25 Party Decorations you can DIY with your Cricut

25 Party Decorations you can DIY with your Cricut main article image
Posted on March 20, 2021 by Francesca E

Craft your way to an amazing party with these 25 decorations you can DIY with your Cricut at home. 

1 Invitations 

Use your Cricut to cut out the main text on the front of your invitation. You can say things like ‘You’re invited!’ Or ‘Let’s Party!’. Choose a neutral color for the invitation and really make a statement piece by inserting and gluing colored paper to the other side of the front of your invitation making the letters really pop.

2 Envelopes

Create unique details on envelopes by cutting out the corners of the paper with hearts, starts, or whatever works with the theme. Make sure your cut-outs are matching your invitations. 

3 Hats

Party hats don’t have to be just for kids. You can create fun and unique ways to bring out your celebration with hats. Choose more gold-tones for adult parties and create different shapes than just the typical cone hat. Your guests will love them!

4 Banners

No party is complete without a party banner. Create a basic stringed flag banner out of sturdy card stock and cut out the letters ‘celebrate’ or ‘happy birthday’ with permanent or temporary adhesive vinyl. Create a changeable look by making the other side of the flag banner say something different, and you will be able to use these again and again. 

5 Cake topper

Cake toppers, in my opinion, are one of the easiest and most overlooked items you can craft for your party. Make a large Happy Birthday cut out and use glue and glitter to decorate the letters. Or you can make custom or unique cupcake toppers gluing your paper cut out onto a toothpick and inserting it in each individual cupcake. 

6 Party favors

I love making party favorites. Something about giving each guest a parting gift as a way to end the celebration is a really fun gesture. Best of all, these favors don’t have to be complicated. Use your cut machine and make slip labels for candy bars with the name of the celebration on the printed label. You can also slip labels over water bottles and lip balm or anything you can think of. 

7 Gift tags

Cut shapes out of gift tags and use a punch hole and string, tape or tie them on your gifts. You can use your Cricut and Cricut markets to print names on them while you cut, or you can write on the gift tags after. 

8 Seating signs 

Create mini cards about 2 inches by 2 inches with each person’s name on them. Have your cut machine print then cut each card out. 

9 Party signs

Make fun party signs that are temporary removable by using Cricut temporary vinyl. You can customize a bare wall with fun shapes and sayings. One of my favorite things to do is to purchase inexpensive frames and create framed table signs in the same way. Use the signs to decorate the main table with fun sayings. 

10 Shirts

Shirts are always a fun way to make the guest of honor stand out. Create a funny shirt design with text on it calling out the guest of honor and have him or her wear the crafted shirt to their party. You can dress up a tee shirt by wearing it with dress pants or a skirt, don’t forget fun jewelry. 

11 Gift bags

Purchase brown kraft gift bags in bulk and have them on hand for a party or an invitation. Using Cricut permanent vinyl cut out Happy Birthday or any saying and decorate your bags. You can also cut out confetti decorations or any shapes to highlight the theme of your party.

12 Table runners

Some people like tablecloths but if you’re not at a kids party, skip the cloth and go for a table runner. You can buy an inexpensive cloth table runner almost anywhere and with using Cricut heat transfer vinyl you can create text and images on your table runner just like you would any tee shirt. It’s a great way to decorate your table and keep the theme of your party going around the food and drink servings. 

13 Cups

Cups always get lost at a party. Cricut guest names on their cup, so they can use the same cup all night! With inexpensive paper cups you can get creative and use Cricut permanent vinyl. Add dots, sayings, mustaches or anything you can think of. Just make sure you’re using your chosen colors, and you are staying with the theme of the party. 

14 Florals

Floral backdrops make a beautiful addition and eye-catching piece for any party. You can use cut out flowers in so many ways. Add them to your centerpiece by taping the creations to sticks and pushing them into floral foam. Skip the balloons and glue two flowers together and tie a ribbon between them. Hang the floral arrangements from the ceiling in different lengths. 

15 Little umbrellas

Or cocktail umbrellas, as they are sometimes called. Using toothpicks cut out your umbrella shapes and tape or glue them on. Add them to all your favorite drinks. Or set them aside the drinks, so guests can grab them when they pour a drink. 

16 Selfie accessories

Selfie accessories are a super fun way to take photos together during a party. Use your Cricut or cut machine to cut out mustaches, glasses, and fun shapes you can hold up to your face. Tape or glue them to long sticks and leave them on the main table for everyone to use during the party. 

17 Table confetti

Instead of plastic glitter swap out that option for a DIY paper confetti. Get creative making small quarter inch or half inch shapes that match your theme, cut them out on colorful paper and sprinkle them around drinks, food, or anything! 

18 Straw decorations

Or sometimes called straw toppers are little printed shapes or designs that have one top hole and one bottom hole that you can easily slide your straw through. Use works and create ‘party’ ‘celebrate’ or ‘dance’ themed straw toppers. Cut them out with your Cricut and pre-insert them on paper straws for drinking. 

19 Photo backdrops

Use a combination of florals and long colorful paper strips to create a pretty photo backdrop for you and your friends to pose in front of. 

20 Party earrings 

Creating your own DIY earrings are super easy with your Cricut or any cut machine. Purchasing a thin piece of faux leather you can make dangle earrings in any shape or color. Customize them to match the theme of the party, and you will look like an amazing host!

21 Napkins

Customize napkins on the fly by using permanent adhesive vinyl. Cut out the shape you desire and stick the cut-out vinyl on any inexpensive napkins to liven them up. 

22 Thank you cards

Create thank you cards in the same way you would make an invitation. Cut out the “Thank You” portion from a plain card and glue an insert on the inside making the letters stand out. Don’t forget to write a custom thank you on the inside. 

23 Wrapping paper

Purchase plain wrapping paper and use your Cricut to create custom vinyl stickers for any occasion. Customize the stickers with names and reasons to celebrate!

24 Bows

Using card stock cut out bow shapes and gently fold them over making a large bow for a present. Use glitter card stock for the inside of the bow and a more neutral color for the outer areas. 

25 Thank you stickers

Add thank you stickers to your “Thank You” cards and your party favors. Cricut your thank you’s on black sticker sheets of paper and attach them to your cards and favors. 

Tips and Tricks

Choose a color scheme. When you are creating your party decorations choose two primary colors, one accent color and one neutral color. Lay out these four color choices, so you can see them and decide which one you want to go with. Keeping a color scheme throughout the party will help everything look much more organized and well put together. 

Reusable is best. When crafting a party idea I like to build a neutral theme that can be used with several parties, then when creating new party decorations I can just craft a few new pieces to make the current look and feel. 

Store in an airtight container. A large plastic container works best to store your items. Paper will eventually get worn or break down, but you can help prevent that by keeping moisture out of the items. Layer different pieces with tissue or paper towels. 

Details matter. Little extra touches like the decoration on straws that match the signs are what make the party theme so relevant. 

Your guests are memorable. Keep your guest remembering what a fun time they had with party favors. Favors can be very simple like a slip over a candy bar or anything you can hand out after the event will become a cherished memory. 

For more die-cutting craft ideas follow The Artistry on Creative Fabrica.

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