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Make a Set of Pillowcases for Your RV

Make a Set of Pillowcases for Your RV main article image
Posted on May 4, 2021 by Wendy Boulay

For many of us, there is nothing quite like the feeling that an upcoming camping season brings! Not only does it signify the end of the long, cold winter, but it also ignites excitement for an entirely new crafting season! This pillowcase project is the perfect starting point to welcome in a long-awaited first camping weekend!

Supplies Needed

  • Pillowcase blanks (1 or 2)
  • Measuring tape
  • Heat-transfer vinyl (I used buffalo check)
  • Digital Product: Camping: Sleep Under the Stars SVG
  • Cricut EasyPress 2 (or other heat press)
  • Light-grip mat 12 x 24
  • Weeding tools
  • Heat press mat
  • Cricut cutting machine (or other)

Let’s Get Started!

Cricut Design Space

Before jumping into this project, gathering your supplies and setting up an organized workspace is something that I always recommend. I consider preparation and set up to be one of the most important steps when beginning any craft project. Doing so will help to prevent unnecessary errors along the way, potentially saving you a lot of time and money in wasted materials.

Once you have everything set up and ready to go, make your way over to Creative Fabrica and download the Camping: Sleep Under the Stars SVG. I absolutely love this design; it has everything I need in one SVG. It’s a fun creative that eliminates the need to spend a lot of time on designing, which let’s face it, as much as designing can be fun we don’t always have a lot of time to spend on it!

After you download and save the file, unzip it and then open up Design Space to start a new project.

Creating Your Template

The first thing you will need to do is create your pillowcase template so that you can size the SVG appropriately. To do this, insert a square shape and unlock it. Now grab your measuring tape and take the measurements of one of your pillowcases from the edge of the opening seam to across to the other side.

Back in Design Space, change the width of your square to those dimensions. Then measure again, this time from the top to the bottom. Put that number into the height dimension box in Design Space. I am using a standard cotton pillowcase that I bought from Walmart, so my template dimensions are 26.5” x 19”.

Lock the shape back up so that you don’t accidentally change it again. At this point, you can change the color to that of a similar color as your pillowcases. This will help to give you a better preview of how your finished project will look. Now you can upload your camping SVG. 

Design and Cut!

The design of this project really could not be easier, making it perfect for beginners! Simply size your SVG to fit within the template. No adjustments are necessary, but of course, if you want to make any changes, such as hiding some of the stars, etc; feel free to do so using the “Contour” option within Design Space. I personally love the design as is, and it fits perfectly on my pillowcase!

For sizing, I adjusted my SVG to be 11.5” wide x 14.15” in height. This size stays within the maximum width for the Cricut machine to cut, but also is just large enough that the curve of the pillow (once inside) will not hide any of the decorative details.

Once you have it the way that you like it, select everything and then align>center. You can play around with the color of the SVG to best reflect the heat transfer vinyl color you will be using. I used a buffalo check patterned HTV, so for this purpose I just chose red. 

  • 👉 Design Tip: If you don’t have any patterned HTV, play around with layering different colors. Make the trees green and/or the stars yellow. There are no limits to your color palette – so long as you have the HTV in your color choice!

When you are happy with the design and size, delete the white square template and duplicate the SVG so that you have the same design for the other pillowcase if you are making a set.

That’s it! Your design is now ready for cutting! 

  • 🔔 Remember! Don’t forget to mirror it if your heat-transfer vinyl requires it!

Press and Finish

After your design has been cut, and before you start weeding, plugin and pre-heat your EasyPress 2 (or other heat press) to the appropriate temperature for your heat-transfer vinyl. This will save you from waiting for it to heat up once you’re ready to go. Weed your design as per usual, and if you are using a brand of heat-transfer vinyl that comes without the mask already on it, weed and apply the mask for transferring.

  • 👉 Vinyl Saving Tip: Because you will be weeding the centers of some of the stars, save the weeded pieces for a future project! I have a small ziplock bag that I dedicate to storing randomly weeded pieces from other projects that I will be able to use later on. This tip works for the pricier infusible ink pieces as well!

Next, Center your vinyl transfer onto the pillowcase as best as you can. I find that using a laser level or a square angled ruler is very helpful in making sure that your design goes on straight and centered. Be sure to double-check the pressing time for your heat-transfer vinyl type – mine was 30 seconds on both the transfer side as well as the underside of the pillowcase. When you are ready, go ahead and press!

Remove the mask according to the vinyl guidelines (cold peel or warm peel) and, if you are using maskless HTV, save the mask for one more use later on!

Voila! That’s all there is to it! Now just repeat the same process for the second pillowcase if you are making a set.

The simplicity of this project not only makes it perfect for beginners who are just getting started in their heat-transfer journey, but also opens the door to creating so many decorative project ideas for your camper!

Hmm…I’m thinking of sofa cushions next! 

Happy Camping and Keep on Crafting! 💖

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Make a Set of Pillowcases for Your RV
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