Create a Set of Funny Fridge Magnets

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Posted on March 24, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

We all have our favorite kitchen gadgets, but funnily enough, my most favorite (and used) items in my kitchen have to be my fridge magnets! I use them for everything, from my kid’s artwork to recipes and shopping lists. So why not toss out those old boring ones and make some room for these bright and amusing magnets that are sure to bring some laughs

Supplies Needed

  • Blank mini canvas magnets (or make your own)
  • Acrylic paints & paintbrush
  • Mixing palette and water
  • Triple Thick gloss glaze (optional)
  • Protective table cover
  • Digital Product: Decorative Font Bundle
  • Heat transfer vinyl (black and white)
  • Teflon sheet
  • Weeding tools
  • Cricut cutting machine (or another)
  • Cricut Easy Press and mat

Making Your Fridge Magnets

Painting Your Mini Canvases

To begin, prepare your workspace so that you have everything within hand’s reach. The first thing you will be doing is painting your canvases, so after putting the protective sheet on your table, create an organized setup of your paints, paintbrush, mini canvases, mixing palette, and a cup of water to clean your brush.

When you are ready, you can paint your mini canvases. Choose some flashy bright colors or you can paint your magnets to coordinate with your kitchen theme. I chose to use some acrylic metallic paints and added in a couple of drops of matte white to create a light shimmer and reduce the metallic effect.

You will be doing at least two coats to make sure that they are fully covered.

Cricut Design Space

Before opening up Design Space, make sure that you download and install the Decorative Font Bundle from Creative Fabrica. This bundle has some incredible fonts that work with so many different kinds of projects, and today you will be using both the Moms Day Monogram and the Romario Fonts. I absolutely adore the playfulness of the Romario font against the spring-like feel of the monogram – not to mention both fonts cut fabulously on the Cricut – and weeding was a cinch! If you choose to use a different monogrammed font in the bundle, just make sure you pick one that isn’t too busy so that it doesn’t become too distracting from the quotes that you will be adding later on. 

Once you have the bundle installed, open up Design Space and insert a square shape. Adjust its size to reflect the same dimensions of your mini canvas magnets, and then duplicate it three more times. These will act as your canvas templates, so I recommend changing the colors of each square to give you a better preview of your finished project.

First, you will need to create the first layer of your cut, which is the monogram. Insert a textbox and type the letter to best represent each quote. I created the following quotes:

  1. “O” – One Day, I’m Going To Make Onions Cry.
  2. “W” – Wine Plus Dinner Equals Winner.
  3. “I” – What Truly Matters Is On The Inside.
  4. “L” – You Only Live Once, Lick The Bowl.

After creating the first letter, just resize the monogram text to fit nicely on your canvas template, then duplicate it for each of your templates; changing the letter for each one.

Next, you can create your quotes. Change the font to “Romario” and type out the first quote, spacing out the text in the best manner to fit your canvas nicely. 

Now you get to play around with an exciting new (and long-awaited) feature in Design Space…offset!


Gone are the days of messing around in another program to create the perfect offset for your designs! Cricut recently added this new feature, and I have been having so much fun with it!

What is offset? It creates an additional layer, either larger or smaller, in proportion to your design – think shadows or outlines. This is a wonderful addition to Design Space for adding an element of depth to your designs, or for making your texts and images really pop!

To use this feature, simply select your quote textbox, and from the top menu choose offset. You will have to be on your desktop to access this feature as it is still in beta mode. You’ll see a light outline around the text indicating the size of your offset. Play around with the settings – choose rounded or squared corners, and indicate the distance for your offset. I adjusted mine to 0.06 to give it just a small outline as my canvases are only 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

Then just hit the apply button! Change the offset color accordingly and then select both your text and offset then group. Resize to fit your template.

Select all of the components of each square then align>center.

  • Remember! The offset is a separate layer from your text, so be sure to group both the text and the offset together before you make size adjustments.

Now just repeat this same process for each canvas and quote.

Cut, Weed, and Press!

When you are ready, delete the colored squares from the layers panel. Do not attach before sending your designs for the cut as you will be layering each component separately. Click the “Make It” button and don’t forget to mirror!

I suggest waiting a bit before preheating the EasyPress because weeding the monograms will take a little extra time, and the press will automatically turn off.

Once all of your layers are weeded, stay organized and keep each canvas and its appropriate HTV layers together so that you don’t accidentally press the wrong ones.

When you’re ready, preheat the EasyPress to 315 degrees.

First, you will press the monogram letter. After centering it, cover the entire canvas with a Teflon sheet and only press for long enough to get it to stick – I pressed for about 7-8 seconds. Let it cool slightly, then carefully remove the mask.

Next, you will be adding the offset layer. Center the offset and then replace the used mask from the monogram to help protect the first layer from burning. Repeat the same process – add the Teflon sheet, just press long enough to get it to stick, remove the masks, and cool slightly.

Finally the last layer! Position the quote to line up with the offset, and repeat, but this time you will press for 15-20 seconds – ensuring that all of your layers are now transferred.


You can stop there if you would like, but I wanted my magnets to have a nice glossy finished look to them.

After the HTV has completely cooled, pour a small amount of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze onto a small piece of plastic or just use some leftover backing from scrap vinyl. Use a small paintbrush and brush over the entire canvas with the glaze – making sure that you apply an even coat. Don’t forget the edges!

One of the best things about the Triple Thick Gloss Glaze is that even though you see a lot of brushstrokes upon application, they almost all disappear as it sets and dries!

Repeat the glazing process for all four magnets and allow it to thoroughly dry, undisturbed, for 24 hours.

Voila! All done!

Position them front and center on your fridge and enjoy the giggles!

Keep on Crafting!

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14X Added to favorites

Elena Trujillo

March 27, 2021

Great ideas, thank you. I’m going to use it for coasters.

Wendy Boulay's profile picture
Wendy Boulay

March 27, 2021


Thank you! That’s a fantastic idea! I’d love to see them when you’re done!

Laura Kusch Silvio

March 24, 2021

Such a cute and practical idea!!!

Wendy Boulay's profile picture
Wendy Boulay

March 25, 2021


Thank you so much!

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