Personalize Your Pet Dishes

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Posted on June 24, 2021 by Wendy Boulay


One of the greatest things about being a crafter is that you can craft your own version of almost anything – even things for your pets! This simple decal project lets you personalize your furry loved one’s pet dish, which is not only adorable, but it’s also especially helpful if you have multiple animals!

Supplies Needed

  • Pet feeding dishes
  • Permanent vinyl 
  • Measuring tape
  • Weeding tools
  • Transfer tape (preferably light stick)
  • Light grip mat
  • Cricut cutting machine

Getting Prepared

To prepare for this project, you will first need to decide on which vinyl colors you want to use on each bowl so that you can have all of your supplies ready. My designs were all created with two colors, per bowl, in mind – but feel free to add additional colors to your liking! I have three dogs of different breeds, so I wanted to create something that reflected each of their personalities – while keeping the design quick and simple. 

After you have everything set up and ready to go, grab your measuring tape and measure the diameter of your bowl/s, and then the maximum height that you can make your decals. My Labrador Retriever’s bowls are the same size, but my Irish Setter has a smaller dish, giving me 27.5” / 1.25” for the larger bowls, and 22.5” / 0.75” for the small one. Unfortunately, I don’t have the Maker 3 (yet), so I was limited to only being able to make the decals a maximum of 23.5” in length. 😥

Write down your measurements on a piece of paper so that you don’t forget them, and then open up Design Space and start a new project.

Cricut Design Space

On your blank canvas, insert a square shape and change it to the dimensions that you took previously of your bowl. If you are making more than one, duplicate the shape and change the sizes for any additional dishes that you plan on personalizing.

These shapes will act as your templates for fitting your decals to size.

To start the design, insert a text field and type out your pet’s name, changing the font to a preferred one, and then sizing it to fit according to height. Place the text over your template.

I first started with my Irish Setter’s bowl, and I feel that the shamrocks work perfectly for his breed. Of course, feel free to change out the image – you can choose one that best represents your pet. That is one of the great things about this project, it’s completely customizable to suit your own pet’s personality! 

The same steps still apply to any image you decide on – just bear in mind that if you have a small bowl, be careful not to choose an image that has a lot of tiny details. You don’t want the Cricut machine to struggle too much during the cutting process; essentially ruining your decal.

To easily find an image, open up the “Images Library” and simply search! Once you find the image that you want to use as the “accent” to your pet’s name, insert it and then duplicate it as many times as necessary to fit from the end of the text to the edge of the template. Select all of your images from the layers panel, and then Align>Distribute Horizontally, and Align>Distribute Vertically. Group them together and duplicate.

Now place the duplicate at the opposite side of the name, then select all three (images, name, images) and Align>Center Vertically – then group.

With your design still in place on the template, select all and center to make sure it fits nicely.

Repeat the same steps for any other decals you might be making for your additional pets, and change the colors accordingly.

Designing is done! Now it’s time to get ready for cutting!

Cutting and Weeding

To prepare for the cutting process, you must first get your decals ready for layering. At this point, you can delete the shape templates as you no longer need them now that your decals have been properly sized.

To create your color layers, duplicate the decal and hide all of one color and then attach. Now on the original, hide the opposite color and attach. 

If you have more than two colors, simply duplicate the decal for as many colors as you are using and hide them accordingly on your copies. 

  • 🔔 Remember! Don’t forget to attach each decal layer, otherwise, your images will be all over the place on your mat!

Once all of the rows are attached, you can send it to cut! I recommend using the “Washi Sheet” as your material setting, even though you are using permanent vinyl. I almost always use this setting when cutting small details, and the results are usually flawless!

Cut, weed, and then you can either build your layers beforehand or do it directly on the bowl.

However, to make the application process much easier, I suggest applying the layers on the bowl, due to its curved surface. My bowls were quite textured as well, so it was a little challenging to get the vinyl to stick. If your bowls are the same, just go slowly and exercise your patience. 😉


When all of your decals have been applied to the bowl/s, I strongly recommend waiting for 24-36 hours before using them. Doing so will allow the vinyl to properly “cure”. This will ensure that the adhesive has reached its full sticking power and will not come off from the rough and tough food play that some larger dogs tend to partake in (mine). 😂

Voila! All done! I love how these turned out for my pups. The rose gold accent for Miley, my yellow lab, totally reflects her cuddly personality. The springs and acorns of Casey’s bowl, (my chocolate lab) perfectly represent his insane, funny, and loveable nature! Of course, only shamrocks for my Finnigan, the Irish Setter! 😍🐶

Keep on Crafting! 💖

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