playing with digital art and design. In 2014 my cousin was married and they asked me to design their wedding invitations. They were pleased and mentioned that I could have an online market for my designs. I didn’t think anything would come of it, but decided to try it anyway. My first sales were invitations but I soon migrated towards textures, patterns and illustrations. 

Frosty Brush Strokes Clipart by Digital Curio
Image: Frosty Brush Strokes Clipart by Digital Curio

How do you usually find inspiration?

All over the place! I have an extensive pinterest board where I keep a large assortment of random things that inspire me, which I visit whenever I need a spark. I try to keep tabs on design trends in blogs and listen to customer feedback when they mention they are looking for something in particular that they have not been able to find. Also, music! I usually have spotify on in the background, it makes the whole thing more fun!  

Could you please describe your creative process?

When I want to make a new digital product, I keep everything in one layer file. I primarily use Photoshop and Illustrator but am starting to branch out and use Procreate as well. I usually assemble a quick inspiration board which I keep in the master file, and use it to create a color palette for the product. Even if I begin working in Illustrator or Procreate, I usually move the images into Photoshop for touchups and adjustments before finalizing them. Once every image is ready Photoshop makes it easy to format and export the files in an automated process which saves time.

Sunflower Bees Digital Paper by Digital Curio
Image: Sunflower Bees Digital Paper by Digital Curio


What’s your advice for designers who are just starting out at Creative Fabrica?

When I first started my journey I asked well established designers the same question, and those that replied told me, “just stick with it.” At the time this wasn’t exactly the advice I was hoping for, but now I see that they were right. There are so many things you will learn along the way, and the single most important thing in my experience is to CREATE constantly. Every day, if you can. List something new every day to diversify what you can offer and keep your followers coming back! Success will come if you are consistent in your work. Secondarily, you will have greater success if you let inspiration come from things that are trending or popular – holidays, weddings, life events, current events, viral trends, etc.

What are your main tips on how to sell successfully on Creative Fabrica?

Other than putting out new designs, it is important to have beautiful product photos. Your product images are the first thing a customer will see so you want the representation of your work to be compelling. Make a template to standardize your images so that they are consistent across all of your products. Consider creating a strong logo for your brand. Use mockups to display the best uses of your images as often as possible. Use social media to promote every time you create something new! Share, pin, tweet your heart out!

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Crystal's Crafties

January 18, 2021

I LOVE Kate's designs. I've created so many things with them! They're always beautiful and easy to work with. No matter what you're looking for Kate will have something you'll love.

Creative Fabrica's profile picture
Creative Fabrica

February 15, 2021


Her designs are amazing! We agree that you can always find something new and beautiful to work with.
Thank you for your comment!

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