Make These Funny Bathroom Signs Using Reverse Canvas

Make These Funny Bathroom Signs Using Reverse Canvas main article image
Posted on June 1, 2021 by Francesca E

I have been waiting for a project that I can create to have an excuse to make these funny bathroom signs. My bathroom is currently looking drab and I wanted to liven it up a bit by Cricuting some fun wall décor. After searching for inspiration on Pinterest, I decided to make these funny bathroom signs to decorate my otherwise plain walls with. 

I first learned about the reverse canvas method in an online craft group and ever since I read about it, I had been wanting to give it a try. The technique looks harder than it really is and creates great looking results. The reverse canvas method is really a fun hack to create custom framed art pieces without breaking the bank. People use this technique all the time to make pieces to sell at craft fairs, art shops and more. Learning the reverse canvas method isn’t hard at all and with a few easy steps you can create professional looking framed prints for your home, family or friends. 

What you need

One canvas in any size or the size you would like to create your piece. For my first piece I just chose a random canvas I already had and repurposed it, so I could practice. Next you will need heat transfer vinyl in any color, A pair of pliers is needed for the beginning of the project and optional sandpaper. A Glue gun, or staple gun is also needed. I prefer the staple gun because it produces a more clean finish, but a glue gun works perfectly fine. You’ll need funny bathroom quotes! On Creative Fabrica there are a lot to choose from, but if you’d like to use the ones used in this article you can download them on Creative Fabrica for free. Last, you will need acrylic paint in the color of your choice. This will be the color of your frame. 

What you’ll do

The first thing you will do is remove the stretched fabric fitted over your frame from over your canvas. Flip your canvas over and carefully remove each staple with your pliers. Pull each staple out by wiggling the pliers back and forth until each staple is loose. If you are having trouble, or your staples are really stuck, use a butter knife and go underneath each staple and pull up. Be very careful! The staples coming out of the wood will be extremely sharp, and you do not want to get hurt. Pull each staple firmly out and throw them away. Repeat this process until all the staples are removed from your canvas. 

After you have all the staples off, take the fabric and remove it revealing the wood frame underneath. Set the canvas aside while you work on the frame. (I was honestly shocked when I saw the wood frame in there the first time, I had no idea!)

Set up a painting area on a flat surface. Use your acrylic paint to paint the frame in the color of your choosing. If your frame has any rough edges I recommend sanding it first to a smooth finish. If you choose not to sand, your final product could have a few jagged edges that could be a little unsightly. (Trust me!) For this project I chose a white paint that I already had on hand. I found the wooden frame in my project to be unusually porous and took several layers of white paint for the frame to have an opaque look. I didn’t let my paint layers dry in between each coat, but you may want to give it more of a clean look. Let your frame dry while you work on the next step of the project. 

Log in to your Cricut Design Space, and upload the free SVGs available in this craft. I have two funny bathroom signs I made for this project. ‘Hello Sweet Cheeks’ and ‘Let’s Roll’ with a silly graphic of a toilet paper roll. 

Measure your canvas and decide how large you want to create your SVGs. Once you have your size figured out, cut out your heat transfer vinyl. Don’t forget to change your Cricut settings to HTV in Design Space and mirror your image before you begin to cut. 

Weed out your project as you normally would be leaving the reversed image of your project on your clear transfer. 

Using the Cricut Heat Press or an iron, press the design one at a time with the clear transfer down. Wait for the clear transfer paper to cool down a few seconds, then slowly peel off the transfer sheet. Repeat this process with the second SVG. 

Wait to do this next step until your wooden frames are dry. 

Place the wood frames over each canvas setting how you want the lettering to appear in your finished piece. You will have an extra free edge around your frame. Using a pencil lightly trace around the outer edge of your frame. Cut the trim off the canvas, so the frame now fits directly over the canvas layer. 

Flip the project around, so the blank side of the canvas is facing you. Using a staple gun, staple the canvas back on. If you are using a glue gun, glue around the back side of the frame, and press the canvas on top. 

Flip the project over again, and you now have a completed piece! Hang your art on your walls easily by using Command Strips, or any brand of wall tack. 

Don’t forget to take a photo of your new art pieces, so you can show them off to family and friends!

Tips and tricks

If you don’t want your frame to be a matte finish, use a glossy clear coat to paint a final coat around your frame. 

Paint the canvas black or another color for a different look. 

Omit painting the frame and stain it instead for a more rustic feel. 

This is a great project for using leftover heat transfer vinyl, use multiple colors to create a fun aesthetic. 

Find canvas on sale at local craft shops, or reuse out of style canvas prints by painting over the previous art. 

Use a framing kit for a more professional finish and nail in a hook to the back of your piece.

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1 Comment
Wendy Boulay

June 2, 2021

Ohhh love these! They would be fantastic in my R.V.! Thank you!

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