Make Numbered Address Signs For Your Home With Cricut

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Posted on June 6, 2021 by Francesca E

Address plates are definitely not something I automatically thought of when I moved into my house four years ago. With so many other expenses and things to do, it was definitely not on the front of my mind. But after taking several walks around the neighborhood, especially in the warmer months, I began to notice small details like flowers, planter boxes on porches and address plates on houses. Some of them are gold or gray and white which I think is a more traditional look, but others are bolder and brighter with colors and fancy fonts. I have a few porch decorations to help with curb appeal, but I’ve been thinking about how I can spruce up the area a little more with not much effort. 

There wasn’t a lot of information on DIY address plaques. My neighbor had hers special ordered before she moved into her house, and I really didn’t want to go that route. I felt like it was definitely something I could create and make on my own.

The first thing I did was decide on the style I wanted for my address plaque. The current color palette of my porch is black, white, gray and green. I have a white rocking hair with a gray pillow set on it, a small planter stand with silver buckets for seasonal flowers, a faux magnolia wreath, and a layered door mat. The doormat is a black and white buffalo checkered patterned with a regular door mat on top of it. Since I wanted everything to match I decided to go with a black plate and white numbers and letters since it would match the buffalo pattern and tie it all together. 

What you need:

A wooden plate or plaque that will be the main piece of your address plate. I chose one with a small round trim to give the plaque a more authentic look. I purchased my wood piece at my local Michael’s craft store but any craft or hobby shop will have wood pieces you will be able to use for this project. 

Acrylic paint in the color of your choice. I used black but feel free to use whatever matches your porch, home or personal style.

Permanent adhesive vinyl in a contrasting color. To contrast the black paint, I chose white vinyl, but again feel free to choose whatever matches your style. I used Oracle permanent vinyl in matte white, purchased at Michael’s for one dollar per sheet.

You will also need clear contact paper to complete this project. 

What you’ll do:

The first thing you will need to do is paint your plaque. In my piece, the unfinished wood was extremely porous, therefore I ended up painting several coats to make sure the black was opaque. Take your time and paint each coat to make sure there is even coverage. 

Once you have the painting portion done, you can move on to working with the vinyl. 

I created my address numbers and street name on Canva. If you don’t already have an account you can head over to and create one for free. 

Once you are in Canva select to choose your own dimensions and create a project that is around the same size as your address plaque will be. 

Experiment with different fonts, sizes and placements before you decide on the one you want. If you are wanting to replicate the exact style I did, the font I chose was Abril Fatface. I liked the style of the numbers appearing larger than the street name because I feel like people are always looking for the numbers on a house and not necessarily the street name.

After you have finished your design in Canva, select the download button and download your design. Don’t forget to check transparent, so your project will download without a background. 

Open your Cricut Design Space and begin a new project. Upload your address number and street name to your project. Make sure you choose ‘cut image’ only and not the print then cut option.  

Measure your painted wooden plaque and size your address in Cricut Design Space one inch smaller than your plaque. 

Set up your cutting mat as you normally would and cut out your project. Be sure to have your settings on regular vinyl on your Cricut machine before you cut. 

After your project is cut out, weed normally until you have only your address left on your vinyl. To do this I usually trim away any large unused portions of vinyl, so I can use them in later projects. Then I peel away the excess vinyl close to the cut. 

Use the contact paper method to assure your address lines up perfectly in your finished product. 

Cut out a piece of clear contact paper as large as your address cut. Peel off the bottom layer and place on top of your cut vinyl. Use a credit card, a firm hand or the Cricut scraper tool and press gently over your vinyl cut out. Slowly lift the contact paper up, taking the vinyl with it, so that the entire address is now transferred onto the clear contact paper. You may have a few stubborn pieces. Work them gently but press down to remove any air bubbles. 

Take your piece of clear contact paper and place it over your painted wooden plaque in the exact way you want it to appear in your final piece. Press the sticky transfer paper with the vinyl down and push firmly with your hands. Peel away the clear contact paper revealing your final project. 

Tips and tricks:

To waterproof your address plaque you can spray it with Crystal Clear, or Mod Podge over it. 

To secure it to your home without damaging any paint or siding, use Command strips or any brand of sticky wall tape. 

If you don’t like the placement of your letters you can peel them off your wooden piece and re-cut the vinyl and try to replace them in a better position.

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