Printables vs. KDP Interiors: Is There Any Difference?

Printables vs. KDP Interiors: Is There Any Difference? main article image
Posted on November 23, 2021 by Laetitia Alves


There I was, looking for new inspiration on Creative Fabrica when suddenly I see those two new words for me: KDP Interior. After looking at the screen for straight 3 minutes, my brain cells were able to connect a thought: maybe it’s something to do with interior design? (I am an architect after all…)

KDP means Kindle Direct Publishing. Yes, the same Kindle we use to read books. The fancy term goes by a much more easy-to-understand definition of the interior of any book, notebook, journal, which means, the design of the pages themselves. It doesn’t have to be connected to Kindle, to be honest.

Imagine you want to print an exclusive planner for 2022. You can find dozens and dozens of different page designs, containing calendars, books to read, daily appointments… All of these are KDP interiors, and you can use them to build your own planner!

A set of examples of KDP interiors you can find on Creative Fabrica

By this time my two brain cells and I reached out an agreement, but with new questions: what’s the difference between a KDP interior and a printable? 

A printable, as we know, is a file ready to be printed – duh! Sounds silly, but that’s what it is. It can be also a page for a notebook, or a calendar, or a habit tracker… Wait, that sounds a lot like a KDP interior!

Well, the thing is… They are probably the same thing, by definition at least. But, as a designer and architect, I like to make things more complicated. Or more simple, as the title suggests.

The main difference between a KDP interior and a printable is the amount of copies you are going to make. KDP interiors target the design of a whole book, while printables target a quick print-and-use it. That was what I could see by searching and through my experience as a designer.

As you can see by the image below, on this awesome design made by CutiesPrintable, you can easily print it as one page and use it right away. Or, how about printing it 365 times to use every day of the year? It’s up to you!

But how about this one? Mary’s Designs here is focusing on the whole interior design of your planner: you have a page for moon phases, daily notes, other trackers. Each page matches in terms of appearance. The whole planner is already set for you.

You might think then, so which one is better? Well, both are! It depends on what you are looking for! That’s the awesomeness of design: it is for everyone!

I know my two brain cells agreed on this. What about you? Does this make sense to you? I hope you enjoyed this article! It was fun to write it and share my design perceptions with you!

Photo on Preview image by Jess Bailey Designs.

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Printables vs. KDP Interiors: Is There Any Difference?

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