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Heat pressing with Cricut Easy Press

Heat pressing with Cricut Easy Press main article image
Posted on May 3, 2021 by Yvonne Simpson

Heat pressing is a perfect way to earn some extra cash with your crafting business. It has also helped me out many times on a personal level when my child has come to me at 9pm and informed me that they need to wear something to do with a school project and that they need it the next morning!

About the Cricut Easy Press

When I purchased my Cricut Explore Air I wanted to take my business one step further, so I started looking at the easy press. I wanted professional results and I also wanted my products to last when I resold them, so I started to do my research and took the plunge to purchase it. There are a few sizes available in the easy press so I decided to purchase the 9 x 9-inch option. I found that this size was the better one for me as it would do t-shirts, pillowcases, blankets and endless other items that I could resell. Okay, the easy press is not cheap and you could argue that a normal house iron would work just as well, but I have to disagree. The easy press gives an even amount of heat on the plate reaching temperatures up to 205 degrees celsius, of which you are in complete control. It also comes with a great safety plate for your press to sit on which comes in really handy when you are trying to layer a project.  It also has a great shut off feature which is perfect for peace of mind. And one of the best features for me is that it can be put back into the box after use and stored away, which as I’m sure you will agree our crafting areas can get a little cluttered sometimes!   

How to make a heat pressing project with the Cricut Easy Press

So let me show you how I make projects with my easy press and I hope it inspires you to venture into new areas with your crafting hobby or business. Today my project was for a bodysuit that I had spare which I thought would look great with little sister on the front. The first port of call was Creative Fabrica who have endless amounts of choice for you to choose from, and it really makes your projects very fuss-free and enjoyable. It is always my first choice to find fonts, illustrations and much more whenever I am asked to make something new. Please always check the licences when you are purchasing an item from a designer and make sure that it is the correct one for your needs. Creative Fabrica has a page that explains all of the licence terms and conditions.   

I found the perfect SVG file from ImmersiveSoul that would work with my Cricut so downloaded this onto my PC. 

Open up Cricut Design Space and start a new project. Once the project opens then go to the upload option on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Now the next screen will pop up and Cricut tells you which file types it will accept. Click upload image. 

Now click browse. 

This now opens up my files and mine are kept on my USB drive so I find where I saved the file to and I want to use the SVG option. Now click open. This then imports the file into Cricut. 

As you can see this is a cut file which is what I require. You can also add tags at this point if you wish to. 

Now your file is imported select it and click insert images. 

This image is now imported. I want the heart to be red so I am selecting the heart on the right-hand side and changing the colour of it. This tells Cricut that the heart is going on another mat and not to be cut on the same mat as the words and arrows. Do not stress about the colour choice as this is only for your reference. I am using silver glitter so I am not worried about the words being black as long as Cricut cuts it all on one mat. Of course, you can do as many colours on your project as you wish, as long as you select the options that you wish to change the colours of, so that Cricut understands and puts them on different mats for you. 

Select ctrl on your keyboard and highlight the letters with the little sister and the dot. Then press weld. this then tells Cricut you want these words to stay connected. 

Now your screen should look something like this. Now you can hit make it! 

This is how I want my project to look. It has two mats with each design on. I also made sure to click the mirror button as I am using heat transfer vinyl so do not worry if the wording now looks backwards to you. Then click continue. 

I have set my Cricut Explore to the custom setting and this brings up all of the options I can choose from. When purchasing heat transfer vinyl, you are sometimes given the options you need to select in the instructions. 

As you can see I have selected the glitter iron-on option. Cricut is also giving me a quick reminder to turn the mirror option on and to make sure my vinyl is shiny side down. 

After Cricut finishes cutting I weeded the vinyl and was ready to press. Set the temperature and the timer on the press and once you are happy with your settings then make sure the piece you are working on is ready. 

I have put a heat mat under the garment. I found the mat from Amazon which was cheaper than the official Cricut mat and it works fine. I gave the garment a quick iron to make sure it was flat enough and also inserted a piece of plain white paper inside to prevent any mishaps with the vinyl sticking to the back. 

When I was happy with the bodysuit, I placed the words, little sister on without any pressure at first to make sure that I was happy with the placement of it. Some people prefer to use a t-shirt alignment tool which you can get from Creative Fabrica. As you can see the words “little sister” were cut as one piece but you will have to put the arrow and heart on by freehand. Just take your time with this. Also, a good tip is to not move the press once you put it down on the garment. This is easier than it sometimes sounds for me, but you will risk moving the vinyl underneath the press and messing up your project. Also, make sure to cover the vinyl with some parchment paper or a Teflon sheet. Never put the press directly onto vinyl. 

So here is the finished product. I really loved the glitter wording. These things are quick to make once you get confident in doing them and they are great for personal and business use. Do not be afraid to try new colours as the choice is vast in heat transfer vinyl, and you can really make some great creations. Trial and error are key and we can all make mistakes sometimes on our projects, but do not get disheartened and keep progressing. Also, make use of the mock-ups you can find on Creative Fabrica to really sell your products. You will love the results. Happy crafting! 

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Heat pressing with Cricut Easy Press
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