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Make this Beautiful Acrylic Welcome Sign for your Door

Make this Beautiful Acrylic Welcome Sign for your Door main article image
Posted on December 6, 2022 by WendyB Crafter

This beautiful welcome sign is the perfect addition to your festive decor this holiday season! It’s so simple in its design, yet if you have any metallic vinyl on hand, it turns it into a shimmery fun little welcome sign for your front door for the holidays!

Welcome Acrylic Sign for your Door

  • Supplies
  • Digital Products
  • Cricut Design Space
    • Getting all the products
    • Piecing it together
    • Cutting and weeding
  • Making the Welcome Sign
  • Finishing

Supplies Needed

  • Acrylic blank
  • Permanent vinyl (I used Oracal 651 in white, ice blue, and silver)
  • Digital products: Welcome SVG
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Transfer tape
  • Cricut cutting machine and weeding tools
  • Wooden stand or magnets and glue (optional)

Digital Products

As the goal of your acrylic sign is to create a welcoming message, this Welcome SVG fits the bill! While you can just create the text yourself directly in Design Space…I say why? 🤣

welcome sign svg

Grabbing this product will simplify your life by saving you lots of time when you want to whip up some faster projects, without having to search for glyphs. It’s simple, affordable, and easy to download so head on over to Creative Fabrica to grab it.

Download and extract the file, then open up Design Space and start a new canvas.

Cricut Design Space

Getting all the Products

I find it so much easier to first upload all of the products that you will be using to create your welcome sign, so to begin, upload the Welcome SVG on your new canvas, then reduce the size to a workable dimension.

welcome svg on canvas

Next, use the Images Library and search for the Let it Snow image #M4162EEDC, directly within Design Space.

let it snow image in design space

Add it to your canvas, and with it still selected, delete the text “Let it Snow” from the layers panel.

delete layer in design space

Now click on the Contour button and hide the falling snow dots as well as the stars – unless you want to keep them of course!

contour in design space

You should be left with only the trees and landscape.

landscape image

Lastly, once again open the Images Library and search for the Paint Stroke #M42BD3F89.

paint splash image in design space

Now that you have all of the images you will need to make this welcome sign, insert a shape that best resembles the shape of your acrylic blank from the Shapes Library. Adjust the size to the same size as your blank. I only had a 5” x 7” acrylic blank on hand, so after I inserted a square, I changed the dimensions to reflect this.

template shape in design space

This shape will act as the template for your design so that you can arrange your vinyl layers accordingly. Even though Design Space does not have a “transparent” color to better reflect the acrylic, you can make the shape white so that it is easier to determine your preferred color palette.

Now that you have almost everything you need, let’s get to designing!

Piecing it Together

First, change the color of your paint stroke to the color you intend on using. I decided to use some metallic silver vinyl for the paint stroke to add an element of “frostiness” to the overall look and feel, so I just made mine light grey.

paint stroke on template

Reduce the size, then select both the template and the stroke and use the Align tool to center it horizontally.

Next, change the color of your mini landscape. I used the vinyl color “ice” but you are absolutely free to choose a different color! Reduce the size so that it fits the entire bottom of the template.

Select the landscape image as well as the template then Align > Bottom, and Align > Center Horizontally.

background design for welcome sign

Now, to keep things organized and easier to move around, select everything (except the text) and Group.

Place your text over top in any manner you like; I placed mine just a tad higher than the center. Once again, use the Align tool as needed.

welcome sign on template

If you love the look of the design as is, you are most welcome (no pun intended 😉) to stop there, but if you’re like me and don’t believe in “less is more”, you can add some snow!

I’m obsessed with snowflakes this crafting season so to add a little bit of snowfall, you can simply place some various-sized circles scattered around the entirety of the template. When you are satisfied with the placement of the snowflakes, select them all from the Layers panel, then Group.

welcome sign design ready to cut

That’s it! Now it’s time to cut!

Cutting and Weeding

First, delete the white template as you will not be cutting that.

Use your usual methods for layering, however, keep in mind that the paint stroke will be placed on the opposite side of the acrylic blank, so you MUST remember to mirror that particular piece when it comes time to cut it.

cut layers in design space

Click on the Make it button, and on the material options, choose the appropriate setting for your type of vinyl. For the landscape mat, you might want to choose the Washi Sheet setting so that the machine doesn’t struggle too much with the tiny snowflakes. 

For the rest of the decals, if you are using permanent vinyl, you can choose the Premium Outdoor Vinyl material setting. Even though I do not advise using this sign outdoors if you live in a colder climate, permanent vinyl does last much longer than removable (631), so I highly recommend it.

Cut and weed as you normally would.

  • 🔔 Remember! Don’t forget to mirror the paint stroke decal! This piece will be placed on the back of the acrylic blank.

weeding welcome sign

Place your transfer tape on each of your layers and you are ready for applying the decals!

Making the Welcome Sign

You will need to ensure that the acrylic is completely free of any dust or fingerprints before you apply the decals if it did not come with protective paper on it when you purchased it. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe it well, removing any possible residue. 

When the blank is ready, start applying your decals. First, place the landscape decal; this is aligned with the bottom edge of the blank making it is the easiest one to apply straight.

decal on reverse side

Next, apply the welcome text, then finish with the paint stroke on the back.

  • 🧐 Tip: If you are struggling with air bubbles, try peeling a small amount of the backing away from the decal. Place it on the blank, then burnish as you slowly remove the rest of the backing paper until it is completely removed. 

transfer decal on acrylic


Your new welcome sign is done! If you like, you can add on some magnets with a hot glue gun if you have a metal door, or you can use a small wooden stand to display your beautiful craft on the entry table!

Keep on Crafting! 💖❄

welcome sign on acrylic

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