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Make These Cute DIY Place Face Pot Decals For Plant Pots

Make These Cute DIY Place Face Pot Decals For Plant Pots main article image
Posted on May 19, 2021 by Francesca E

These plant pots are so cute I could not pass up trying to make one on my own. I saw several versions online with varying faces and really wanted to try something cute and quirky at home. You could easily create different versions of cute kawaii faces and cut them out on your Cricut to make fun gifts for teachers, friends, welcoming gifts and more. The best part of this project was how inexpensive it all was. The pot and the vinyl to create the Cricut stickers that became the plant pots face were a total of three dollars each. The plant pots were both purchased at a local shop for $1 and the vinyl sheets were purchased at Michael’s for also $1. Since this project was so easy to make I just used whatever generic vinyl my craft store had in stock, and it worked out perfectly. I choose pink and black for my vinyl colors but feel free to create whatever works with your style. 

What you’ll need:

  • Two plant pots – any size plant pots would work with this project. I chose small to medium size plant pots for my examples. 
  • Two sheets of regular vinyl, one pink and one black (Or any colors of your liking)
  • Clear contact paper – I purchase one roll, and it has lasted me a very long time. 
  • Face decals – free download from Creative Fabrica here!

Since I chose black vinyl, I wanted to point out that it usually comes in shiny or matte. For this project I chose the shiny vinyl. I think that makes the faces of the project pop a little more than the matte version. The pots i choose are just simple terracotta pots. One is the terracotta burnt orange color and the other is painted white. If you are planting these pots you will need two plants that will fit into your size pots in addition to the materials I listed above. These pots are actually for my daughter, she collects plants and is always in need of more pots, therefore i didn’t purchase any additional plants for this project. (She has so many!)

What you’ll do:

You can download both of the face SVGs for free in the free section of the Creative Fabrica website. Once you have your SVGs saved on your computer, open your Cricut Design Space and upload both SVGs into a new project area. Make sure when you are uploading you are selecting cut only not print and cut. You do not need to print out anything before you cut for this project. 

After you have uploaded your files in your Design Space, measure how large you want your face to appear on your pot. I chose 4 inches for my small to medium-sized pots, but choose the size that will best work for your pot and plant. After measuring, size the SVGs accordingly in Cricut Design Space. Next you will go to the layers section in the right-hand side and deselect the pink cheeks buy clicking on the ‘eye’ icon to remove it from your layout. 

Set up your mat and cut out the two faces of your project. Once you have completed that step, go back to your Cricut Design Space. Select the layer with the pink cheeks, and unselect the layers with the faces. Cut out your cheeks on the pink vinyl. Once you are done you should have two faces and two sets of cheeks. 

Peel off the outside layer of each face and cheek. Don’t forget to weed out the middle of the sticking out tongue in the smaller piece. 

For transferring any vinyl project I always use the contact paper method. It ensures that the transfer stays in place to the exact way I cut it and I don’t have to guess when placing it on any surface as to how spaced out everything should appear. 

To use the contact paper method, cut out 4 small pieces of contact paper, enough to cover each shape you have already cut out. Remove the white backing of the contact paper and press onto the first vinyl face. Using a Cricut tool or a credit card, firmly rub over the vinyl design, transferring it temporarily to the contact paper. Peel off slowly. Your design should now be on the contact paper. 

Place the contact paper with the first plant pot face onto your pot making sure the face is straight. Press down with your fingers and lightly remove the contact paper. If any edges are not firmly on the pot, push them down with your thumb. Repeat this process with the other face. 

After you have both faces on the plant pots, use the contact paper method to place the cheeks on both plant pots. Make sure not to press too hard on any vinyl that is already on your plant pot because you don’t want it to come back up with your transfer contact paper. 

Once you are done you can pot your plant with a fresh new face! 

Tips and Tricks:

If you mess up, don’t work your vinyl is not 100% permanent, and you will be able to peel the sticker off and try again. This is helpful if your project is purchased for a gift, that way you can just re-do the vinyl portion without having to get another plant pot. 

Use your imagination and get creative with paints! Tape off the bottom portion of your plant pot and paint them in fun colors for a colorful spin on this project. 

This is definitely a beginner project so if you are worried about trying out your Cricut for the first time this is a great project to start with!

Add names or quotes to the other side of the plant pot for some additional vinyl cutting. Use Cricut Design Space lettering to create the fun text.

Choose plants that would look like fun hairstyles once potted in the face pots for a fun ascetic look.

For more Cricut crafts and die-cutting projects follow The Artistry on Creative Fabrica!

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Make These Cute DIY Place Face Pot Decals For Plant Pots
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