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Make This Fun Spring Tote with Your Cricut

Make This Fun Spring Tote with Your Cricut main article image
Posted on March 30, 2021 by Francesca E

With the warmer weather finally approaching it’s a great time to start thinking about spring. The fun thing about creating and making your own bags, totes and accessories is that you can swap things out seasonally. When the first rays of sun start to hit outside, and it’s finally time to start enjoying the outdoors again I always think about what spring bag I want to start carrying. During the winter I usually opt for a cross shoulder bag. But in the spring I always go for a tote. The tote is a really versatile bag, perfect for browsing outdoor markets, sidewalk stores and flea markets. Usually all my purchases (except for large items) can fit inside my tote and I don’t need to bring additional shopping bags or use the dreaded plastic bag. 

Let’s get started

For this project, I purchased a Cricut Infusible Ink tote. Mainly because I wanted to test how well the Cricut brand tote held up against other cotton and canvas tote bags I’ve made. I picked this tote up on sale at my local Joann’s craft store. Even though this was the Cricut brand tote I didn’t feel like it was any different or better than any other brand of tote. I usually purchase mine for a few dollars on Amazon. You can even purchase them in bulk online if you are making several at a time. Or store them for future use. 

This is a really simple project, and you only need a few things on hand to get started. Besides the tote, the only other thing you need is your Heat Transfer Vinyl. I used Cricuts Heat Transfer Vinyl in matte black to match the handles of the Cricut tote. But feel free to use whatever colors match your personal style. Or the style of the tote you have for this Cricut project. 

The first thing you are going to do is take your tote and measure how big and wide you want your design to display on your tote. Since I am going to use a design with some thin delicate flowers I wanted them to display evenly across the tote. I have seen a few shirts on Etsy with this same style, and I wanted to mimic that on the design of my new spring tote bag.

Next, cut out a large square of my Heat Transfer Vinyl. Since my Cricut boards are no longer sticky due to lots of usage, I use the blue tape method. This method is really easy to get your vinyl to stick to your boards instead of having to purchase new ones or spend time cleaning and making your old boards sticky again. The blue tape is painters tape which is a tape used to tape off walls for painting. To use this method simply tape down the edges of your vinyl to keep in place while cutting. Just remember to move your project inward a bit in Cricut Design Space, so you don’t cut through the blue tape and your vinyl at the same time. 

After you have your vinyl setup upload the floral SVG into your Cricut Design Space. Use the arrows to size the SVG to how large or small you want the image to appear on your tote. Don’t forget to mirror the design otherwise it will appear backwards on your project. 

Once your project is cut out peel back the excess vinyl revealing the flower shapes. This project is a little tedious to weed so carefully pull up the excess vinyl inside the leaves and flower petals. Take your time and use tweezers as well as any Cricut weeding tools you have on hand. 

When you are finished you will have four flowers on the back of a clear sticky sheet. Use the clear transfer to place your design on your tote and set it to exactly where you want it to appear. 

If you are using the Cricut Easy Press set your temperature to 305 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a heat press the medium-high setting on your iron will work just as well. Place a pressing mat or folded up towel inside your tote bag. Press with your heat press or iron for 15 seconds. I always use a timer to ensure that I am only pressing for 15 seconds. If you press for a longer time period the vinyl will have a tendency to melt and not stick so make sure you are pressing for only 15 seconds. 

Wait for the clear sheet to cool to the touch before peeling off of your tote. Slowly peel the clear transfer paper off making sure not to disturb the delicate design. If you move too quickly some texture of the flowers can peel off so make sure you are being careful. 

Let your tote cool completely before use!

Tips and Tricks

Wash your tote by hand or spot clean if necessary. If you are going to use a washing machine wash on the lowest setting and hang dry. 

It’s not necessary to wash your tote before you place your heat transfer design on it. However, if you are using a thrifted or used tote, wash beforehand to remove any loose dirt or impurities. Lint or loose dirt on the item will prevent the vinyl from sticking in some places.

Take your time weeding. There are a lot of tiny details in the flowers that look gorgeous in the final result, however rushing can cause some leaves and petals to tear. 

Get creative with this project! Alternatively use different colored pastel vinyl for each flower for a delicate spring look. Personal the other side of the tote by adding your name in a handwritten font. Or add a special note on the inside of the tote when giving as a gift to a friend or family member. 

Create a matching wristlet or wallet by using the same design and technique on an additional item. 

For more Die-Cutting projects follow The Artistry on Creative Fabrica.

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Beautiful! I love this minimal style

Francesca E's profile picture
Francesca E

March 31, 2021


Thank you!! :)

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