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Posted on April 30, 2021 by Emily O'Leary

If you are on the internet in any capacity, then chances are that you have seen a special sort of playlist plaque. There are quite a few different types on the market and circulating the internet, but the one that really intrigued me was the one where if you scanned the code on Spotify, it would redirect you to any playlist, album, or song you want! As an avid music fan, this was a project I was super excited to recreate. Today I will show you how to make one of these playlist plaques! It is so easy and does not have too many steps as long as you have all the supplies.

What you will need

The first and arguably most important thing you will need for this project is some sort of surface to make your plaque with. I used a random wooden plank in this project, but I was debating on using a glass photo frame without the backing as well. For some odd reason, there was just a pile of smaller wood pieces in our crafting closet, so instead of wasting a few dollars on a photo frame, I figured I might as well use what I have.

Next, you will need something to do the playlist lettering with. For me personally, I wanted to use my Cricut machine to cut out the letters and scanning code. It was the easiest option as I was not skilled with paint and it would get the font and image cut out the way I want it. If you do not have a Cricut machine, you can use paint or a paint pen to draw on the writing and the scanning code. You may not be able to get the lines super straight with paint, but it could give you more artistic freedom with the font lettering.

Step-by-step Instructions

To get started, you will want to pick out what you want to use as your physical plaque. Like I said earlier, I randomly had a bunch of wood in my house, so I decided to use that. I painted it with two coats of a paint sample we had in our basement and let it dry between each coat. If you do not want to paint a slab of wood like me, you can use the glass from a photo frame as well. Photo frames come in varying sizes and it would be easier to choose how big or small you want your plaque to be. You could also use a shadowbox for your plaque as well, and pick out a colored background with scrapbook paper or any other sort of patterned paper.

Next, you will want to choose which song, album, or playlist you want to have displayed on your plaque. Since I am a really big Taylor Swift fan, I chose one of my favorite albums of hers for my scanning code. Once you have your piece of music picked out, you will want to go to Spotify and download the unique code. To do this, you will want to go to the page the music is displayed. On the mobile version, click the three dots on the top left corner and it will appear. On the desktop application, click the three dots next to the play button, then click share, and then click on Spotify code. You will want to save a photo of the code only.

After you downloaded the code you want to use, you will want to pick a font to use as well. I used the Proxima Bold font, as it is similar to the Spotify font, but use whichever font you want to use. Creative Fabrica does offer free fonts daily, so be sure to check those out when you are deciding which font to use!

When you have your font and your scan code picked out, you will want to transfer them to Cricut Design Space if you are planning on using your Cricut like me. If you are not planning on using a Cricut, I highly recommend printing out a copy of the text and the scan code to have next to you while you are marking and drawing on the plaque. This would make it much, much easier to transfer the design.

Once you get the elements on to Cricut Design Space, you will want to arrange the lettering and the scan code the way you want it. I had everything aligned to the left margin and did not leave a very big gap between the scan code and the lettering. After you have everything set up the way you want it, attach and weld the elements together, and cut the pieces out.

When the sticker is finally cut out, you will want to transfer it onto the plaque. I will warn you that if you decide to do the wood as a plaque, you will want to watch the smaller details of the vinyl sticker when transferring it to make sure none of the elements get stuck on the transfer tape. If they do, however, you can lower the transfer tape back onto the plaque, rub it on for a few seconds, and try to pull the transfer tape off again, You may have to do this quite a few times to ensure the sticker stays on properly.

After you transfer the sticker to the plaque, the playlist plaque is complete! You can add more details to the plaque if you want as well. For example, you can add album art or a photo that reminds you of the music in the scan code, or you can add a bow or some ribbon to hang your plaque on the wall.

Now you have a finished playlist plaque! You can make these as gifts for your family and friends if you know their favorite artist, they will love them! You can also make multiple of these to scan to different playlists, albums, or songs. Let me know in the comments if you made this project and how it turned out for you!

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Make a Playlist Plaque

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