How To Make Trendy Leather Earrings With Your Cricut Explore

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Posted on March 23, 2021 by Francesca E

Faux leather earrings are definitely trending right now. If you head out to any boutique, craft fair or local shop, chances are they have a display with a big selection of leather earrings on them. The cost of the earrings can range anywhere from 5 to 25 dollars so making them yourself is definitely a savings. You can purchase all the supplies in bulk and have them on hand for yourself or to make and give as gifts to family and friends. The best thing about making your own DIY faux leather earrings is that you can make these with different shapes, sizes, colors and even materials. 

I’ve experimented with different ways to make these earrings, from vegan leather to faux suede and through trial and error, this is the best technique I have found. It also doesn’t require you to purchase a deep cutting blade (that Cricut sells),  you can simply use the blade your machine came with. 

What you need

For this project you will need a few things. First, you will want a thin piece of faux suede. I purchased the Cricut brand faux suede set at my local Michael’s. It has several colors in the package that you can choose from, but you can use whatever you have on hand. Just make sure the material is no thicker than a good piece of cardstock. 

If you want to purchase the Cricut deep cutting blade it’s around $45.00. With this blade you will be able to cut through thick leather pieces as well as chipboard and a few other materials. However, if you don’t want to make this investment, you don’t have to. You can make these faux leather earrings with the blade your Cricut machine comes with.

You’ll also need a Earring SVG Template, you can download the template used in this article for free here.

The last things you will need are earring hooks, jump rings and a pair of small pliers to put everything together. Earring hooks are the piece that goes into your ear, while the jump ring is the small circular connecting piece that will attach the earring hook to your faux earring. For my project I chose gold colored jump rings and earring hooks because I like the way it looks with the neutral colors I picked for my earrings. But feel free to choose whatever matches your own personal style. If you have dangle earrings lying around that you no longer wear or have outgrown in style, you can also take them apart and use the hook and jump ring from the old pair of earrings. 


Download your earring shape into Cricut Design Space. The SVG will appear very large on screen so make sure to size it down to how large you want your earring to hang on your ear. I typically make my earrings around two inches long but feel free to make yours larger or smaller depending on how you wear your earrings. 

On your Cricut machine, set the dial to ‘custom’. On the Cricut Explore Air 2 that is the setting facing the left side. This will prompt less common material settings in Cricut Design Space and you will be able to choose your appropriate material. 

Click the ‘make’ button to begin this project once you have everything sized. Design Space will take you to an additional screen where you will be able to choose the material you will be cutting through.

Click on ‘browse your materials’ and a pop-up window will appear. Scroll through the material choices until you see Faux Suede. Click on that and the pop-up window will bring you back to your original screen with the material selected at the top. 

I always use the blue painters tape method, especially with thick material to prevent sliding when cutting. To do this, tape your material around the edges. Just make sure you adjust your design, so you don’t accidentally cut the material through the painters tape. 

Once you have your material set up on your cutting board, begin to cut. The earrings will only take a few seconds and if you are choosing faux suede you will only have to cut once. If you are choosing a thicker material you may have to cut the design more than once. To do that, simply press the cutting button again and re-cut the same design. 

Weed out the center of your earrings using tweezers or the Cricut weeding tool. Make sure to poke out the tips of your earrings, so you have a space to insert your jump ring. 

Once you have everything weeded it’s time to put your earrings together. Using pliers open your jump ring and slip your earring piece and hook onto the ring. Close the ring tightly to secure the pieces. 

Tips and Tricks

Colors and sizes

One of the fun things about making earrings with your Cricut is that there are so many different styles of earrings to make. Try experimenting with contrasting shapes and colors. One example would be cutting out one of the teardrop shapes in a larger size, and a second in a smaller size. Layer the earrings on your earring hook by placing the smaller piece in front of the bigger piece for a more detailed look. You can also try different shapes like circles or triangles.


Use regular acrylic paint in gold and a ruler to paint lines across your earrings for a creative look.  You can also paint or draw designs, characters in any shapes and styles. Use your imagination and get creative. 

Different materials

The earrings featured in this tutorial are created with faux suede to make the leather earring look. Experiment with different materials and find the one you like working with best. Cricut makes tons of faux leather and suede but use anything you have on hand to create earrings in different shapes and sizes. If you are using different materials, just make sure you set the custom cut button to your chosen material in your Cricut Design Space. 

For more die-cutting craft ideas follow The Artistry on Creative Fabrica.

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